Making Your Hair Soft and Silky

Self-isolating is difficult, but not impossible! Staying at home due to the quarantine may seem an ordeal for some. So that you do not fall into despondency and do not become discouraged, psychologists recommend looking after yourself even if you do not appear in public. In such conditions, all beauty salons are closed and no one wants to get away, to risk life. Therefore, here are a few tips on the right hair care.

Making Your Hair Soft and Silky: Tips and Lifehacks from the Best Specialists

To begin with, only healthy hair can be silky and soft, as it requires total care. Due to our modern lifestyle, hair becomes dry, brittle, and messy. So that you do not face such problems, we suggest you study all the factors affecting the condition of your hair. Stay tuned, and we will tell you how you can repair damaged hair.

Hair is negatively affected by frequent dying, wrong care products, and damage caused by styling tools. Besides, there are also some other factors like:

  • hard water;
  • pernicious habits;
  • wrong diet;
  • aggressive environment.

All this deprives the hair of natural moisture and oils, makes it rigid, dry, brittle, and lifeless. But it also happens that unhealthy thin, dry or messy hair is passed over to us. In both cases, in order to compensate for the lack of natural oils and prevent future damage, you need to moisten the structure of the curls.

Making hair softer by changing the habits of proper styling

The key enemy of hair health is the daily use of a hairdryer. It dries out the hair and the scalp, damaging the hair. To avoid this, you have to follow a few rules:

  • use a hairdryer no more than twice a week;
  • always use thermal protection means when styling;
  • dry only clean, not too wet hair;
  • when working with hot air flow, keep the hairdryer at least 10 cm away from the hair.

If you do not want to damage your hair with other styling products, try using hair straighteners and curling irons less. Due to the maximum thermal difference, they cause the most damage to the hair.

Protect your hair from UV lightProtect your hair from UV light

The sun not only dries your hair but also activates the negative properties of styling products, many of which contain alcohol. This way your hair gets twice as dehydrated. To prevent this from happening, hide your hair under your hat when lying on the tanning bed or walking in the sun. How to protect your hair from the sun – tips, advice, professional secrets

Take vitamins for hairvitamin-omega-3

Aside from hair care products, special vitamin complexes have a positive effect on the health of hair. They serve to protect the hair against negative environmental factors. Multivitamins containing vitamin A and all B, E, and F vitamins (and selenium), will help to make your hair softer.

Healthy eating

Have you noticed that your hair gets more brittle and dryer when you are on a diet? This happens if you decide not to eat fatty foods, which you should not do because this way you literally deprive your hair of nutrition. Avocado, redfish, vegetable oils and all foods that contain omega-3 and vitamin E make hair silky and shiny, so the presence of such food in the diet is necessary.

How to make hair softer at home

Homemade masks that make hair softer should also contain many healthy fats. This makes the hair softer and eliminates fuzziness.

Avocado facial mask

Chop a fresh avocado and put half of it into a blender’s cup. Then add one egg, a tablespoon of olive oil, a tablespoon of coconut oil, a tablespoon of honey, and a tablespoon of water. Whisk all the ingredients to a creamy texture. Put some of it on the hair strands, wait 20 minutes, and wash away.

Banana mask

Mash two ripe bananas until smooth. Add two tablespoons of mayonnaise and one tablespoon of olive oil. Apply to the hair and leave for an hour. Then wash it away with warm water.

Coconut + cinnamon mask

Mix one tablespoon of coconut oil and one teaspoon of cinnamon in a bowl until smooth. Apply it to the hair (you can do a small scalp massage to soak up the hair follicles). Gather the curls and cover them with a shower cap or a towel. Leave for 30-50 minutes. Wash it off with shampoo.

Traditional remedies

Special brews can also help you to make your hair look healthy. Natural components perfectly nourish and repair damaged hair.

The white clover brew moisturizes the scalp skin, whereas the linden collection moisturizes and restores the hair structure. Blonde girls should use chamomile, while brown-haired people should pay attention to black tea infusion.

How to make coarse hair soft using professional cosmetic products

High-quality care products have natural composition and lack of sulfates (lauryl and sodium) and are usually silicone-free. Moreover, these ingredients make the hairdryer and damaged. Some manufacturers specify that their shampoos and air conditioners are sulfate-free. Such shampoos will be just perfect for coarse, messy hair as it makes the curls softer. However, even professional cosmetic products cannot meet expectations if it is not used properly.

Step one: wash your hair properly

If you want to make your hair more manageable, think of the way you wash your hair. We use the shampoo at least three times a week, which leads to hair dehydration. To minimize the negative impact, try sticking to several rules:

  • brush your hair thoroughly before showering;
  • keep the tips moist; apply the shampoo only to the roots;
  • when washing your hair, use water not hotter than 40-45 degrees (Celsius);
  • first, squeeze the moisture of the hair and then towel dry it;
  • try washing your hair two or three times a week.

Step two: make masks regularlywash your hair properly

While using the shampoo, we remove all the protective layers from the hair. If after washing, you leave everything as it is and just dry the head with a hairdryer, due to the open keratin flakes, the hair will look extremely sloppy and even unhealthy.

This is why you need additional care and masks, which, unlike balms, provide not only superficial moisturizing but also deeper care. They literally glue your hair together and give it a shiny, silky look.

If you strive to restore your hair as quickly as possible and make it softer, professional masks are there to help. By the way, they should be used only once a week since their composition is many times more concentrated than the products of mass markets. Besides, you should choose these products according to your hair type.

Damaged hair needs a mask that optimizes its development cycles. A mask with hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and a complex of glycopeptides will be just perfect for you.

Dyed hair needs a protective barrier that will prevent color washout and keep hair healthy. There is a lot of masks with this effect. They protect the hair from UV radiation.

Thick and dry hair needs double hydration. Iris extract and benzoin balsam contained in the Kérastase Magistral mask will help to give the desired softness and shininess.

Step three: leave-in care

In combination with all other products, leave-in care fixes the result and gives the hair a truly groomed look. Therefore, there is no point in neglecting it or using it to ignore the other steps. Apply leave-in creams and sprays with special emphasis on the tips of the hair – 10-15 minutes before leaving. At that, care products with a lighter texture can be applied several times a day, oils – once a day, but sera, being the most intense product, can be applied once in the morning, according to the following scheme: eight applications twice a week (the first month), four applications once a week – (the second month), and two applications (the third month).

Life hacks from experts

  • To achieve maximum hair softness at home, you can also apply your favorite cosmetic oil to your hair before washing. This way you neutralize the shampoo property that traumatizes the hair structure.
  • When using thermal protection, it is better to wait a few minutes before curling or straightening the hair, otherwise, the product will not have time to absorb.
  • It is a bad habit to comb your hair every hour no matter whether you are at home or in the office. In this way, you constantly influence the structure of your curls and damage them. To avoid this, comb your hair no more than twice a day. By the way, you can comb wet hair, but only during washing and only with balm or mask applied.