How to get permanent curly hair naturally at home? Tips on curling long hair

The exuberant small curls in the Afro style sounds quite bold, especially for girls with predominantly straight and smooth hair. But why don’t we dream and repeat the image of Tina Kunaki, the model and new wife of the handsome Vincent Kassel? This hairstyle has become one of the most fashionable in recent times. That’s why we decided to figure out how to make curls-springs ourselves.

Who do the small curls fit?

They are suitable for almost all girls, but they look especially beautiful on tall and skinny with long hair. For the short ones they are suitable only if the hair length is not lower than the shoulders. Curls are perfectly combined with such facial shapes as oval, elongated oval and triangular.

What will you need to create small curls?

To keep the curls for a long time and have a texture or, conversely, movable, you must use stacking tools. Above all, it’s a thermal protection spray that will protect your hair from high temperatures when creating Afro curls (L’Incroyable Blowdry, Kérastase thermal styling lotion protects and provides thermal protection up to 230 degrees).

To create light and air curls, you need a dry spray simulator (e.g. Shape Maker, Matrix), and a strong fixation finish spray (long-term fixation and gloss is provided by the Style Fixer, Matrix finish lacquer spray).

For dense and clear curls, curly hair lotion or medium fixation gel for hair preparation is suitable (if you need extra volume, it is better to use Stay High 18, Redken gel-mousse). Texture cream or wax for finishing (Biolage R.A.W. styling cream to control the curl also nourishes the curls with cocoa butter).

hair products for curling hair
hair products for curling hair

For curling tools, you will definitely need a small diameter hair straightener or flatteners Curling Hair iron.

How to get permanent curly hair naturally at home?

 Here are some secrets. Stylists tell you what you need to know to create small curls.

How to prepare your hair?

Airy fine curls give more volume than large curls, that’s why you need to style on clean hair. When washing your hair, be sure to use a conditioner, as it will protect your curls from future damage. But it’s better not to make a mask, because it can make the hair noticeably heavier, and the curls won’t work.

If you do not use thermal devices, then the hair can be left slightly damp (about 15 percent), and if you are going to do curls with thermal devices, the strands must be pre-dried and apply a thermal spray.

How long can the curls last?

curling hair with gel

If you used products before creating curls and then sprayed them with varnish, then such a hairstyle can last a long time even on thin hair.

Can I comb the curls?

It is not necessary to comb the ready curls, because instead of the desired African pigtails you will get a fluffy mane. You can only separate the curls by hand so that they are structured.

How to get permanent small curly hair at home?

How to get permanent curly hair naturally at home?  Spoiler: it is easy and simple!

Curling iron

Curling iron
Curling iron

The easiest way is to use a thin iron with which you can create curls from root to tip. If you brush this curl well, you will get airy fine curls. If you brush your hands with wax, you’ll get outlined curls of medium volume.

Straightening iron

Straightening iron
Straightening iron

The second most popular method is to take straightening iron for straightening the hair (yes, yes, it can not only make the hair perfectly straight). We take the gadget, step back 2 centimeters from the roots and start straightening iron down the hair, trying to turn it right and left. This way we will get small curls.

Curling hair with pencils

Curling hair with pencils
Curling hair with pencils

It is very easy to curl up the curls with a pencil and Straightening iron. We take a thin strand of hair, twist it on a pencil, and then press it slightly on the pencil Straightening iron (it should be the same movements as when creating a corrugation). Take out the pencil and the hair is ready.

 Сurling hair clips

Сurling hair clips
Сurling hair clips

Sometimes to correct the triangular shape of the face it is necessary that the curls do not start from the root. To achieve symmetry, you need to stab the hair invisibly horizontally a couple of centimeters above the planned start of the volume, then proceed to curl. After that, remove the invisibility.

You can twist it on a stiletto with eight, and then heat it with irons. This option will give a broken and airy effect. Zigzag texture can be obtained if, having wrapped a strand in foil and assembled with an accordion, heated with irons.

Curl up your hair with the help of pigtails

Curl up your hair with the help of pigtails
Curl up your hair with the help of pigtails

Excellent result will give pigtails, but the shape of the curls will be slightly different from that obtained after Straightening iron. Hair should be clean and 15 percent moist. Weave a lot of pigtails, and all of them should be tight, from the roots to the tips – only in this case, you will get a voluminous hairstyle like the African girls.

Curling your hair with straws

Curling your hair with straws
Curling your hair with straws

Curling your hair with straws – this method may seem rather strange, but it is very effective. Take a tube and bend its tip, and then wrap a thin strand of hair on it and at the bottom also bend the tip. Fix everything invisible and walk like this for a couple of hours.

You will need it:

  • approximately 30 tubes
  • the same amount of rubber bands or invisible hair (even ropes can be used)
  • foam, mousse, or spray (what you like)

And now a couple of actions:

1. Apply foam or mousse to the strand
2. Attach a tube to the roots of the hair and twist the whole strand on it.
3. Fold the tube in half and fix it with an elastic band or invisible. Not everyone has so much in stock, so a cheap life jacket – tie it with a rope.

If you are not in a hurry, then hold the sticks on your head for 2-3 hours.

For a quick curl, dry the hair with a hairdryer. Do not forget that hot air is undesirable to the hair, so dry cool.

Take it off carefully. Do not brush your hair, otherwise, it will be too lush, like a poodle. It is better to walk gently through the curls with your hand.

Sewing threads

Sewing threads
Sewing threads

Take strong threads so that they do not deform during laying. Then fix the center of the thread at the base of the yarn and twist it into a bundle, and then make a small bundle of the yarn and fix the thread.

Сurling rags

This old method will help to create very small curls. For this, you need a piece of unnecessary fabric that can be cut into thin strips. Twist the curls in this way is easy: take a strand and from the tip wrap it on a cloth, and at the root fix the curl and tie a bow.

curling relaxed hair with flat iron
curling relaxed hair with a flat iron

Curl  With Hair Rollers

how to get curly hair without a curling iron

How to get curly hair normally permanently
Hair rollers are a beneficial hair instrument to make your hair curly quick. Don’t stress; it doesn’t have any warm or substantial damages. Most of us just need a collection of hair rollers & a wide comb.
At first, clean & wash your hair with a good brand conditioner if you do not do it yet. Currently, take the comb to go through your hair while it is still yet damp to assist leave the tangles. In such a case, you might require to use some hair gel (while still, I am opposed to making use of hair things like gel) at a moderate amount to hold the curl.
Currently, begin with a small layer of hair as well as fold it over the hair, beginning from the coating of the hair and then move on. Spot the surfaces under the hair roller. Keep the hair against the roller, and guarantee that the hair rollers are placed flat versus your head.

Now seat for some time & after that take out those rollers when the hair comes to completely dry entirely. I suggest doing it before rest while the hair will pertain to dry overnight.

Curl curls on paper towels

How girls love to make curls, especially if nature has awarded them straight hair. Nowadays, curling tongs or thermal curlers are most often used to create curls, but this method is harmful to the hair, makes it weaker and more fragile. So what should you do if you don’t want to spoil your hair, but want to have beautiful curls? The way out is to make curls on… paper towels!

This method was also used by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, only they used it for curling a rag. You can use this method, but paper towels have their advantage, they absorb moisture and curls become very strong. And this method is also suitable for very young fashionistas because their hair must be especially careful.

Curls, which we will do today, are light, voluminous, and beautiful, and they also look like angel curls. They can also be used as a basis for other hairstyles.

Angel curls
Angel curls

Angel curls – step-by-step instruction

1. Prepare paper towels, tear them into strips, they should be about 2 cm wide.

2. Now let’s do the hair. It is best that they were wet, but not wet. If the hair is dry, then before twisting the hair strand, it should be slightly wet with water.

3. Let’s start making curls: separate the small hair strand and twist the tip of the hair tightly on a paper towel. This is necessary to do in order to ensure that the hair is securely fixed.

4. Then continue twisting the hair on the towel up to the head.

5. When the strand will be wrapped completely paper towel to tie.

6. Do the same with the rest of your hair and go to bed. Hair should dry well, then your curls will hold for several days.

7. If you do not have that much time, use a hairdryer, but not hot air.

8. In the morning, gently open the curls and divide them with your hands. If you want to see sharper curls, use your fingers to separate them, not a comb. If your hair is very lush, you can splash a little bit of hair from the sprayer.

9. If you want, decorate your hair with accessories and fix them with hairspray. Our Angel curls are ready!

Beautiful hair Curls
Beautiful hair Curls

Tips on curling long hair

So, to create perfect curls, you must follow some rules:

  • for more natural curls, you should treat wet hair with a curly hair gel and then start styling. The curlers can be wrapped on small curlers;
  • for the effect of fine waves, braid the pigtails. After drying, you should stretch the hair with wax for a denser texture or with a smoothing cream;
  • for the most natural look, fine texture experiments will allow you to find an individual solution for each girl and for each case.


  • Neglect Your Hairbrush. Bumpy hair will, as a whole, be drier and also weaker than various kinds of hair, so running a brush through your hair will create breakage as well as settle your all-natural spin form. To untangle, it is better to use a wide-toothed comb with your hair only after the shower. Neglect it well after that to achieve your objective. Once upon a time, a comb served as one of the few ways to clean up: washing the head was a luxury, and the redistribution of sebum along the length of the hair somehow helped to put on a gloss. But times change, dermatologists have long found that the less we touch the hair, the healthier it is, and brushes scratch the scalp, break and tear hair, split ends. And this is especially true for curly hair. Curly hair does not need to be combed, especially when it is dry: a hairbrush breaks the curls and increases hairiness, turning a curly man into a dandelion. Curls can only be brushed if they are damp and have been liberally lubricated with conditioner. You can do it with your hands or a comb with very wide teeth. If you have delicate, thin, thin hair, which lacks volume, you can comb it wet right after styling and wrinkle – so you will break it into small, but decorated curls, which will better hold each other.


  • Scrunching will boost to constrict normally in your hair or making it wavy, really relies upon your hair surface area. It’s one of the fastest and most simple and easy techniques to get some chaotic twists. Right here are some points you will need: hair curl gel, typical hair gel, towel, hair shampoo & a well brand name hair conditioner.
    Here is the process:
    – Begin with cleaning your hair with a cleanser and after that conditioner.
    – Utilize the conditioner just to the closures of your hair, so it doesn’t overload your hair.
    – Laundry your hair completely to get rid of any kind of dirt, residue.
    – Dry it with a towel. Attempt not to scrub your hair so much as it will trigger hair damage as well as frizz (I already described it over). Instead, crush gently to get abundance water out.
    – If your hair is still soaked, use a moderate quantity of gel around your hair.
    – Curve forward as well as start scrunching your hair with the curling gel. Do it at a comparable rate made use of to fold up a little paper.
    – Attempt not to get anything near your hair roots, as this might affect your hair to seem oily. Proceed to scrunch up as well as allow your hair curly after a while.
how to get permanent curly hair naturally at home 2021
how to get permanent curly hair naturally at home