Rule “6cm”: Instant test to determine your hair length

The “6cm” guideline: a very easy way to identify what size of the hair is right for you

A method to measure the distance from the lobe of the ear to the chin, proposed by British stylist and hairdresser John Frida, helps girls find the perfect length of hair. Shall we give it a try?

There are times in every female’s life when you wish to transform whatever about on your own. Which “whatever” necessarily includes hair. Girls with long hair are ready to cut it short. As well as those ladies who constantly put on brief hairstyles, unexpectedly begin to grow their curls greatly. But will a brand-new hairdo look great? The solution to this question is always known to British epic stylist and hairdresser John Frida. He was the one who noticed a fascinating feature and created the policy of “6 cm” when picking a hairdo for women. So, what is it and also exactly how to apply it?

What is to be done

Utilize the adhering to the algorithm.

  1. Stand in front of the mirror. Remove your hair so it doesn’t interfere.
  2. Take a pencil. Place it on the lower point of the chin. Try to keep the pencil strictly horizontal, as any error will distort the results.
  3. Take the ruler. Bring it to your earlobe. Keep the ruler strictly perpendicular to the pencil.
  4. Fix the point of intersection of the ruler and the pencil. The result will depend on it.

Analysis of the result

Now take a close look at the ruler. If the distance from the earlobe to the point of intersection with a pencil:

– over 6cm, you’re checking out long hair, so you can expand it securely;

– less than 6cm, short hairstyles are best for you.

“It’s all about proportions,” explains Giles Robinson, director of the International Training Centre and a leading salon stylist, John Frida. – John has made a rule that makes it possible to pinpoint the right hairstyle for the right facial shape”.

Jennifer Aniston probably has over 6cm long from the earlobe to the lower point of her chin, so she probably prefers to wear long hair for the last ten years.

John has studied people’s faces for a long time and concluded that the curvature of the jawline determines how short or long hair suits a person. It was as a result of years of observation that Frida developed her universal and simple formula.

But Cathy Holmes doesn’t have the same long jawline, so the short bean fits the shape of her face very well.

British hairdresser John Frida owes his phenomenal success to his own hair care line, which once produced a real sensation. This happened despite the fact that he, at his own risk, stepped into the cosmetics market, presenting products under his name at a fairly high price, which could ruin his business. But it didn’t happen.

As John Frieda, the founder of the brand confessed: “If people know that the product will help solve their problem, they will be ready to pay its price for it”. That John Frieda Collection brand products really work, could be seen by both stars and ordinary customers – visitors to his salons.