How to sleep with curly hair

Girls with curly hair, how do you sleep? How do you sleep, what do you do with your hair at night, so that in the morning the curls do not lose shape and do not wrinkle? This question is often heard by girls with curly hair! Shall we tell you a secret?

  • I wash my head in the morning and I style my hair.
  • Same as everyone else )))) In the morning, I spray my hair from the sprayer with regular water and a little bit of me to make the curls back to normal shape.
  • I usually wash my head hair in the morning. But I have a more complicated case, the XD bangs. It’s just horrible: you can’t put on a hat, styling on your hair won’t last until tonight – it curls up if it’s wet, I’m like a lamb at once. Ooh, that’s just… …I don’t know.
  • We have to wash our heads for the night. Going to bed with a little dried hair. Lovely curls in the morning!
  • Mine every morning. Or stabbed in a hairpin for the morning if you don’t want to wash
  • Sleeping like everyone else. In the morning I brush with a wet comb and foam. Then I use my hands so that there’s no wet hair effect. I iron my silk. I fix the whole thing with hair wax (a little bit). I love my curls.
  • Do hairs that are curly by nature crease? I don’t know, girls, that’s the first time I’ve heard that. I naturally have wavy hair, I dissolve it at night, sleep almost always on my back, lie down and put my hair over the pillow. If I sleep on my hair, I don’t break it in the morning, but my hair is very thick…
  • Sleeping like everyone else. I let my hair down. In the morning I have to wash my hair and dry it with a hairdryer, although I use masks and balms. Hair is wavy. I like it when the hair dries naturally. But also, I don’t know about others, but when I pause in the middle, left the order of magnitude more hair than the right)))))) and with wavy hair it is noticeable.
    And when I tie my tail all these curly waves stick out in all directions and nothing to subdue them … Aaah … poured out the soul)))). I love my hair!
  • I braid my hair for the night in 2 pigtails. But to make the hair look neat curls using special products.

A lot of advice, let’s take one practical note. The issue of “secondary” use of curls and their preservation at night is relevant both for natural curls and for curls obtained on curlers of various kinds and forceps. For the first, the main advantage of this approach will be the ability not to wet the hair in the morning (this is especially true in winter when it is not possible not to bring the drying to the end, and accelerate its hairdryer does not allow the very essence of care for curly hair. For the second, it is an opportunity to get the most out of your hair with such efforts.

There are two major problems with curls overnight:

  • А. They’re wrinkling. They are mostly pinned on by the head and shoulders and hands, partly by the rest of the hair. The solution is to pull the hair out onto the top of the head, place it on a pillow above the head, where there will be no shoulders, no arms, no heavy head.
  • Б. The curls are “shattered” and turn from one piece to a lot of small split buckles. There are two reasons for this: uneven surfaces break the smoothness of the curls (the “uneven” is everything in a row: linen and cotton pillowcases, hand and fingers slipped under the head) and the second reason is that the curls are pressed with shoulders, hands and they stretch and deform when the head moves. The way out is to isolate the hair from uneven surfaces and, again, to pull it upwards by the top of the head.

Method one: silk/satin pillowcases + taut tail at the top.

The advantage is that this method does not look ridiculous, that is, you can use it if you are sleeping with someone unusual to your hair miracles. There are two drawbacks: you need somewhere to take a smooth silk pillowcase, and the tail in a free flight still tremble, open and slips under your back.

Way two: tie the wealth with a silk scarf.

Hair, in this case, is very carefully fixed above the level of the head, and silk shawl covers them from external influences. The main disadvantage is that it looks ridiculous ))). My husband says that I prevent him from sleeping with these handkerchiefs: he wakes up at night and then can’t sleep for long – chuckles. I don’t mind, they say, healthy laughter prolongs life.
For those who sleep alone, however, this solution is great: the handkerchief, unlike a pillowcase, is usually easy to find somewhere in closets. Next I show you how to tie this silk “hood” of 80cm*80cm scarf. More than 90*90 is not needed, there will be nowhere to tie the tail of the handkerchief, and less than 70*70 will be inconvenient to tie on your forehead, so the freedom of choice of size is there, but do not get carried away.

Tilt your head forward and gently shake the curls down.

Take the handkerchief with two hands on one side and place it at the back of the head along the hair growth line. The cloth of the handkerchief should hang from the head along with the hair.

Tie the ends you’re holding up, you need a forehead. The handkerchief now embraces the mop from all sides. Intercept the handkerchief so as not to clench your hair, it should move freely inside the resulting “cover”, and raise your head up. The hair will “fall” on your head inside the shawl and somehow lie on top of you. That’s about what we’re trying to do. All that’s left is to fix it there.

Roll the empty tail of the handkerchief into a tourniquet, making sure that no curls get into it. Don’t twist it too much, the mop needs space)))

Throw this tourniquet loosely back and secure it to the back of the head.

That’s it. With the resulting crazy design on the head perfectly can sleep, and in the morning take it off and wet hands “revive” the hair. Here are examples of what you can get in the morning after using such a design (the first – before “reviving”, the second – after).