April 2020 HAIRCUT lunar calendar

The height of spring requires changes and calls for something new to try, and we are introducing a new HAIRMOON: lunar haircut calendar and hair beauty horoscope. Stay with us in April 2020 and you will find the best ideas and the best time to change your image!

Lunar haircut calendar for April 2020: what is it?

The position of the Moon in relation to zodiacal signs, as well as the phases of the Moon, affects the calm – or not so – course of human life. That’s why, if you care about your hair, pay attention to which lunar day your meeting with the master cutter falls on.

Before telling you in detail when to cut your hair in April 2020 and when you can dye it, let’s recall the two main days of the lunar cycle. On April 23rd it will be the new moon when it is better not to cut at all, forget about hair dyeing and not touch the untested care products. The full moon (April 8) is more friendly, but this month it will require some caution.

Favorable and unfavorable days for haircutting and coloring in April 2020

A complete schedule of haircuts and other manipulations of the hair, as well as hair care procedures this time is even easier to come up with. Tips will help you think through your own strategy and never make a mistake.

The moon in Cancer (April 1, 2)

April 2020 HAIRCUT  lunar calendar

Cutting on the moon these days is contraindicated, but if you trim your tips a little bit now, your hair will surely grow faster. Dyeing with lightening for more than 2 tones will exacerbate the “straw” state of dry strands, so you can tint the faded balayage, give it a super shine by glazing, monochrome dyeing with semi-permanent dyes, but no more. In-home care, focus on nourishing and moisturizing with no heavy lifting masks.

The Moon in Leo (April 3, 4)

The chemical perm and discoloration will have to be postponed for sure. The 4th of April will be a day when you can cut your hair without fear and with benefit: even thin hair will appear more voluminous thanks to the new shape of hair mops, and heavy thick hair will become airy. Look for natural ingredients in the care and be sure to use washable conditioners, now they are practically vital.

The Moon in Virgo (April 5, 6)

A wonderful period to attract new revenue to the domestic treasury: on April 5, 2020, any haircut will become monetary, and melting in bright colors will exceed all expectations. The next day is also quite auspicious for changing the shape of the hairstyle. But not for coloring! If you’ve been thinking about when to make keratinizes or nutritional treatments on professional products, don’t hesitate – sign up for one of these two days.

The Moon in Libra (April 7, 8)

Not the best days for haircutting and bleaching hair coloring. But it wouldn’t hurt to meet the master. While he’s sorcery over your strands, armed with special nourishing masks, you can discuss the most fashionable trends in coloring and search the internet for curious color combinations that will suit your eye and skin color.

The Moon in Scorpio (April 9, 10)

The most auspicious days in April 2020 for fine hair! But the owners of thick hair should stop at the concentrated nourishing care and light toning – one tone or colorless dye. The perm will not go well, you will surely need advice on how to quickly repair damaged hair.

The moon in Sagittarius (April 11, 12)

This is likely to go wrong. Image change is not recommended, serious procedures are fraught with side effects. The appearance of the hair also leaves much to be desired – time to take deep care of the house, in a calm atmosphere and not distracted by the business. Now you will need products to enhance the shine of the strands or a good indelible spray that will not only make your hair shine but also protect it from moisture, exhaust fumes and other imperfections of the world.

The moon in Capricorn (April 13, 14)

Capricorn loves his hair, and his hair loves that zodiac sign. There comes a short period when you can cut your hair without worrying about getting a bad haircut, and coloring will not hurt a single hair. These days, styling your hair will be glorious – get the hair done that you haven’t thought about for months!

The moon in Aquarius (April 15-17)

The lunar calendar for cutting and coloring hair favors a radical image change – you can do anything at all! These three days are the most successful in April 2020 for experiments, extravagant hairstyles, and choice of new care.

The Moon in Pisces (April 18, 19)

The days when you can cut your hair are only a few centimeters. Colouring is also undesirable, and even the simplest procedures will make the strands worse. It’s a good idea to replace your usual shampoo with a sulfate-free one or use a dry spray that absorbs dirt and skin fat.

The Moon in Aries (April 20-22)

The dying moon and the Aries pair up, as always, vote against cutting and any chemical attack on the hair. Why not take the time to study? It’s a quiet time to take your mind off careful care and learn something new. For example, do you already know that short hair is at the peak of fashion this year? You can already read about the fashion options here .

The moon in Taurus (April 23, 24)

There comes a time when you can cut your hair – but gently. On April 24th, you will get the most money cuts, after which your financial condition will not only recover but also increase several times. It is allowed to conduct coloring with natural dyes, and it is highly desirable to wear loose and curly hair! In addition, this is the most spring styling we know.

The moon in Gemini (April 25-27)

All the circumstances were good for cutting hair, even the moon is now growing. And we all know that a haircut on the waxing moon will make the strands stronger and prevent cross-sections of the ends (especially if you help them with proper home care).  All three days are good for cutting or straightening strands, but dyeing your hair is preferable on April 25 and 26.

The moon in Cancer (April 28, 29)

If you choose between these two days, it is safer to make some minor adjustments to the image on April 28. The next day, let it go: scalp massage, washing with a deep cleansing shampoo and long combing with a drop of rosemary essential oil.

The Moon in Leo (April 30)

The perfect plan for the day is already set by the Moon and the Lion. Cut your hair: The moon is still growing, so trim the tips in your favorite salon, ask the master to apply smoothing care and collect the hair in a high bundle.