What hair color goes with green eyes?

Green-eyed girls can, it seems, do everything: experiment with bright colors, try ultra-fashionable techniques or stick to a neutral palette. In any case, they are guaranteed to attract attention: the green eyeshade is the rarest on the planet.

Rules of hair color selection for green eyes

Rules of hair color selection for green eyes

The main task of coloring – to emphasize the natural beauty and originality of green eyes. You can achieve this by observing the following rules.


1.Avoid ash blonde and blue-black hues. They conceal the natural depth of the green color, making the shade faded and depriving it of depth.
2. Don’t forget about the eyebrows. The shade of the eyebrows should match the new coloring and not hide the color of the eyes.
3. Reds, golds, and reddish palettes are all yours. Green-eyed people can go both with natural options, such as blond with a transition to red, and more spectacular types of coloring: for example, contrasting pink toning.
4. Prefer monochromatic coloring to modern techniques: for example, shatush or balayage. They give visual depth to green eyes, making the color multifaceted.
5. Pay attention to the condition of your facial skin. If it has imperfections, bright red shades should be avoided, because they will draw attention to the problem. Tidy up your skin, even out its tone, and until then, limit yourself to a natural range – ashy, honey, caramel colors.


6. Warm or cool skin tones matter! Ashy and cold blondes, as well as cold blondes, will suit girls with porcelain skin. A warmer palette of reds, honey, and caramel colors will adorn those who have dark skin or freckles.
7. Be careful when using natural dyes. After dyeing your hair with henna, even a very high-quality dye can give unforeseen effects on the hair. To avoid them, wait until the henna wears off before dyeing your hair.
8. Or switch to Botanea, an eco-dye from L’Oréal Professionnel. Its palette includes especially technologically processed plant pigments: henna, cassia, and indigo, and this dye is capable of various natural shades with both warm and cold nuances

green eyes

The main thing worth mentioning when it comes to the selection of the coloring shade is the professionalism of the master. A competent colorist will never match the hair color to the eyes, but rather will be guided by such a notion as color type. And the eyeshade will be emphasized with the help of contouring – by highlighting the separate strands of hair that are near the face.

Combination of green eyes and hair shade

Despite the fact that green-eyed people on the planet are less than 2%, their eyes are very little alike. That’s because green has a lot of shades and can even adjust to the light.

1. Green-blue eyes

Green-blue eyes
Warm sandy, wheat tones if the curls are naturally blond. Or caramel and hazel – if the owner of green-blue eyes has darker hair. Among the extravagant options, you can pay attention to the reddish non-monochrome coloring (for example, balayage), pink contrast toning, or even trendy green, especially if it is made in the technique of melting or balayage.
Try on a cool walnut shade. It looks quite sophisticated, and you can support it at home with Matrix Dark Envy Pigmented Shampoo (it neutralizes unwanted warm undertones and preserves the cold nuance).
Dark Envy Shampoo for neutralizing red shades in brunettes, 300 ml

2. Brown-green eyes

hazel eyes

This unusual shade indoors is often mistaken for brown. But in the light, it acquires a beautiful olive-green undertone. Brown-green eyes go well with warm gourmet shades: honey, caramel, cognac, walnut.

Pay attention to cognac coloring in two or three shades. It’s easy to maintain it at home by enhancing brown tones with pigmented care. For example, you can mix Absolut Repair Mask from L’Oréal Pro with PowerMix, which contains concentrated brown pigment. Use it as a regular mask, but leave it on for a few minutes longer.

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3. Light green eyes

very light green eyes

For light green eyes to create a beautiful contrast with the skin and hair, and not to merge with them, the natural shade of hair should be strengthened by 1-2 tones. The ideal shades are cappuccino and caramel. If blonde, then a warm wheat shade.

A neutral cappuccino with a beige twist will be your calling card in the new season. The shade is quite capricious, but regular correction by the stylist and proper home care will make this elegant tone eternal. For example, replace your usual hair product range with Keep Me Vivid by Matrix. The sulfate-free shampoo, canvas-glazing conditioner and Velvetizer softening cream with UV filters guarantee up to 65 days of color staying power and mirror-like shine to your strands.

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4. Amber green eyes

amber green eyes color

Amber-green eyes look very unusual and are very rare. To strengthen the golden undertone of green, use colors from the yellow range – honey, Russes, reddish. Contrasting color techniques create a good effect, for example, melting on dark strands with inclusions of red or golden-copper.

Honey blonde in the form of frequent veil blondes is in the trends again and threatens to remove from the leading positions all sorts of cold blondes. For maximum disclosure and durability of this color, arm yourself with professional care – Blondifier Gloss shampoo and Blondifier mask with açai berry extract.

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5. Emerald eyes

emerald green color eyes

The most luxurious of all variants of green: it looks beautiful when framed with hair of red, copper, and caramel shades. Darker colors, for example, saturated brown, are also possible, but only against a background of darker skin. Universal for green-eyed people saturated bronze will look perfectly in bronzing, but not in tone-on-tone coloring.
A rich copper-orange color will emphasize the brightness of your appearance (even if right now you think that brightness is out of the question). Unique nuances in this color range will be obtained by mixing different shades of Matrix SoColor Cult dye. You can make a blazing fire of autumn leaves, dilute it to a pale winter sunset or add a couple of contrasting colors, breaking all the patterns.

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Skin tone when matching hair shade

Most often the owners of green eyes have light skin. But there are interesting exceptions: for example, girls with amber-yellow eyes, on the contrary, most often have a dark complexion. Skin tone is another important nuance that should be considered when choosing a coloring.

1. For fair skin

hair shades for fair skin

Brown, light brown, and light brown curls, as well as platinum and pearl blonde combined with a cool shade of green, will look noble against the background of porcelain skin. Avoid too light ashy shades and black color: these colors can hide the depth of green. If you go for bronze, go for titian variations.

2. For darker skin

on darker for fair skin
on darker for fair skin

Dark-skinned girls are better suited to the coffee-chocolate palette, as well as plum, copper, and burgundy shades.

3. warm and cold skin type

warm and cool skin type

If your skin has a neutral shade and you have trouble classifying it as light or dark, try determining its undertones with a test. Take a sheet of clean A4 paper and hold it up to your face. If your skin has a warm tone, it will look slightly yellowish against the sheet. If it has cool undertones, it will appear pink or purple.

Important: The test must be performed in good natural light.

Cold undertones are an excuse to use shades from the cold range: cold blonde and blond, brown and light brown.

Warm undertones are more suitable for experiments with brighter colors: chocolate, cocoa, wine shades, and golden reds in varying degrees of saturation.

Summary of coloring choices for green eyes

Green eyeshade/skin shade/color palette

Green-blue eyes/Smooth/ Honey, hazelnut, and caramel shades

Green-blue eyes/White/White blonde, sandy and other warm shades of natural blonde, pink contrast toning, melting or balayage using the green palette

hazel eyes/Smooth/Honey, caramel, cognac, nutty hues

hazel eyes/Blonde/Wheat and sandy blonde

Light Green/Smooth/Cappuccino, Caramel

Light Green/White/White Wheat Blonde

Amber green/Smooth/Caramel, golden, reddish hues

Amber green/blonde/white with flecks of reddish or golden honey

Emerald/Smooth/Chestnut tones

Emerald/Light/Medium and Reddish, Cold Blonde