Cold blond 2020

Fashion on naturalness: blond with dark roots

In the past, the blonde’s dark ends were a categorical bad example. Of course, even now a smooth strip of black roots is not honored, but at the same time, a monochrome blond has long since not painted. What techniques will help to achieve a fashion effect? And is it possible to make dark roots on a ready-made blonde? Tell us about all the secrets!

Features blonde with dark roots

Just a few years ago the ideal blonde was considered to be a uniform light shade along its entire length. Preferably cold, ashy. Dark roots were disposed of as quickly as possible – blondes were forced to go to the salon almost twice a month. It is as if they forgot about the fact that dark roots are even natural blond girls, and sought for an unreal blond – such as fairytale characters or children. However, the same light shade along the length looks too unnatural – like a wig. In fact, the roots are always darker, and the tips burn out in the sun over time. However, before the hairdressers simply did not come up with the techniques to achieve a light coloring, as much as possible similar to natural.

blond 2020 2021
blond 2020 2021

Now the situation has changed dramatically: “expensive” beautiful blond is necessarily a blond with dark roots. Of course, not with a flat stripe, but with a smooth transition close to natural dark to the desired light. Look at any famous blonde: she will certainly have roots, slightly different in color from the main color. Because it looks natural, stylish, and relevant.

Trump Melanie 2020
Trump Melanie 2020

To make such coloring, you need to walk a little with the grown roots – so that the master to see the natural color.

If you are just going to become blonde, then immediately choose this technique. If you have been dyed in total blond for many years, the master will have a little more difficulty – it will be necessary to paint over the roots in the dark so that it looked natural and one color smoothly transferred to another. To do this, came up with a technique of dim out, but about it a little later.

It is important that the contrast is not too sharp. It is not only about the clear boundary between shades, but also about the difference in color. The main thing is the natural effect, and have you ever seen that in nature black roots go-to white hair?

Who’s a blonde?

BLONDER 2020 2021
BLONDER 2020 2021

As in the case with red lipstick, blondes go to each, you just need to find your own shade. And if blond suits you, then a blond with dark roots will also suit you. Perhaps, it is easier to say, who will not like this coloring. The only color type, which is better not to experiment with this option, is albino. Girls, whose hair is completely devoid of pigment, with white eyebrows and eyelashes will look strange with dark roots. However, if you tint the eyebrows, you can also consider this option of dyeing.

blond on brunette girls with dark eyes
blond on brunette girls with dark eyes

Natural brunettes with dark eyes should leave more dark roots and maximize color stretching: techniques such as balayage and ombre will be ideal.Girls with blond hair color

Girls with blond hair color 2021Girls with native blond hair color as if created for blond with dark roots. If you choose the right shade of light dye, it will seem that with this color of hair you were born.

Advantages and disadvantages of blond dyeing

The coloring of blondes with dark roots has solid advantages. Judge for yourself:

  • natural look,
  • does not require frequent visits to the hairdresser for adjustments
  • grows beautifully,
  • It looks expensive and luxurious,
  • adds volume to your hairstyle,
  • Suitable for women at any age.
lovely blond 20 21
lovely blond 20 21

There are almost no minuses. The main one is the price. Such coloring requires the skill of the colorist, and therefore can not be cheap.

Types of blond coloring

There are many ways to achieve the effect of naturally grown dark roots on a blonde. Tell us about the most popular ones.


fashion hair

Coloring Ombre involves a fairly large area of dark roots (approximately to the level of cheekbones on the face) and a smooth but noticeable transition to a cardinally light color. It looks perfect with natural dark color.


Cold Balayage always a good choice
Cold Balayage always a good choice

In contrast to the previous technique, the boundary between the shades is blurred and difficult to distinguish when using the balancing method. Dark roots are smoothly transformed into a lighter basic color at different levels.


 blonding 2021
blonding 2021

In this technique, the strands are dyed in different shades of blond and brown, which makes the color multi-faceted, and the transition from dark roots to light ends – poorly visible.

Shatush hair coloring

shatush hair coloring blond
Shatush hair coloring 2020 blond 2021

To make Shatush, the hairstylist combes the hair and dyes only the loose areas. This allows for the most natural color transition.

Dim Out

Never forget to blend 2020 2021
Never forget to blend 2020 2021

The Dim Out technique is performed on already light-colored hair and consists of darkening the roots. Dark dye grows so that no borders are visible.

Shades of blond with darkened roots

Ash shade of blondes – Silver

Ash blond the main trend in 2020 Silver
Ash blond the main trend in 2020 Silver

The ash shades of the blond suggest the same ash roots but are a few tones darker. Thus the color will have depth and sophistication.

Platinum blond

Platinum blond 2020 2021
Platinum blond 2020 2021

A very light cold blond is chic combined with dark roots. After all, without this “detail” such color may look too artificial – like a wig.

Warm blond

Balayage Spring hair color, Blonde hair with highlights
Balayage Spring hair color, Blonde hair with highlights

Warm blondes are perfect for brooms – they can stretch the color, leaving the roots natural. It will look noble and natural.

Cold blond

Cold blond 2020
Cold blond 2020

Cold blond is the most coveted and sometimes difficult to reach. And it requires a lot of care… Dark roots will make life easier for cold blondes – of course, they do not cancel tinting shampoos, but the time between visits to the hairdresser will seriously lengthen.

Speaking of tinting shampoos! Give a chic blonde (i.e. yourself, mom, or girlfriend) a set of Blondifier “Chic Blonde” for the New Year. In the design box, you will find a professional shampoo that neutralizes yellowness in the cold shades of blond, and a wonderful mask that will give your hair a dazzling radiance.

Set Serie Expert “Chic Blond” Blondifier

Pink blond

Pink blond 2020 2021

Only it seems that the pink blond is good in itself. Dark roots also suit him – they can be brown or ashy, the main thing is that the “temperature” of the shades match. Cold – too cold, warm – to warm.

Overview of hair dyeing products

Each stylist prefers to work with his own line of dyes, which is familiar to him and gives predictable results. Here are a few favorites of professional colorists:

Majirel, L’Oréal Professionnel, dye 100% gray (on dark roots it will be especially noticeable) and leave the hair in perfect condition – almost better than before! All thanks to the dual care technology of Ionen G and Incell, which affects the hair at all levels of its structure., Matrix, adjusts to the natural color of the hair, which allows achieving a noble natural shade. The complex Cera. Oil is a part of this dye. Its condition, but does not weight the hair, allowing the dye to lie perfectly even.

Dimming the roots of blondes: dyeing technique

To darken the roots of blondes, stylists use dimout or rooting techniques. It refers to complex dyeing techniques and for some reason – its performance requires great skill and high qualification from the stylist. It is important to choose the right shade and apply the paint so that the effect is natural. We tell you in general how professionals manage to achieve this.

The darkening or rooting technique.

  1. Hair is distributed longitudinally. The mixture of the desired shade is applied only to the roots, as quickly as possible. It is important that those areas that should not be colored do not touch the roots.
  2. On the temples and at the back of the head, the darkened areas should gradually become longer.
  3. Each colored strand should be smoothly growing so that the transition is not visible. Some do this with a comb.
  4. After you have withstood the time required for the action of the dye, it is washed off with a special shampoo, conditioner, rinse, and styling hair.
blond 2020
blond 2020

It seems to be nothing complicated, but the slightest mistake – wrongly grooved color, too dark tint – will immediately turn your hair into a disaster. Experts strongly recommend not to experiment and not to try to repeat it at home!

How to take care of your hair after the dyeing procedure in blond?

Taking care of a blond with dark roots is a little different from taking care of any blond. Blonde hair is important to keep it moisturized and nourished at all times. A concentrated mask for deep moisturizing Biolage Deep Treatment Colorlast, Biolage will help. It contains extracts of orchid and apricot seeds. After the first application, the hair is shiny and easy to brush. What’s nice, the effect is cumulative.

Biolage Colorlast Concentrate Mask Deep Restore for colored hair, 100 ml
Biolage Colorlast Concentrate Mask Deep Restore for colored hair, 100 ml

If your blond is cold, you can’t do without special products with purple pigment that neutralizes yellowness. It can be shampoo, air conditioning, or a mask. Experts recommend using at least a shampoo and conditioner and praise the line Blondifier, L’Oréal Professionnel. These products allow keeping a noble cold shade for a long time. Especially good shampoo Blondifier Cool – its polyphenols of asaic berries strengthen the hair and make it shiny and smooth.

Experts advise to supplement Blondifier Cool with classic smoothing shampoo, mask and spray from this range – your trendy blond will be well-groomed and shiny every day.

Blondifier Gloss Shampoo for lightened and cultured hair, 300 ml
Blondifier Cool Shampoo for cool blond shades, 300 ml
Blondifier Mask for shining blond shades, 250 ml

On darker roots, scalp problems can be seen: flaking or dandruff. This, of course, immediately negates the beauty of coloring. To solve the root problem, use Anti-Pelliculaire, Kérastase Shampoo, the first alarm, to cleanse the scalp from both dry and oily dandruff for 8 weeks.

Shampoo Anti-Pelliculaire

10 tips for the blonde

Blond is beautiful and spectacular, so almost every woman at least once in her life lightened her hair. However, even those to whom a blonde goes can not keep the brightness of color and health of lightened hair, so over time, they are disappointed in the idea itself. Others stubbornly make the typical mistakes that make blond hair look much less effective than it could be.

You will learn about how to choose the right color, care for, and restore bleached hair from this list of rules.

1-3 tips for the blonde

  1. The darker the original hair color, the more time it takes to lighten. We don’t mean the time of one dye, but the need for a gradual transition from brunette to blonde. The most popular types of dyeing for this purpose are Balayage, Shatush, melting, or coloring. The break between stages should be at least two weeks.
  2. If the hair is damaged (perm, straightening, burned out in the sun), it is necessary to restore its condition before dying into blond. Otherwise, firstly, the shade will be undesirable, and secondly, within a short period of time the hair that has undergone such aggressive types of exposure will simply fall off.
  3. In any dyeing, the natural pigment in the hair is partially replaced by an artificial pigment. Therefore, if dark hair has been dyed in any color and has already grown out at the roots, the blonde dye will displace the previous one not completely. But the roots will become much lighter. Thus, you will get not a smooth transition, but strange visual plaques and differences in shades. To avoid this, first, you need to remove all the pigments with a blonding powder, and then do hair toning. Toning dye, besides filling the hair voids with pigment, will cover the hair with a thin protective film, make it healthier and more moisturizing.

4-5 tips for the blonde

4. It is very important that the color of the blonde is compatible with your skin. Often, when coming to the salon for dyeing, customers insist on a certain shade of blond, because such is worn by their favorite actress or some other celebrity, but in the end, this color does not suit them at all. Remember: what suits another woman, may not suit you at all, and vice versa. For example, if the skin clearly has a pink hue, if it tends to redden, you should refrain from warm golden hues of blondes – it will unsuccessfully emphasize the complexion, visually enhancing the redness. If the skin is pale, porcelain, then you should not make ashy shades of color – otherwise, the skin will merge with the hair. But there are also mixed types. It is then possible to use a sophisticated dyeing technique and combine two different shades.

5. The exposure time of the clarifier is determined not by the instructions for the preparation of the mass market segment, but by the condition of hair and scalp. It is also determined by the knowledge of different products. Actually, that’s why blonding is recommended to be done in a professional salon, not at home, and not in a cheap hairdresser’s shop. It is the master who must control the process and interrupt it in time, so as not to hurt.

6 tips for the blonde

6. If a haircut has clear lines, is made in the so-called English straight cut technique, it is more appropriate to make a homogeneous and concise color to emphasize the beauty of form. And if the hair is long, or vice versa, a short torn haircut, the style implies ruffled, it is better to do a complex dyeing technique, so that the color was not homogeneous visually, gave volume and a sense of movement of the strands.

7 tips for the blonde

7. Many blondes are negligent about the coloring of the roots. Out of the desire to “save the hair” girls are too tight with a trip to the salon. Perhaps there are psychological reasons for this: if the hair roots were once burned by an unscrupulous hairdresser, the client begins to be afraid of this procedure, wishing to remain blonde.

But it should be understood that, first of all, strongly grown roots give an unattended look to the hair. And secondly, the lightening colors are very sensitive to the heat that radiates the scalp. Therefore, if the roots are too much grown-up, the roots will have the right bright, beautiful color, and then it will be a little different. In other words, the color will not be homogeneous. Moreover, when tinting up the roots, it is important to tint the hair along the entire length, so that the coloring will look beautiful for a long time.

If a blonde is achieved by means of melting, it is recommended to make a tint between the coloring, which will lighten the roots and give freshness to previously colored hair.

  8 Tips for a Blonde

8. Hair that is dyed in blond is more porous than other dyed hair, and even more uncolored, so the pigment is washed out faster. Clarifying dyes, and even more so powders, even the most gentle ones, make the hair dry and brittle as the pigment and care products in the toning dye wash out.

Revitalizing and nourishing procedures in the salon will have a greater effect not only because the master can professionally select a whole cocktail of products individually for your hair, but also use special equipment to ensure that all the nutrients penetrate deep into the hair shaft. After that, the only thing left at home is to maintain the salon effect.

Being blonde is a lot of work, and you should accept it. It is not enough to make up a blonde once and leave the salon as a beauty. You need constant care – and regular visits to the salon, but special procedures at home.

  9-10 tips for the blonde

9. Blondes are also recommended for independent use only professional products that are used in beauty salons – shampoo and conditioner for every day, as well as a mask for deep moisturizing once a week. It is very important to have at home also a care product with dye, which would enhance and refresh the color on their own between visits to the salon. The next stage is indelible sprays and conditioners, which remain on your hair until the next wash and protect the color from external influences. Blond hair, especially long hair, is also prone to cutting, so it is very important to use oil-based care, such as serums and elixirs with argan oil in the composition for the tips and length of hair.

10.Clarified hair usually needs active moisturizing. At home use masks with amino acid complex, seaweed, vegetable oils. Emphasis is on the tips of the hair. That’s why it would be useful to buy a special product, for example, in the form of a spray. If the hair is badly damaged (and this usually happens after self clarification), give preference to more “strong” products: regenerating masks and concentrates with keratin, proteins, lipids, minerals. In this case, salon procedures are especially recommended, for example, keratoplasty – the quick restoration of the damaged hair structure by saturation with keratin.