The most stylish hairstyles in 5 minutes

The Most Stylish Hairdos That Can be Made in Five Minutes at Home

If for some reason you are staying at home, it does not mean that you cannot look beautiful! Of course, loose hair is a pretty good hairdo itself. But what if you want to try something special? Not only Cinderella can get it together in 5 minutes. With pieces of advice from professional hairdressers, you can also look gorgeous at home. Save time by saving the simplest and most spectacular hairstyles followed by photo-instructions. Go ahead and look even better when you are at home!

Low ponytail with bundles

It does not look easy, but we are sure you can lay the strands like this. Separate the hair at the top and fix it at the back of your head. Twist locks that are left on the sides into bundles and fasten them with bobby pins (criss-cross). Such a ponytail will look better if you curl the hair in surf-curls using a curling iron and a texturizing spray.

High ponytail with a voluminous braid

Make a high tight ponytail. Use a texturizing spray to make your hair look more voluminous. Divide the strands of the ponytail into three parts and plait any braid (classic, French braid, or «fishtail»). If you fasten each turn with a thin hair tie, you will get the most voluminous and effective braid.

Extravaganza – an asymmetric ponytail with a knot

Divide the hair into two parts and make a knot in the ear area. Run the strands into another knot. If needed, do it again. Tie the tips with a hair tie.

A voluminous double ponytail with backcombing

Apply a spray mousse to clean, wet hair. Dry your hair. Divide the strands into the upper and lower zones. Tie the lower one in a tail with a hair tie. Carefully comb up the upper zone and tie the second ponytail.

Inside out ponytail braid

Make a tight ponytail and fasten it with a hair tie. In a few centimeters, add a second thin hair tie. Split the hair into two parts between the hair ties and run the ponytail into the resulting hole. Do the same again, adding another hair tie. The tips can be curled with a curling iron.

A simple and charming voluminous bun

We believe that everyday stylish hairdos should look exactly like this! Comb up the hair on top of your head with a small comb. You can pre-spray them with hair spray. Gather your hair in a high ponytail on top of your head, and run the tip of the ponytail under the hair tie. Gather the hair evenly in the voluminous bun. Wrap the protruding strands around, hiding the hair tie. Fasten it with bobby pins or hairpins.

Stylish romance: a braid with curlsRim with braids-gently and romantically!

Textured curls will look perfect with the hairband. Take a strand behind your ear, divide it into three parts, and braid it. Throw it over your head like a hairband and fasten it behind your other ear with a bobby pin.

Flower bundles and a bit of texture

Divide the hair into four or five parts. It is better to hair-spray them, so the hair will be better fixed. Twist each strand into a bundle one by one (you can pre-fasten it with hair ties at the roots). Arrange the bundles in a circle or any order. Fasten each one with bobby pins.

Hair bow

It is better to do this style on straight and smooth hair, but the pros manage to do more textured options, as in the photo. Make a tight ponytail on the back of your head, run the tip through the hair tie towards your face. Divide the resulting bundle into two parts, run the tip in the middle and fasten it with bobby pins or hairpins. This styling looks particularly good on smooth, shiny strands.

Heart hairstyle

Separate the strands on the temples and fasten them with a hair tie at the back of your head. Take two more strands at the temples and throw them over the knot, bringing the tip from the outside. Connect the tips of the two strands with a hair tie. Now it looks like a heart!

Frivolous curl

This hairstyle is suitable even for those who wear short haircuts (various types of bob cuts), but it looks much more glamorous on the average length of hair. If you are planning a retro-party or you are just in a playful mood, this hairstyle will be just perfect for you! Make a side vertical parting. Separate a small strand at the forehead and twist it with the sharp tip of a comb or a pencil towards the top of the head. Fasten it with bobby pins or hairpins. To get a pin-up style look, you can also curl the rest of the hair. Hair-spray the finished updo.

How to find the perfect hairstyle?

Each girl is unique and has her own characteristics that influence the choice of the updo – from the length and structure of hair to the shape of the face and the desired look. We will tell you what factors you should pay attention to when choosing a hairstyle.

Face shape

  • Stylists state that people with an oval face can choose any updos they want. But for those with a round face, choosing the hairdo will be a bit more difficult. Round face owners can make the face look more elongated by leaving a couple of strands at the temple, making long bangs, paying attention to asymmetry and soft curls, and high texturized hairdos.
  • Girls with a square face should choose different updos, waves, and soft curls. Asymmetry is your best friend. For instance, aside fishtail braid will look good no matter whether you are in the office or at home.
  • A triangle face owner should decide on the backcombing and large curls that will expand the area of the chin. Feel free to add volume in these areas.
  • Those with an oblong or and pear-shaped face must not choose styles with smooth buns, but should instead pay attention to messy styling with a backcomb at the roots. You can also consider making a sharp and bulky ponytail with a raised top or choose asymmetrical styling,
  • If your face is diamond-shaped, it is better not to make a straight parting and avoid smooth updos. Besides, better avoid volume in the cheek and cheekbone area. Pay attention to hairdos with strands at the sides. Those with short hair can experiment with texture and asymmetry.


The owners of medium and long hair are the luckiest. You can easily build something unusual out of their hair.

You can make a stylish bun or braid the hair it is medium length.

Try combining different braiding techniques: switch a French tail with a «fishtail» or choose a classic braid of three strands.

Those with long hair can do anything. You can beautifully curl the hair or make buns.

However, short hair styling will take less time: the simplest option is to make curls or buns. It is a lot easier to do when you have pro tutorials at hand.

In this article, you can find more ideas on styling short hair.


Making a gorgeous hairdo is much easier on smooth and elastic hair. In this case, styling will last longer, and you won’t need to work with combs and hair ties. If you have messy hair, this will be a bit more difficult for you. Use shampoos, hair masks, thermal protection, and leave-in scalp serums. Apply the hair mask over the entire length of squeezed wet hair, stepping away from the roots, and combing through the hair to better distribute the product. Using thermal protection is a must before drying your hair. You will need to press three to four times along the entire length. Complete your hair care ritual with a serum, which should be applied to the scalp. Do not wash it off! For styling, you will need a hairdryer, a large round brush, and a large brush for pulling hair.

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