Men’s question: the most fashionable men’s haircut 2020-2021

If you want to always keep the track of events and know all about new men’s hairstyles and trends, you came to the right place! Learn about men’s haircuts and hairstyles that will be trendy and stylish to wear in 2020-2021.

Best Trendy Haircuts For Men 2020-2021

The world of men’s hairstyles has drastically changed in recent years. It doesn’t come down to “please make it shorter and keep simple” anymore. The variety of men’s hairstyles is large, and it’s getting wider by the day. Today’s men’s hairstyles are becoming even more manly, young and unconventional!

Let’s face it: eternal youth is on trend again. Men’s haircuts have become more peculiar, bright, and… young! Barbers stop boring hairstyles from coming back into fashion; they implement new ideas, create new pieces of hairstyling's haircut 2021

Each haircut 2020 will have the following elements:

  • short or shaved sides,
  • side quiff or no quiff,
  • short or shaved hair at the back of the head,
  • messy lines,
  • asymmetry,
  • visible length differences within a single haircut.

All these features make up something dynamic and wild, something that is inherent only to youth and dare-devilry.

The Best Short Haircut Styles For Men

Forget about the days when men were choosing to shave their heads. These times have passed long ago! Even the shortest haircuts are becoming more unusual and unique, emphasizing the individual characteristics of their owners.

Fade and Mid fade haircuts are and always be the most popular all-time hairstyles. This year, these will be more textured and sharp. Hairstylists are ready to experiment with different lengths and styles, trying to choose the right one that will reflect all the features of the man’s character. One of the main trends of recent years is shaving unusual patterns on the back of the head.

trendy mens haircuts 2021

Undercut + Part is one of the most stylish men’s haircuts of 2020. This will feature a strongly pronounced parting, separating long strands from very short ones. Looks classy and somehow intimidating! It would be a good option for self-confident and bold men!

men's short haircut for hair 2021 trendy mens haircuts


Military is one of the most popular variations of the British haircut. The 2020 version will be more brutal, featuring a short multi-layered quiff, shaved back of the head, and a strongly pronounced parting. Hairdressers thought of an all-purpose hairstyle that will look great both at the office and the gym.

Faux hawk. Faux hawk may look like the Military haircut but it has some distinctive features. Here you can see smoother transitions from one level to the next one. In 2020, this style remains one of the most loved ones, but now it often features a side quiff that makes it manlier.

haircut 2021


Trendy Hairstyles for Medium length And Long Hair

If you are ready for experiments and aren’t afraid of standing in front of the mirror every day, styling your hair, our selection of the most fashionable and stylish hairstyles 2020 for medium length/long hair will be of interest for you!

Man Bun. In 2020, barbers choose its most daring variation – Top Knot! To the shaved sides and a long crown, they also add a knot at the very top of the head!



Mullet. Short hair on a crown, full hair at the back of the head, and a side quiff make up a stylish Mullet of 2020s. Ask your barber to taper the hair at the sides and make it full at the back: the haircut’s asymmetry and dynamics will make you look even more handsome!

men's short haircut for hair 2020

Long Bob. This is a win-win option for those who want to be trendy, but are not ready to make drastic changes. The 2020 Long bob looks quite democratic: alongside quiff and messy hair will make it look natural and magical at the same time!

Bob. The common perception is that only women wear Bob hairstyle. But what about Johnny Depp, for instance? Please note: the 2020 Bob should be just below the earlobes, asymmetrical, without a quiff or with a side one.

How can you choose the right haircut?

Choosing a haircut is only half the work: you need to find the one that suits you, emphasizes your advantages, and masks minor imperfections. And, of course, it should look great in any situation and always fit in. We have described the main face shapes and the hairstyles that will look better with each of them.

Face shape

  • Oval: you can choose any haircut, but steer clear of styles featuring too long hair — long straight strands on the sides will distort the shape of your face.
  • Round: choose a haircut that visually stretches your face proportions. Think of styles that feature sharp edges, full hair at the crown of the head or asymmetric lines.
  • Rectangle: if you don’t want to make your face look longer, choose haircuts with a quiff that would cover a high forehead. Besides, the hair length and volume at each side and on the top should be almost the same.
  • Square: to soften the face shape, choose haircuts with rounded outlines, with strands around the cheeks and cheekbones.
  • Triangle: choose a haircut that would mask the difference in the width of the upper and lower parts of the face, so settle upon voluminous tops and long quiffs.

Hair structure

  • Curly hair: any multi-layered haircuts that “thin out” the hair, removing excess volume and chaos, will do.
  • Wavy hair: choose layered styles, toying with differences in length to emphasize the beauty of your hair.
  • Straight and coarse hair: any classic haircuts.
  • Thin hair: never choose haircuts that involve long strands, especially if they are combed back.
  • Straight and soft hair: layered and voluminous haircuts; say “no” to backcombs.

Hair Styling Tips

Almost each 2020-2021 haircut needs at least a bit of styling. We prepared some tips for you to spend less time in front of the mirror and still get a great result.

  • Try styling your hair when it’s clean.

Any setting looks better on clean hair due to the natural volume that appears when washing the hair with shampoo. If you have no time to wash your hair, use the powder to give some volume to the hair near the roots. Even a touch will help you make the hair look clean and voluminous.

  • Don’t try to make your hair too smooth.

Too smooth hair (as if you applied a lot of gel) looks unnatural and isn’t trendy anymore! During styling, it is better to use wax instead of gel as it will help you texture the hair and make it more dynamic.

  • Don’t use too much of finishing spray.

You need quite a bit of it so that the hairstyle looked gorgeous the whole day!

Fashionable men’s haircut – a great many! Have you already chosen an option for yourself?

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