Amazing Ombre Hair Colour Ideas – RED Ombre 2020-2021

If you had to choose one color from the spectrum with the most magnificent shades, it would be red. Cherry. It’s a ruby. Scarlet. It’s bloody.  Amazingly, this gorgeous shade works like a charm to create a beautiful red ombre. Red ombre hair is a thin line between bold and stylish, the perfect way to attract attention. But there are a few things you should know before deciding on such a bright transformation. First of all, you need to pay attention to your natural color, which will help you determine what kind of ombre is right for you.

Classic: red ombre on dark hair 

A kind of benchmark for this fashionable dyeing 2020-2021 has time to become a red ombre on dark hair. It is with its help the brightest, most creative images are created.

It should be noted that red ombre on dark hair is not a solution for timid girls. After all, bright scarlet, orange, crimson, and the fuchsia color is guaranteed to attract attention to your person. And it is not always benevolent: there are always conservatives in society who are opposed to extraordinary hairstyles. However, there is an undeniable advantage: a girl with a chic shimmering hair will not be lost in any crowd. Automatically the accent is made on the face: after all the border of color is most often between cheekbones and a chin.

red ombre hair 2021

Red ombre on blondes

Red ombre on black hair looks bright and spectacular, but no less interesting and stylish it looks on blondes. For blonde girls, colorists recommend using soft red tones to make the hair look more harmonious. It does not require prior preparation and clarification of the strands: the dye is applied directly to the ends of the hair blond color.

The dye is better to choose a quality and delicate, but at the same time resistant to washing off. As for the color palette, there is something to choose from. Crimson, bright pink, purple and copper-red – all these colors will approach to a light skin of natural blondes.

Red ombre on blondes – bottom-up in the hair

No less interesting is the second option of color application – from the bottom up through the hair. In this variant, the length of the hair plays an important role. Medium hair looks more impressive and stylish.

«A Song of Ice and Fire»

Some say the world will die in flames, some in ice. Whatever the end of the world, I know for a fact that these two elements can blend together perfectly, creating an ombre that is in fashion after centuries. Silver tinted ice blue fades into a fiery red shade, creating a stunning contrast of colors.

Flame is burning

Fire tongues of flame will look more expressive on long-haired beauties. You will not go unnoticed in the crowd. The red-orange hair umbrella is the choice of a bright, confident girl. This beautiful combination of bright red, orange and yellow tones looks like a flame shimmering on a summer night.

Pomegranate magic

If your workplace does not allow you to venture into crazy colored hair, here’s an ombre that will not attract attention, but will definitely surprise (in a good way). This precious red garnet-colored ombre creates a small volume and looks stunning on long dark hair.

 Beautiful Velvet Red Hair Ombre

Red velvet hair from umbrellas is magical. The hair of a dark red color is very chic and looks rich. The darkest red and cherry red shades combine perfectly in a silky and smooth red velvet shade, which will make you the focus of any company. These shades are especially beautiful if you have long wavy hair. The combination of red tones in different shades gives your hair a multi-faceted effect and fine texture.

haircuts and colour ideas 2020 2021


Burgundy Hair Ombre

Ombre with a Burgundy tint is a royal choice for confident beauties. Looks dazzling on long hair, giving it a royal chic.

Natural Dark Hair With Dark Red Ombre

This view is perfect if you want to try an ombre in your hair but don’t want radical colors. Create multiple waves in your long hair to add volume, depth, and movement.

red ombre hair 2021 2022

If you choose to color your ombre hair in red, you have to be prepared for the challenges. It’s pretty hard to lighten the tips the first time so that the bright color lies evenly on them, and the color does not distort. Here you need to find the right balance between price and quality: only a high-end professional can achieve the right effect without damaging the texture of your hair. But the services of such a stylist are often not cheap.

One of the most affordable ways to get the red effect on black hair – use washed off ink or special pastel crayons. Today, these products are widely available in cosmetics stores. One catch is that coloring is short-lived: before the first wash.