Make a Home Spa: Professional Hair Oils

Every woman wants to have a moment to herself to settle the mind and feel better. Easier said than done, you say. You might as well treat yourself and spend a pleasant evening with fragrant care goods? Just imagine: you are having a bubbly bath in complete silence. Sounds relaxing, doesn’t it? In this article, you will learn how to use professional oils and find out about their magical qualities.

Make a Home Spa: How to Use Professional Hair Oils. What are they for?

Oil plays a key role in hair care: it is used to protect it from drying, to make it moisturized, shiny, and elastic. For instance, a homemade oil mask becomes the main source of useful nutrients and holds moisture in the hair shaft, preventing moisture evaporation.

It is especially useful in winter, when hair is electrified, as well as in the off-season. Only a couple of drops will easily clean it and allow you to make messy strands smooth. In summer, oil care will soften the strands after exposure to the sun and seawater.

Interestingly, professional formulas containing oils do not necessarily make the hair weigh more: a properly selected one will be good even for fine hair.

Professional oils and oil care review

Choosing professional products with oils is the most reliable option for a home spa routine. There is no need to stir the ingredients yourself and look for the perfect proportion. Balanced and effective formulas have been developed by professional brands.

Shampoos with oils

Shampoos contain natural extracts of essential oils. This delicate cleanser will make even fine hair silky and shiny. Women with dense streaks should pay attention to natural argan oil and myrrh extract. It will gently cleanse, moisturize, and make it more manageable.

Balms and air conditioners

Some oil-containing cosmetic goods work can be applied to any type of hair. Among them are, for example, Omni-purpose creams. Thick texture, argan, and almond oils – keeping with the best traditions of ancient health care. The use of these old secrets of hair shininess can help not only nourish the hair but also protect it. Use the product in a variety of ways:

  • like an express mask for a few minutes before shampooing;
  • like a rinser balsam;
  • like thermal protection and styling before using hot appliances.

The owners of dense and unmanageable strands should try washable cream care with the legendary Moroccan argan oil and myrrh extract. Due to the texture that will wrap the hair with a weightless veil, combing the hair will be much easier.


Using masks for normal and fine hair is necessary since any hair requires nutrition and moisturizing. This concentrated care is especially suitable for those who want to make the strands smooth and manageable. We should also mention that ginger oil tonic makes the hair silken.

Nourishing masks will be the most useful when dealing with dense, porous, and unmanageable hair. They will make the hair smoother and prepare it for styling. Its key ingredients are argan oil with vitamin E and myrrh extract.

Indelible care

Argan oil is a multifunctional product used to nourish the hair and give it shine. You only need a drop of it so that your hair looked healthy. Just one drop will be enough.

 How to choose the right oil for your hair?

 Each oil has its own purpose and features. You can choose the one that will be perfect for you by the following criteria.


There are basic, industrial, and essential oils. Basics (coconut, argan, avocado, shea, olive, castor, almond, etc) are sometimes applied in a pure form, but they act only in the outer layer of skin and hair, not deeper. Essential volatile and highly concentrated oils are, for example, tea tree or lavender oil. If you want to use them as a cosmetic product, they must be diluted.

Industrials are ready-made mixtures of one or more oils with additional components: moisturizing, aimed at balancing the formula and facilitating the penetration of useful substances in the hair. Oil in industrial formulas can be completely natural (vegetable origin), mineral or silicone-based. Do not be afraid of the latter, they do not weigh the hair and are easy to wash away.

Most oils are not suitable for the scalp. Their nourishing texture is comedogenic, which can provoke rashes. However, there are, of course, some exceptions.


There are oils that aim to improve nutrition and hair growth. Castor oil and burdock root extract are often used to make hair grow faster and look healthier.

Remember! Experts, having seen the results of home care based on pure basic and essential oils, remind you that you should not apply them to the scalp.

The other type of oil is used to soften the hair, form a protective film around it, and moisturize dry and damaged strands. Such cosmetic products are spread away from the roots, with an emphasis on the tips, which suffer from adverse external factors. The most nutritious options are macadamia, argan oil, and jojoba oil.

Hair type and structure

It is important for dry and damaged hair owners to use not only shampoos and oil masks, but also leave-in care. This applies primarily to porous, curly, and unruly strands, as they tend to restore the lipid protection of the hair shaft, which will prevent moisture evaporation.

It is not advisable to use olis right after dying the hair since they have the specific property of washing out the artificial colorants. However, it depends on the oil formula and concentration. Choose products marked “for dyed hair”. Such products make the hair color brighter and shinier.

Using Hair Oils. Home Spa Secrets

However, it is not that simple with oils. You cannot just take any product and spread it on your hair. You must know what oils should be applied to which zones, in what order, etc.

Women with normal hair can choose any oils.

If you want to stimulate hair growth and prevent tips from fraying, you can make oil masks two times a week.

Oils should not touch the scalp.

If you have oily seborrhea, dermatitis, or fungus-induced dandruff, you should be extremely careful when using such masks. Apply it only to the hair tips, which will protect from drying.

Wash your hair and make a mask, trying not to touch the roots. Then comb your streaks, wash the product off, and apply leave-in care to wet, squeezed hair that also provides thermal protection during styling. You can complete the ritual with a scalp serum to stimulate its growth and make it healthier.

Pure oils are too “heavy”.

They are felt on the strands and attract dust particles. To avoid it, add oil to your regular cosmetics or choose super nourishing professional formulas. Ready-made cosmetics have additional components that do not weigh the curls but take care of their structure and protect them from the aggressive environmental impact.

Try using oil as a spray.

It is easier to dose since this way, you will not apply more than needed. Apply the product to your hands, rub it, and then gently move your hands over the streaks, from top to bottom.

They say that constant use of oils makes the hair oily.

It is partly true, as it depends on the amount and application method. If you choose a leave-in oil for nutrition and shine, stylists advise avoiding

the roots (apply at a distance of 5 centimeters from them) so that hair did not look oily. You can use such products when needed (in winter, for example, when the tips become drier, a small bottle of oil in your bag will be an indispensable element of express care).

Almost all oils are better used on wet hair.

Some of the product will evaporate during drying. However, the effect will be seen much longer.

The body and density of oil are different so you have to choose the right one for you. Ask your stylist to help you make the right choice, taking into account the type and condition of your hair.

Express-spa will always come to the rescue!

If you have no time for meditative relaxation, apply the oil to the strands before washing them, then wait 20 minutes, and wash off with the usual shampoo.

Thermal protection oils are good for brittle, dry, and damaged strands. During the styling process, such thermal protection products will not only protect against high temperatures but also restore the hair’s lipid protection.