Lunar Hair Cutting Calendar for December 2020

There are more and more women who check with the lunar calendar before signing up for a haircut. And more and more masters in hairdressing salons know the auspicious days for a haircut almost by heart. We return to the wisdom of the ancients, who believed that hair is an antenna that connects us to space, and thoughtlessly shortening it can damage: take away good …

Cold blond 2020

Fashion on naturalness: blond with dark roots

In the past, the blonde’s dark ends were a categorical bad example. Of course, even now a smooth strip of black roots is not honored, but at the same time, a monochrome blond has long since not painted. What techniques will help to achieve a fashion effect? And is it possible to make dark roots on a ready-made blonde? Tell us about all the secrets! …

Haircut moon calendar for November 2020

Haircut lunar calendar for November 2020

Lunar hair calendar for November 2020  To make it easier to use the Moon Haircuts Calendar, you should at least outline what factors affect health and hair growth. Our Moon Haircuts Calendar for November 2020 is based mainly on three components: 1. The position of the moon in different signs of the zodiac has a different effect on the condition of the hair. The days …

Curling hair with socks idea

Curling hair with socks. Thinness curling

Hair with beautiful curls can decorate almost any woman. Not everyone knows that you can make curls with the help of a thing that is in any house – and these are socks. We will tell you more about how you can create curls by yourself in such an original way. Curling hair with socks – is it possible? Yes! Advantages of the method Curling …


How to get permanent curly hair naturally at home? Tips on curling long hair

The exuberant small curls in the Afro style sounds quite bold, especially for girls with predominantly straight and smooth hair. But why don’t we dream and repeat the image of Tina Kunaki, the model and new wife of the handsome Vincent Kassel? This hairstyle has become one of the most fashionable in recent times. That’s why we decided to figure out how to make curls-springs …


Why does my hair grow so fast? Read This To Learn!

Why Does My Hair Grow So Fast?? Read This To Learn! Why does some people’s hair grow so fast? How fast does hair grow? How can I stop my hair from growing so fast? Why does my hair grow so fast after shaving? Why does my hair grow so fast female? There never were in the world two opinions alike, no more than two hairs or two …



It has long been proven that if the hair is cut according to the lunar cutting calendar, it will grow strong, healthy, and strong. Therefore, astrologers have made a calendar of haircuts, which will help you choose the right day and choose the hairstyle that suits you and will delight the eye and raise your mood. In the hairstyle calendar, it is obligatory to indicate …