The Moon Haircut Calendar for May 2020

Since ancient times, mankind has been asking for advice from the moon before engaging in its own – big and small – affairs. Manipulation with the hair is no exception. The moon tells you when to cut, dye your hair, expose it to powerful chemical influences, and even helps you choose the best days for different types of hair. All this so that the procedures with the strands go well and without unexpected consequences.

Earth satellite phases play a special role: growth, decay, full moon, and new moon. For example, a haircut on the waning moon should lead to slower hair growth. On the waxing Moon, in turn, they begin to grow faster, improving their quality – this phase falls on the periods from 1 to 6 May and 23 to 31.

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To know exactly when to cut your hair in may 2020 or get that iridescent blonde, focus not so much on the phases, but on the position of The earth’s satellite relative to the constellation.

Favorable and unfavorable days for haircuts and coloring in May 2020

Moon in the lion (May 1)

These lunar days are contradictory: haircut on the growing moon has a good effect on the condition of the hair, but there is a risk of getting along with this General malaise. Carving is also undesirable if you are not ready for long weeks of careful care for your curls.

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But experiments with styling and hair coloring in always relevant natural shades are appropriate: sandy blond, honey-Golden, dark bronze, or cinnamon.

Moon in Virgo (May 2, 3)

Good days for haircuts (especially the 3rd) and experiments with color. Without fear, lighten your hair in complex techniques and try a new nuance of toning, it should be something unexpected even for you.

perming hair made at this time will last a remarkably long time — even light and short-lived carving. And if you have been thinking about it for a long time, it would be nice to start a course of ampoules against hair loss right now.

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Moon in Libra (May 4, 5)

A money haircut will happen on March 4 — don’t miss this day!

The moon in Libra favors bright colors that inevitably attract attention. Why not try an Ombre with an unusual red hue or juicy berry flashes in the balayage technique? For doubters, we recommend hidden coloring — it doesn’t seem to exist in static, but it’s worth taking a step or turning your head…

Moon in Scorpio (May 6, 7)

Actually, now you should not change the length of your hair, but it is not forbidden to trim the tips a little, especially if they are noticeably split and unsightly stick out in different directions. In the hair coloring calendar for May 2020, these two days can be marked red: discoloration and even a slight lightening to five tones will not benefit the strands. Hairstyles with smoothed strands attract good luck. In addition, an iron and a suitable styling will enhance the Shine of your hair so that you will be visible from space!

Moon in Sagittarius (May 8-10)

Hair will not show the best sides of its character, so think about a single-color coloring with ammonia-free paints: it slightly disciplines the strands thanks to natural polymers in the composition of dyes. And, of course, use care for unruly hair.

Under the supervision of Sagittarius, you have a chance to direct the energy swirling around you to where you need it. Help in this air hairstyles in the style of boho and styling tools for easy fixation.

Moon in Capricorn (May 11, 12)

The appearance of hair will improve thanks to a haircut on the 12th. It must be something up-to-date, with a mobile texture.
It’s time to remember the trend for environmental friendliness: these days, a good result will give care with a natural composition and natural dyes. In the latter case, it is better to go to colorists working on eco-products. Only they will evaluate the condition of the strands objectively and will not allow spotting or unexpected shade.

Moon in Aquarius (May 13, 14)

If there are days in May 2020 when you can cut your hair in the most extravagant way, this is them! In addition, the shape of a short haircut will remain in its original form for a long time, so it is affected by the waning Moon.

Bright coloring, the most trendy Blonds, and unusual styling, as if they came out of the hands of a real artist of hairdressing, is something that will not hurt these days.

Moon in Pisces (may 15-17)

The period of rest and restoration of both hair and scalp: procedures with strong chemicals are contraindicated, long-term styling and styling products can cause unpleasant reactions. Take the time to review the bathroom shelves and arrange an evening of relaxation with deep cleansing and fragrant oil masks.

Moon in Aries (May 18, 19)

The era of bad hair continues, but now you have a chance to take the situation into your own hands. For example, 19-th valid to lighten hair as soft means — ask your master if the selected product is in contact with the scalp. It is still important to nourish and restore the strands from the roots to the tips, otherwise, in the summer they will begin to be cut off due to ignoring care on these days. More about effective rehabilitation care can be found here.

Moon in Taurus (may 20-22)

Calm and confidence-the key to healthy hair. Make a haircut is only worth it if you have long dreamed of it and it embodies the very essence of may with its ease and cheerfulness. If you perform coloring, it is only for color correction. Even styling should be almost boring, hair to hair.

The best gift for hair will be deep sealing care with keratin, hyaluronic acid, oils, or amino acids. Your hairdresser probably knows a couple of such procedures, and at home, the effect will be supported by masks with keratin.

Moon in Gemini (May 23, 24)

Despite the fact that the hair is fluffy, tangled, and a little capricious, everything will go perfectly: the haircut will fit perfectly, professional dyes will make the strands dense and shining, and perming will not exactly require resuscitation of the hair.

Do you plan to change anything? Then we recommend just cutting the tips or refreshing a multi-layered hairstyle. And on May 24, any haircut will become monetary!

Moon in Cancer (May 25, 26)

Not chic, not terrible — everything is just normal, so the dream haircut with fashionable Hollywood bangs and volume from the very roots will have to be postponed. You don’t want to get just a normal average haircut, do you?

Instead, emphasize the usual hair color with a translucent dye. Try experimenting with styling. Do you probably have a couple of styling tools that you still haven’t found an approach to? So, now everything will work out.

Moon in Leo (may 27-29)

Successful period for model (author’s) haircut with your character and for almost all known procedures. In dyeing, choose thick, juicy tones that are beautifully washed away.

Moon in Virgo (May 30, 31)

May ends with high, careless bundles, bright strands, short haircuts, and a variety of bangs. Time to camouflage the gray? Go beyond the usual monochromatic dyeing: the Crownlites (reverse ombre) technique or the sophisticated dim out with darkened roots not only look great but also work as an anti-age.

For those who choose a new treatment, the search will be complicated by a lack of understanding of their own needs. In this case, you should pay attention to protective cosmetics: sprays with UV filters, conditioners with anti-frizz function, a whole range of antioxidants – the latter can be found in the lines for colored hair.

Horoscope of haircuts, hairstyles and care for May 2020 for all zodiac signs

The year has started uneasily and yet may promise to be lenient to those who want to make light work of errors in the image. Every sign will get a chance for a spring update — and that’s great!


Delicate shades of hair in complex techniques and airy romantic styling — your choice. The mobility of the hairstyle will be preserved by a light non-gluing mousse, such as Matrix High Amplify for super luxuriance. Now is an unfavorable time for heavy textures: put aside the restorative masks, but do not forget to apply conditioner for a couple of minutes after each wash, even if you have a short haircut.


For some reason, your hair will remain this month without a professional hand. Some simple procedures you can carry out at home, even if it concerns coloring. But complex hairstyles for important events on their own are better not to do. Try something simpler like a Malvina with a sophisticated accessory.


Pisces will find the best master in the world! First of all, let him take care of deep hydration and nutrition of your hair — now they are not in the best shape. Home care should also not sink. It is advisable to find something eco-friendly and suitable for every day.


In may, Aries needs effective procedures, the result of which is immediately noticeable: lamination, keratin straightening, or a very gentle


The horoscope of hairstyles for this month advises you any styling with smoothing strands. The more sparkle, the better!


Now you are more than ever set up for almost meditative thoughtful hair care. Comb them more often, pamper the tips with serums, and less often collect high hairstyles. Freedom will do the strands well. Do you want to lighten your hair slightly? This is better done with home remedies but without the participation of peroxide and lemon juice.


Hurry this month is undesirable, and quick results from the courses of care procedures can not be expected. Meanwhile, the hair becomes stronger and more elastic! Self-confidence and creative inspiration will come with textural hairstyles: bundles with bundles or surf curls.


Extravagant images with color coloring and bold ragged elements of the hairstyle will lift your mood all may. Even more, accentuate your character broken curls or small Afro curls. Twice a week, it is advisable to apply nourishing masks to the strands, otherwise, the payment for extravagant experiments will not take long.


This month will make you a real master of styling. Vypilivaya the secrets of styling with your stylist, learn the tutorials of experts SalonSecret and practice. The easiest way to give not smooth hairstyles, but different curls.


The braver you dream, the more interesting your May image is. And most likely it will gravitate towards retro style. Fix your hair with invisibility and a good varnish: the reliable Kérastase Laque Noire, for example. Add discipline to your hair care – and you’ll be on top of it!


Hair does not behave as it should, but you already know what to do. Don’t you know what to do? The first thing you need to do is give up complicated wavy styles in favor of simple and sleek ones. Make your hair more visible will help invisible, making up a single geometric pattern on the canvas of hair.


 Scorpions will want to completely change the image – and this is the case when desires should be listened to. Check out your army for masks and conditioners with B-group vitamins (B6 and B7 especially), root to tip thickening will be an important task in May.


Hair health is more important than beauty. After all, only healthy hair can be truly luxurious! Find the 100% care that’s right for you (shampoo, conditioner, and nesmyvashka on the type of hair). The scalp is a little more complicated than that, but regular self-massage and gentle scrub will surely appeal to her.

It seems that May brought a lot of new pleasant experiences. What are you doing with your hair this month? Maybe you decided to get rid of half the length or tried a care product with which life began to play with new colors?