Women’s short haircut for hair 2020-2021

Short hairstyles have been one of the main trends among women’s hairstyles for several seasons in a row. In 2020-2021 they will continue to place accents because each hairstyle on short hair looks unique. A short haircut gives a woman a special charm, it is an expression of her own personality and style.

In 2020-2021, stylists offered a lot of creative haircut ideas for short hair, in the photo you can see options for different cuts and get inspiration to change your image. This season’s haircut can vary hair length, gradation, bangs, torn strands, asymmetry, and there are many new styling techniques.

Trendy short haircut 2020-2021new-pixie-haircut-ideas-for-older-women-over

A properly chosen haircut can hide the appearance’s flaws and highlight its merits. When choosing a haircut, be sure to pay attention to your face shape:

1. Oval facial shape – all short haircuts, with and without bangs, will do.
2. Round face – pay attention to asymmetrical cuts, with elongated front strands: pixie, long haircut, and even a cascade of short hair.
3. Triangular Face – Look out for cuts that maintain the volume of hair at the top and cut with elongated bangs: pixie, bean, cascade.
4. Square Face – choose cuts with bangs: Cara, pixie, cascade with long bangs.

Short hairstyles are versatile in any style, we have selected for you the most trendy cuts on short hair, which is suitable for women of all ages:


The fashionable asymmetric haircut will fit different types of hair and face. The asymmetry allows you to create a stylish look that fits into any atmosphere. The asymmetry implies uneven cuts off the hair on each side of the head. In this way, masters leave one part of the hair long and the other short.
Asymmetry can also be present in the bangs, which is especially important for young girls. This type of haircut can correct facial features, hide too massive cheekbones, chin or forehead. Thanks to an asymmetrical haircut visually rejuvenate the face.

Best Short Hair 2021
















The undercut is popular not only among men but also among women, it is a great way to emphasize your individuality. An undercut is cut very short (and sometimes shaved) on the back of the head and temples, and on the top of the head remains long hair. Such a haircut can be styled on the side or back, with the help of styling tools, also very stylish look curls.

This season’s undercut with shaved whiskey is not losing its relevance for the most stylish and shocking girls who are not afraid to attract attention. This haircut can have one side or two sides shaved.

The undercut has many options, playing with length and texture, it can be adapted for both thin hair and for thick, hard and even wavy hair.

No matter what style or preference you have, you can find the right short haircut for you. Whether you’re looking for a bold and flirty look or a more refined and understated short hairstyle 2020-2021, you’re bound to love our best short hairstyle ideas in the photo.




Classic bob with bangs

The world classics will not leave us in 2020-2021. Classic bob with bangs will be the most popular type of haircut for women and girls. The classic variant is distinguished by smooth cuts along the entire length of hair, as well as straight and even bangs. The special cutting technique makes the hair lush and voluminous. This hairstyle should be avoided by women with round faces, a haircut will make the face even bigger. The best hairstyle is the triangular and rhomboid face, where it will help smooth out too sharp features.

new-pixie-haircut-ideas-for-older-women-over 2021

Hair color also matters it gives personality, style, and confidence

If you have a short haircut and you are bored of changing the shades of chestnut and want absolute brightness, try the colored shades. For a short time, your hair may turn pink, crimson, turquoise, yellow. Of course, the option is not for everyone, but the bravest can suddenly transform and provide a bright period of life.

Bright colors and a noticeable mixture of colors are a thing of the past. Today stylists recommend monochrome coloring or coloring with imitation of natural color transition. Even when we’re not dying our hair, it’s not the same color: it can be darker near the back of the head and the face is usually the lightest.

Very short women’s haircut: ideas 2020-2021

Ultra short haircuts give the image of boldness and rebelliousness, but in no case lose its charm and attractiveness. Short hairstyles can be complemented by an interesting coloring, which will give flair to your hair, the most fashionable ideas, see the photo below:

Short cuts to curly hair

To emphasize the naturalness of curly hair, it is enough to emphasize they’re proper haircutting. Curls give volume to the hair and make it more alive, especially layered haircuts: pixie, bean, female undercut, carriage. The effect of carelessness and naturalness – the main goal of curls for short hair season 2020-2021.



new-pixie-haircut-ideas-for-older-women-over 2021

Long doesn’t mean “beautiful”: 7 girls who cut off their hair (and transformed it)

Many girls are very afraid to cut off their long hair. Even if the hair is not very good, pitiful years of growing, pitiful beauty and length. But these 7 girls decided to turn long hair into short hair and did it right!

  1. A rare example of very long and beautiful healthy hair with natural radiance. But this girl decided to make a dramatic change and became the owner of a fashionable and disheveled bob-car cut. Although, we must admit that the first option was also quite good.
  2. Asian hair is usually dense and stiff, which makes styling difficult. This girl is unlucky with the quality of natural hair. Her long hair is liquid, with split ends and hanging icicles. Once she had a simple graphical haircut to the chin level, the image immediately acquired a “highlight”, and the hair – shine and volume. Such a haircut with a straight edge does not go to all and not even very many because of the shape of the face. But this girl’s new hairstyle is definitely going.
  3. Long blonde hair is a bit curly by nature. The girl has a square face, which needs a very neat approach to new cuts, which should not emphasize this feature. The craftsman shortened her hair to her shoulders, cut off her bangs and made slight graduation, thanks to which natural curls were accentuated.
  4. Long thick hair doesn’t look very healthy in its original state because of the cut ends. Moreover, this length is quite dull and has only to do with traditional tails, braids, and weaves. The master cut off unhealthy hair, shortening the total length to shoulder height. If the hair is even slightly curled flat, the hairstyle immediately gets volume and the image – style, and dynamism.
  5. Thick hair is a gift from genetics, but the ingrown and etched coloring required immediate hair correction. A girl who wore her hair up to her waist was given a torn haircut with an ultra-short torn short quiff in the French style. And, we must admit, the new image suits her very well, but such cuts do not really go to anyone. Here the role is played by big features and big eyes – just like Amelie in a French movie.
  6. A variant that is very similar to the first, but the hair is not dark, but brown and thin. Such data is a real problem for girls who want to wear long hair because even in good condition it looks tired and lifeless because of the lack of density and shape of the hair. The solution to this problem is a short straight bob car, which is much easier to give a steady volume.
  7. If a girl has big eyes and an oval face, she should not be afraid of short haircuts. Especially if her hair is long, thin and does not hold volume. New haircut – a simple straight bean, which is young and attracts attention to the eyes.

Looking at these beauties it is not afraid to change, the more so the year 2020-2021 offers many interesting ideas. The main thing is not to lose your individuality!