Strawberry blonde hair 2020-2021 Hair Color Ideas

20 Prettiest Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Ideas 2020-2021

Almost every season there is something new, some interesting tint from famous stylists, because, despite the excessive popularity of blond coloring, girls are always demanding “something new. And this is understandable because to walk around with the same white braid will bore everyone. Therefore, we can bring to your attention the following shades of blonde: Peach Blonde

  • Caramel
  • Honey
  • Champagne
  • Rose Gold
  • Strawberry Blonde

For many girls, the name says nothing or the image of beauty with pink and white curls are vaguely imagined in their minds. That’s partly true, but it’s clearly not the whole picture. Hopefully, for many, this tone will be a true discovery. So let’s discover the world with strawberry blonde on our heads!

Not quite a true red, but not a beach blonde either, strawberry blonde is a hybrid of the two. Strawberry is a preferred hair color option. It’s the mix of being a blonde as well as a redhead. There’s simply something concerning that attractive red blonde look that seems to drive the men wild. Not just is it an attractive look, yet it likewise has a lot of course to it too. If you are typically a blonde or a redhead you can absolutely appreciate the combination. The most well-known celeb with strawberry blonde hair is especially Nicole Kidman. She’s a strawberry blonde symbol as well as many various other stars girls. It’s hard not to intend to replicate the appearance of such famous and also sexy stars.

Strawberry or still peach?

Looking at the name strawberry blond, it seems that after coloring you should resemble a strawberry, but this is not always the case. Its variations are truly impressive. But there are two main halftones, warm and cool. The warm tone is otherwise known as rose gold, which can have a golden-red note, and the cold tone looks almost like a regular blonde, only with a small amount of quartz, often it is just a pastel pink. And just this rose gold gives a shimmer that looks like a peach, or to be precise, a blush received from the sun on a peach.

Let’s find the perfect look for ourselves!


It will not be unsubstantiated to say that every girl can find a blonde that suits her needs, especially strawberry. It is enough to know your color type – and voila, you already shine one hundred percent! It is important to understand that the coloring according to your color type is just a recommendation that you do not have to follow. Always rely only on your feelings and prioritize the tone according to your desires. It is better to look the way you personally want, admiring your curls in the mirror, than to dye your hair in a color that supposedly suits you, but does not attract you at all.


So, let’s start looking for “your” strawberry blond. I hope you know your color type, but if not (although, believe me, this is a very important thing), then let’s quickly define it. There are four types according to the seasons: spring, summer, fall, winter. Carefully read the signs of each color type and decide which one suits your appearance. People of “spring” are usually white-haired and white-skinned, and often with freckles. Autumn type is characterized by copper skin glow, freckles, bright eyes, and red hair. You belong to the summer color type if you have olive skin, gray eyes, and ashy curls. “Winter” refers to dark-haired people with almost black eyes, and contrasting skin colors – either white porcelain skin or swarthy skin.

Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Ideas 2020-2021

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Taking the example of the stars and shining with them

A very unexpected surprise was the appearance in public of Salma Hayek with topical and fashionable coloring. Such a bold change of image attracted the attention of many. By the way, Salma wore an airy black dress with contrasting embroidery on it, the color scheme coincided with her new hair. Maybe you should try and diversify your usual look and also try on such a variant of blonding.
And here is another list of stars who decided to make such changes: Hailey Baldwin. Her shade is “pulled” in a balayage technique, from her natural roots. It looks truly beautiful, and not at all childish.
Katy Perry. Following the fashion trend, her blonde is neatly honeyed at the ends, which emphasizes the beauty of her eyes and face as a whole. Kesha. Her coloring option is truly good – combining “strawberry” with ash. Hillary Duff. Hilary accentuates her natural blush with her chosen tone of “strawberry” blonde – the cool glow clearly suits her.

Hopefully, you are now finally convinced that many people with a sense of style are inclined to choose this coloring. Maybe you should do the same.

Coloring Requirements

Before dyeing in any color, to begin with, it is worth getting your hair in order. A bright hairstyle, somewhat different from the natural suits, attracts attention to yourself, at the same time, and your face. So before you run to the hairdresser and ask to do “that strawberry color,” worry about the condition of your curls and facial skin.

It is important to know that to achieve any type of blonde, you should first lighten your hair. After this procedure, unfortunately, obligatory, your hair will not be in the best condition – it will become drier, perhaps a little fallout.

Tip! You should provide your hair with gentle care, use balms and special oils. Only then you will shine, because a healthy well-groomed mane, and even so fashionable shade, hundred percent will add to your charm and attractiveness.

Coloring techniques

If for yourself you consider only a monochrome brightening, not even suspecting about other interesting techniques of coloring, then I hasten to tell you – ombré, that is what will be ideal for you, if you do not want to suffer from the grown roots. Moreover, with the effect of grown roots, you will look as nice as possible, this effect is created thanks to the ombré. The coloring of the mop is sort of stretched out, gently transitioning from your natural to the blonde tone of your choice. There is a great option for those who are not ready for serious experiments, but who wish to bring a little bit of brightness into their life. This option is also called highlighting. Enough to dye the front strands, and you are already much younger and fresher. Isn’t that what every girl strives for?

If you want to add some lightness to your image, to create a certain aura of playfulness, then rose gold is your choice. The eternal problem with blondes is the yellowing of their hair over time. So many tears were shed over the loss of white glow curls and the unsuccessful attempts to restore them. But you can forget about this misfortune! Strawberry blonde looks great with dark roots and a little yellowing. By the way, it can even be part of the original shade.

Oh yes, another important point – the dye won’t last forever.

Yes, it will, and you just have to accept that. Already dyed braids need to be tinted when the saturation of the color leaves much to be desired. Just noticing that from the n-o-number of washes your tresses have become dull, and you no longer happy image, then it’s time to again subject your hair color. But this time you can use a less strong means – tinting balms, mousses, and gels. You can find out which conditioner is suitable for you personally from the person who was dyeing your hair, or from a consultant in a cosmetics store.

Location: The hair salon

So, if you do decide to dye, decided on a shade, and are ready for all the surprises, then half of the job is done. Now all that’s left to do is just move on to practice – go to a hair salon or dye the braids yourself, about this option a little later. It’s important to understand that one trip to the master will not be enough. Here’s a sample step for working on your color: Your hairdresser will bleach your lengths. This is necessary even if you are a natural blonde because in this case, the marshmallow dye will lay down better. And if you are far from blonde, you may need two bleaches. Applying a tinting agent that gives you the tone you want. Important knowledge of tint lines is useful if you want to make it as clear as possible to the craftsman what you want to get out of it.

So, how do you determine the saturation of a tone?

Pay attention to the color number. 1 means the darkest, closest to black. And a 10 indicates that it is the whitest paint. It’s simple. If you want to get a strawberry trail on your head, then choose a coloring agent from row 8 to 10. In any case, the master will tell you which suits you personally. Because if you have hair, for example, the second row, then do not hope to become the owner of hair shade 10 rows. In fact, it’s possible, it’s just incredibly difficult.

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