Lunar Hair Cut Calendar for September 2020

In September, we begin to reduce the number of moisturizing procedures and increase the number of nourishing and strengthening masks, while continuing to vitaminize the hair and the body as a whole, as well as apply products with UV-filters and carefully monitor the condition of the hair tips.

Before going to the hairdressing salon and at home for any treatment of hair, do not forget to look at our lunar haircut calendar for September 2020. And then our hair will be beautiful.

Lunar Hair for September 2020

By tradition, we will explain how to use our calendar. The first thing to pay attention to is the time until which the lunar day lasts (it is shown in brackets). If it ends, for example, at two or three o’clock in the morning, then immediately see the recommendations for the next date. That is, the number remains the same, and the astrological effect changes. It happens that the lunar day does not seem to prevent a trip to the barbershop by its energy, but the moon is in a sign where a haircut is not recommended. Or vice versa – the sign favors a visit to the salon, but the moon day is not. And all this is also reflected in our calendar.

Please note that in September, the moon periodically changes to another sign of the zodiac after the next lunar day, in the evening, or shortly before midnight, respectively, recommendations are given with this factor in mind.

As an addition to our lunar haircut calendar, we offer you a small bonus:

The best days for manicure and pedicure: 1 (before 12:35), 15 (after 21:38), 16, 26 (after 17:05), 27, 28 (before 18:35). The best days for hair removal: 6 (after 11:45 to 20:43), 7 (after 20:56), 8, 11 (after 22:45), 12, 13 (before 18:34). The days when it is strongly recommended not to do manicure, pedicure and hair removal: 2 (after 19:57), 3 (before 20:09), 6 (after 20:43), 7 (after 20:56), 10 (after 22:03), 11 (before 22:45), 17, 25 (after 16:27), 26 (before 17:05).

September 1, Tuesday, 13th lunar day (until 19:43, later navigate to the 14th lunar day), Moon in Pisces.

On the 13th lunar day, which falls on August 31, and September 1 until 12:35, you can safely cut your hair, dye it, try innovative salon hairdressing procedures; however, it is undesirable to experiment and try on a new image – if it does not suit you or does not like it, it will spoil your mood for a long time. After 12:35 on Tuesday, hair styling, coloring, and salon treatments are not recommended, but at home, a good result and a long-lasting effect will give therapeutic masks.

September 2, Wednesday, 14th lunar day (until 19:57, later focus on the 15th lunar day), Full Moon, Moon in Pisces.

On the 14th lunar day, which falls on September 1, it is not necessary to cut hair and makeup, but you can perform moisturizing procedures or make a medical mask. Immediately on Wednesday, any manipulations with hair are undesirable.

September 3, Thursday, the 15th lunar day (until 20:09, later focus on the 16th lunar day), the moon in Aries.

Absolutely unsuitable day for a haircut – it will have a bad effect on your psychological state, will make you vulnerable, and too receptive in situations where you need to maintain faith in yourself. It is also desirable to abstain from dyeing, home, and salon treatments.

September 4, Friday, the 16th lunar day (until 20:20, later focus on the 17th lunar day), the moon in Aries.

On the 16th lunar day, which falls on September 3, from 20:09 to 23:23 there is no need to cut and paint, but you can make a moisturizing wrap, medical or revitalizing mask, rinsing with a decoction of chamomile or water infusion on silver. After 23:23 on Thursday and directly on Friday, there is an unfavorable moment for cutting, dyeing, any hair care procedures, using a hairdryer, styler, hard fixing styling products.

September 5, Saturday, 17th lunar day (until 20:31, later navigate to the 18th lunar day), Moon in Aries.

Inappropriate day for hair cutting, dyeing, salon, and home treatments, the use of devices for hot styling, and alcohol-containing styling products. If possible, do not participate in anything that provokes headaches – they will have a bad effect on the hair structure.

September 6, Sunday, 18th lunar day (until 20:43, later navigate to the 19th lunar day), Moon in Taurus.

On the 18th lunar day, which falls on September 5, and the 6th until 11:45, it is not necessary to cut hair, makeup, use a hairdryer and a styler; it is desirable to do without stacking facilities. After 11:45 on Sunday is an excellent moment for a haircut – it will have a favorable effect not only on the structure of your hair, but also on your financial situation, and on your relationships with relatives; dyeing is not prohibited, you can make a slight brightening; any home treatments will give a great result.

September 7, Monday, 19th lunar day (until 20:56, later navigate to the 20th lunar day), Moon in Taurus.

Extremely unfavorable day for a haircut – it is fraught with financial and moral debts, deteriorating overall health, a disorder in important matters for you, and dependence on people with whom you have difficulty. Coloring, home, and salon procedures are also recommended to postpone to a more appropriate time.

September 8, Tuesday, 20th lunar day (until 21:12, later navigate to the 21st lunar day), Moon in Taurus.

A great day for a haircut – it will help you to generate a few successful commercial ideas, to bring to the end some lengthy financial or household affairs, and just have a beneficial effect on your hair. It is possible to make a dye with lightening, but you should avoid unnatural shades. Any home treatments will give excellent results.

September 9, Wednesday, 21st lunar day (until 21:34, later focus on the 22nd lunar day), Moon in Gemini.

On the 21st lunar day, which falls on September 8, and the 9th until 0:29 you can cut your hair, makeup, do any home treatments, but it is better not to go beyond the classics, proven shapes, colors, compositions.

Immediately on Wednesday (after 0:29) you can experiment with your hair – radically change the image, make a creative haircut and fantasy coloring, use unnatural shades, everything will be good for you, will give you ease and a sense of carefree; and a simple cut of the tips will get rid of accumulated negative energy, will charge a good mood; of the additional procedures recommended only home or salon ionization.

September 10, Thursday, 22nd lunar day (until 22:03, later focus on the 23rd lunar day), 4th quarter, Moon in Gemini.

On the 22nd lunar day, which falls on September 9, you can make an original haircut, not banal coloring, a session of long but careful combing with lifting and ventilating the strands. On the 10th day of the day, you should refrain from any hairdressing manipulations.

September 11, Friday, 23rd lunar day (until 22:45, later focus on the 24th lunar day), the moon in Cancer.

Extremely unfavorable day for a haircut – it is fraught with health problems, both physical and mental, excessive emotionality and sensitivity, very much increased distrust. Coloring, salon, and home treatments should also be avoided.

September 12, Saturday, 24th lunar day (until 23:42, later focus on the 25th lunar day), the moon in Cancer.

This day is suitable for haircutting only if you decide to abandon long hair in favor of an ultra-short “hedgehog”. Coloring is not prohibited, but it is better to use gentle dyes. Among home treatments, the most effective will be nourishing, strengthening, and revitalizing masks based on the gifts of the sea.

13 September, Sunday, 25th lunar day, Moon in Lion.

Today until 18:34 it is not worth a haircut; do hair strengthening; you can tint the roots. After 18:34, the haircut will be very successful – not only will certainly decorate you but also will give you inspiration, raise your self-esteem, strengthen your love for your own person; dyeing is not forbidden, only in the primary case it is recommended to give preference to golden, wheat, reddish tones or their harmonious combination, for example, in the technique of “balayage”; carving will be good; at home, the vitamin mask will give an excellent result.

September 14, Monday, the 25th lunar day continues (until 0:54, later navigate to the 26th lunar day), the Moon in Leo.

In the remaining 54 minutes from the 25th lunar day, you can make a mask based on honey, cut the tips of your hair, come up with an interesting new hairstyle that adds to your charm.

September 15, Tuesday, 26th lunar day (until 2:18, later focus on the 27th lunar day), the moon in Virgo.

A very auspicious day for a haircut – it will enhance your attractiveness, make others perceive you more loyal, will help you learn your real price as a person. The coloring will also be quite successful. It is worth vitaminizing your hair at home, but the salon procedures offered to you should be abandoned.

September 16, Wednesday, 27th lunar day (until 3:48, later navigate to the 28th lunar day), Moon in Virgo.

On the 27th lunar day, which falls on September 15, until 21:38 very successful will be: haircutting, carving, dying in golden-yellow tones, nourishing masks, and relaxation wraps. After 21:38 on Tuesday and throughout the day on Wednesday there will be a chance by means of a haircut to put in order in the head and in business, to attract additional material benefits, to tune to your wave of people with whom you work, to understand how to correct past mistakes; the coloring will turn out perfectly and the paint will not fade for a long time; any home treatments will give excellent results.

September 17, Thursday, 28th lunar day until 5:21, 29th lunar day (until 14:01, later navigate to the 1st lunar day), New Moon in Libra.

The 28th lunar day, which falls on September 16, as mentioned above, is perfect for any hair manipulation. On Thursday, it is strongly recommended to abstain from haircutting, dyeing, salon, and home treatments.

September 18, Friday, 1st lunar day (until 6:55, later focus on the 2nd lunar day), Moon in Libra.

Not a suitable day for almost any hairdressing procedures and manipulations. Leave your hair alone, give it a rest, if possible do not use styling products. The only thing that will benefit – a session of gentle, but long combing with lifting and ventilating the strands.

September 19, Saturday, 2nd lunar day (until 8:28, later navigate the 3rd lunar day), Moon in Scorpio.

This day is not suitable for hair cutting, coloring, salon treatments. At home, you can do the ionization, as well as look through hairdressing magazines or wander through thematic sites and try to intuitively understand with what hair and what color of hair you will soon be sure to be comfortable.

September 20, Sunday, 3rd lunar day (until 10:02, later navigate to the 4th lunar day), Moon in Scorpio.

On the 3rd lunar day, which falls on September 19, you can get an asymmetrical haircut, non-contrast coloring, ionization before 21:34. After 21:34 on Saturday and until 10:02 on Sunday, it is worth a haircut only if you have a good nervous system – then the haircut will make you more determined in the affairs of your career, bolder in the treatment of men, a little more cunning and even sexier; but if the nerves shake, then the visit to the salon is better to postpone, otherwise, the problems will get worse.

September 21, Monday, 4th lunar day (until 11:34, later navigate to the 5th lunar day), Moon in Sagittarius.

This day is also suitable for hair cutting and coloring only if you have no neuroses, depression, or long-term stress. The home treatments will be useless in any case.

September 22, Tuesday, 5th lunar day (until 13:04, later navigate to the 6th lunar day), Moon in Sagittarius.

On the 5th lunar day, which falls on September 21, until 22:33, you should follow the recommendations given for the previous date, in addition, even if you are going to cut your hair, it is better not to change your usual shape, as well as hair color. After 22:33 on Monday and before 13:04 on Tuesday, a haircut will be good, somehow reflecting your essence and your current aspirations; dyeing is not forbidden, but it is recommended to refrain from bleaching; at home, you can make a mask based on dairy products.

September 23rd, Wednesday, 6th lunar day (until 14:25, later navigate to the 7th lunar day), Moon in Sagittarius.

Quite a day for a haircut – it will attract like-minded and simply interesting people to you, will add to your adventures in those situations when the actions of the pattern are not the way out. The coloring is not forbidden, but, just like the day before, you should refrain from clarification. A good result in the salon will be a cauterization, and at home – a nutritious mask with the addition of honey and/or other bee products.

September 24th, Thursday, 7th lunar day (until 15:34, later focus on the 8th lunar day), 1st quarter, Moon in Capricorn.

On the 7th lunar day, which falls on September 23rd, you can experiment with your hair, do a very original multicolor coloring and a very creative haircut, grow your hair, curl it or, conversely, radically straighten it; at home, we recommend a nourishing mask based on fat components. Directly on Thursday throughout the day, it is recommended to abstain from any hairdressing manipulations.

September 25, Friday, 8th lunar day (until 16:27, later navigate to the 9th lunar day), Moon in Capricorn.

On the 8th lunar day, which falls on September 24, as it was already said, it is better to leave your hair alone. On the 25th day (before 16:27) it is not recommended to cut hair, but you can do the primary or secondary dyeing and rinse with a broth of mountain herbs, apply a strengthening mask, wash your head with bread or yolk, massage it, and ears.

September 26, Saturday, 9th lunar day (until 17:05, later navigate the 10th lunar day), Moon in Aquarius.

Extremely unfavorable day for a haircut – it is fraught with problems at work and stagnation in the career, losses, obstacles where things were previously relatively smooth. It is also strongly recommended to abstain from dyeing, home, and salon procedures.

September 27, Sunday, 10th lunar day (until 17:31, later navigate to the 11th lunar day), Moon in Aquarius.

It’s a beautiful day for a haircut – it will give you inspiration and contribute to the enlightenment that is important for you, will make you free in some way, will attract to you people with whom you implement several creative or working projects. You can experiment, radically change your image, make an original coloring. In the salon, you can try innovative procedures, but home masks, wraps, rinses will be completely useless.

September 28, Monday, the 11th lunar day (until 17:51, later focus on the 12th lunar day), Moon in Pisces.

A magnificent day for a haircut – it will renew your energy, give you a charge of optimism, reveal your inner reserves and help you sharply and painlessly get rid of something that burdens you, prevents you from living, or personal development. Coloring will also be successful, you can play on the contrasts or radically change the color, turning, for example, from blonde to brunette. In the salon, it is worth to do the ionization, but the home procedures will not be useful.

September 29, Tuesday, 12th lunar day (until 18:06, later navigate to the 13th lunar day), Moon in Pisces.

An unfavorable day for hair cutting and coloring, but a great result will be given by the medical mask, especially the one recommended by a trichologist, which was purchased in a specialized store.

September 30, Wednesday, 13th lunar day (until 18:18, later navigate to the 14th lunar day), Moon in Pisces.

Not a suitable day for hair cutting, dyeing, and salon treatments. At home, you can make a time-tested and results-proven nourishing mask, as well as rinse your hair with a decoction of herbs or water infused with silver.


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