The future here: fashion colours in 2020 hair colouring from L’Oreal Professionnel stylists

Changing seasons is inspiring. Stylists of L’Oreal Professionnel present a renewed identicism and build natural shades into a cult. At the same time, they improve them and make them more intense and vivid. This article details how these colors will look like and what coloring to choose in 2020.

5 Trends in Hair Coloring 2020

Stylists of L’Oreal Professionnel call individuality the main trend – what a person does, and in what way he will be comfortable, determines the appropriate color for coloring.

«BROND» (brown + blond)

Colourists less and less often hide the natural colors of their hair and carefully choose a dye that will accurately and harmoniously emphasize beauty.

As a result, brond shades have become trendy – something in between blond and brown colors.

Red hair shadesnew haircut ideas women over 2021

Increasingly, the focus is on red hair. Thus shades of this color become more many-sided and shimmering, with pronounced golden shades.

Black hairBlack hair

The noble color black rules the ball this season. At the same time, the trend is coal-dark, almost a matte shade. To make it more interesting, stylists create images with atypical asymmetric hairstyles, curl them and weave them in tight plaits.

Natural blond shades

Trends for blondes are fundamentally changing course. Platinum cold blonde has given up positions, but natural light scales are becoming more relevant.

Pastel hair shadeshaircuts and colour ideas 2021

Stylists of L’Oréal Professionnel will present a new view on this established trend. Colored pastel tones become even more intense and varied. Soft lavender and pink gold are at the head of the corner, as usual, but now they are complemented by unusual pastel-blue and gray shades.

Coloring trends for different hair lengths

Choose the right shade of fashionable color in 2020, not only depending on the color type and original hair color, but also on the length of your hair. Some trends look great on long hair and are not suitable for short hair, others, on the contrary, will look the most advantageous on a short length.

Short hair

If platinum remains this season, it’s on short hair. The coloring is daring and bright, so it looks perfect for bright cuts like bean and pixie. But next season the carpet was actively dyed in complex techniques – ombra and sombre, a combination of dark and light strands again in fashion.

On medium-length hair

Coal-dark hair, which we talked about in the first block, for the first time appeared so actively on curls of medium length. This hairstyle looks as futuristic as possible and accentuates the look correctly.

On long hair

Long hair is the best way to show the beauty of color. Colourists suggest taking advantage of this advantage and dyeing hair with sophisticated techniques – shatush, airtouch, and 3D. They involve a combination of several colors, color depth and the effect of sunburned hair. In short, the main trend for all coloring is multi-faceted. Thanks to the mixes of several tones the color is much more noble and expressive.

Hair coloring techniques 2020


Ombre is one of the most popular modern dyeing techniques, and in 2020 it will be used at least as often, if not more often, than in previous years. The fact is that along with the traditional combination of natural – dark and rustic tones – expressive shades burst into the trades. One example is the purple ombre. Bright colors look perfect on a dark base or in combination with the same kind of expressive shade.


The standard of natural dyeing and the main technique for creating the effect of sunburnt curls – shatush – literally every season is a favorite among stylists around the world. In 2020, this technique should create the actual rusoe dye – the standard of natural beauty.


Freehand technique or balayage will also remain in the trend in 2020. But now the highlights will be brighter – pink and even orange. And if you think about such coloring, be sure to read whether to follow the balalaika in the salon.

La French

La French or a logical continuation of the classic technique was invented by stylists of L’Oréal Professionnel. In the new concept of La French, the emphasis is on multi-tone coloring with no limits in the number of techniques used. The result is the most expressive combination of light curls and a darker base shade of hair. The color of the strands is multi-faceted and saturated.

Hair Glossy

There will be increasing popularity and options for un-dyed hair. Stylists offer to return shine and shine to natural curls with the new glossy service. Transparent dyes like Clear from the range of Color Sync from Matrix are used for this purpose, which returns the saturation of natural shade and makes the hairstyle many times more well-groomed and stylish.

TOP fashion shades for blondes and blonde hairs

An overview of the palettes will help you understand trends in more detail. Change of color can be in the native scale, then it is not necessary to resort to cardinal changes, it is enough only to update the image a little.

Okay, trend light coloring consists of several shades:

ashy hair color,
of caramel.

In this way, stylists achieve unique overflows and depth of general color. As a result, the shades look completely new.

Dark honey

In fashion dark honey color, returning to female images of the 50s, 60s. The tone is ideal for freckles and tanned women.

Pearl hair color

A kindred platinum shade, but softer and milkier. It perfectly underlines the expressiveness of blue and green eyes, evens out the complexion and makes it seem fresher and more relaxed.

Current coloring options for brunettes and pendants

The elegant dark coloring that you want to see and admire is the main feature of 2020. Colorists have developed a really impressive number of techniques that allow achieving spectacular dark shades:

a combination of blue and purple on individual strands or hair ends;
grey tones, made in shatush technique;
slate and charcoal colors;
deep blue tones along the length.

Chocolate color with melting

Chocolate is a universal color that can be easily combined with different shades. Thus, the wheat chocolate shade makes the chocolate tone more appealing, while the blue shade helps lighter skin owners to look more effective.

Ashes Cocoa

Slightly dusty shades are the general trend for each palette in the coming season. The grey undertone mix gives the base shade to play with new futuristic shades.

Color palette 2020 for redheads

As with light coloring, it is important for the trend red color to remain natural. This can be achieved by combining both active and muted tones.

Intense honey

Calm coloring color, which is closer to light russ and blond. It perfectly mixes with warm skin, which contains peach tint.


The reference color of the red palette returns to fashion. The iridescent copper tone is the best solution for freckle wearers and very light and literally transparent white skin.

Chestnut with red undertone

A universal color that is not only suitable for natural redheads. It is more restrained than copper, but not yet completely brown, which makes the overall look of the hair unusual and attractive.

As much as you can learn trends and color your hair in different shades, but your hair will never be fashionable if it’s not managed properly. To preserve the beauty of coloration for a long time, choose product complexes rather than individual products. This way, you can provide complete protection for your curls and maintain their beauty.