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How to fix matted hair?

Life is not predictable and everyone can face a situation of hair tangling. What should we do? How to untangle it? How to fix matted hair? Should we shave the head? To solve the problem! 

Why does hair get tangled, what to do? to untangle after washing and combing, then to rinse. And the daily routine turns into a real problem. It is necessary to comb your hair carefully, style it, or make a hairdo, and at this time it gets tangled, bringing not only discomfort but also pain. And before you start to deal with this problem, you need to study it carefully and find the cause out.

how to fix matted hairThe main causes of hair tangles

In most cases, long hair gets tangled. This can occur both in a loose form and in the process of morning combing. The main reasons why this is observed are:

  • thin and weakened hair with split ends. In the dissolved state, hair is easily entangled, forming tangles;
  • a charge of static electricity that can come from the comb. As a rule, fluffy curls in the process of combing are electrified and begin to tangle with each other. This can happen to thin and weakened hair;
  • displaying information about a person, his thoughts and feelings. The process of tangling can speak about the experiences and disturbing thoughts of their owners. This fact is explained by energy.
    If the hair is tangled regularly, it may indicate the presence of health problems. After all, curls are a reflection of a person’s health and internal state.

Factors that could lead to a problem:

  1. Vitamin deficiency.
  2. Regular use of a hairdryer or a hair iron.
  3. Smoking or excessive use of alcohol.
  4. Regular nervous tension and stressful situations.
  5. Influence of chlorinated water.
  6. Frequent dyeing or lightening of the strands.
  7. Refusal to wear headgear at low temperatures.

All of these causes can negatively affect the condition of the hair, causing it to become tangled.

How to comb tangled strands properly

The procedure gives the strands not only an aesthetic look but also performs several other functions:

  •  the removal of dirt that is located on the surface of the head;
  •  massage hair follicles and scalp, resulting in improved growth;
  •  the sebaceous glands produce is distributed over the entire length of the strands, nourishing them and protecting them from negative external factors.

The brush itself plays an important role in the brushing process. It is better to choose wood products with sparse teeth. Plastic strongly electrifies the hair, while sharp teeth damage it.  The procedure of combing includes several simple recommendations that will not only simplify the process but also provide the hair with strength and obedience:

  • Do not brush wet strands, they become heavy and brittle. That’s why this procedure can cause not only tangling but also loss.
  • In the absence of obvious hair problems, massage brushes with natural bristles should be preferred.
  • Short hair should be brushed from the roots and long hair should be brushed the opposite way.
  • Tangled hair should be divided into curls and carefully combed. This should be done starting at the periphery and going towards the center of the head.
  • The hair roots are brushed in several directions.
  • The procedure should last at least 10 minutes per day.
  • The movements should be done gently and smoothly.

Products and masks for easy hair combing

Not only expensive products can help with tangled hair, but also self-made sprays and masks. Smooth hair, which is easy to brush, can be obtained by using home-made masks.

Eggs mask

Mask with eggs.

To prepare it, you need to take a yolk and milk, mix it thoroughly and apply it to your hair. It can be distributed over its entire length by brushing. After 10-15 minutes it can be washed off.

Eggs mask based on peach.

This fruit is well chopped, mixed with a few spoons of milk and applied to clean hair. For better effect, you can wrap your head in polyethylene. After 10 minutes it can be washed off; the mask is based on kefir. The curls are thoroughly washed with this product. No additional ingredients are required.

For the masks to work as effectively as possible, it is recommended to cover your head with polyethylene and wrap it in a towel after application.

In addition to masks, it is also possible to prepare hair sprays at home.

Lemon spray. For its preparation, you should take a lemon and 250 ml of water. Pour the juice into the water, pour it into the pot, and put it on the fire. Bring the mixture to a boil and wait for half to evaporate. Then strain the solution and pour it into a sprayer;

Lemon herbal spray. To make it, take nettles, chamomile, bur-marigold, essential oil, and green tea. Mix all the ingredients in the same proportions, pour water, and cook slowly over a fire (15-20 minutes). When the broth cools down, add a few drops of oil, mix well and pour into a sprayer. Use after washing the curls;

Egg spray. Quite an effective way to make combing easier. To prepare it, take two yolks, 2 tbsp. of oil (preferably olive), and some water. All components are thoroughly mixed and the miracle spray is ready. It should be distributed over the entire length of the curls and kept on your head for about half an hour, then washed off with water at room temperature.

fix matted hair

Salon procedures to combat tangled curls

Beauty salons offer to fight against regular hair tangling. Among their services, there are several quite effective procedures.

Lamination. Lamination procedure is the application of a special composition on the curls (in most cases, it is keratin). Hair becomes denser after it, healthier and easier to brush. The result of laminating the hair is that with proper care of the hair the effect lasts for 2-3 months. At the end of this time, it is possible to repeat the procedure. Shortcomings include the lack of a therapeutic effect and the necessity of regular use.

Shining. A special compound is applied to the curls, which wraps each hair, creating a protective layer. As a result of this procedure, the curls have a well-groomed and healthy look, and their volume increases. It is possible to use both transparent and color composition, which improves the shade of the hair. Shining also provides short-lived results, the procedure has a cumulative effect.

Cauterization. The procedure is performed cold or hot, as a result of which the hair absorbs therapeutic compositions. At the end of the cauterization, they become lighter, more alive, and more moisturized. And now the brushing procedure is easy. To achieve the desired result, you should perform up to 5 procedures. Also, this service is much more expensive than the previous two.

Matted hair

Matted hair fix matted hairMatted hair is the mix of tangled as well as lost hairs braided in clumps or web-like tangles. They are more extreme than routine tangles.

How does it take place exactly?
Matted hair takes place when it has not been brushed to get rid of lost hair. Hair loss can make knots a number of times around affixed hair, develop a tangle, and also result in matted hair, otherwise, it results in getting rid of it. Some individuals are just prone to knotting while others might be dealing with a harmed hair follicle, which results in more rubbing of the raised follicles.

Does it need to be removed?
No, matted hair can be successfully detangled without cutting the hair. It takes persistence, work, and also the right tools, but it can be accomplished and finally serve your hair and your nerves from being damaged.

Just how to detangle it
While some might determine to look for a professional (hairstylist) to restore their matted hair, it can be done at home with a few tools as well as some perseverance.

STEP 1: Moisten your hair

Moisten your hair with a spray container of water, or briefly holding it under a shower or sink at low water stress. Most hair therapies are meant to be related to damp hair, however, if you let the hair be wet, it might be much more vulnerable to breakage.

STEP 2: Soften

Soften the matted strands by saturating hair with an excellent hair conditioner balm, oil, or moisturizing conditioner but never use hair shampoo as well as water only. This is not the moment to saturate it so intensively. Deep conditioners are wonderful at bringing back wetness to your hair and also making it much easier to untangle, while hair conditioner balm is indicated particularly to include even more slip to your hair.

Coconut oil, olive oil, or Moroccan argan oil can be used instead, and also may be particularly helpful for tangled hair. If you do not like the feeling of oil in your hair, you can try a hair detangling spray.

If you use a common conditioner, it will completely moisturize your hair within a couple of minutes. Coconut oil and also comparable oils should be left for at least thirty minutes for optimal impact, but no longer than 2 hours. Deep conditioners differ as it is revealed in the product packaging directions, but they are generally left for a minimum of an hour, and also might be left overnight in extreme cases.

ACTION 3: Pull apart the easiest knots with your fingers

Once the hair is wet, try to untangle the tangled hair parts. Tiny knots or loosened roots can in some cases be pulled right into smaller sized, having separated tangles from the root site of the knot, nearer to your scalp.

fix matted hair 2020 2021

ACTION 4: Brushing

A comb with strong, commonly spaced teeth is important for combing out severe tangles. Thin combs and brushes are most likely to fulfill excessive resistance, compelling you to either take out globs of hair or stop brushing.

Always brush tangled hair starting near the tangling completions. Place the comb a couple of inches (numerous centimeters) from the end of the twisted hair, and brush downward. Repeat until that section of hair is without tangles after that move the comb slightly higher up. Repeat up until the whole size of your hair is brushed. For lengthy or thick, severely matted hair, this might take an hour or even more.

If you have a delicate scalp, hold an area of your hair as you brush it. Remember that a part of the hair in the knot is alive, give the strands a half-twist to maintain the comb from drawing directly on your scalp. Brush this portion of hair under your hand, relocating your hold higher once the hair listed below it is efficiently untangled.

If the hair doesn’t get untangled despite all your efforts, you may need to thin it out. Open up a set of scissors as well as hold your hair tight with your various other hands. Run the bottom blade of the scissors along the underside of the mat, after that carefully tug at your hair to get rid of loose strands. Use a wide-toothed comb up until the tangles have been corrected. Switch over to a fine-toothed comb or a brush to get rid of any kind of tiny knots that might remain

fix matted hair

STEP 5: Rinse out your hair

Use any type of shampoo suitable for your hair and wash the hair completely as soon as your hair is untangled. If you have securely curled hair, and the serious tangles have separated enough to enable you to wash your hair, wash each strand of hair individually if it is necessary.

  Conclusion. How to keep hair from matting

Tangled hair is an unpleasant problem that brings regular discomfort. However, it is quite solvable. To eliminate it, you can use salon services, home folk methods, or specialized cosmetics.

  • Do detangle consistently to lower the chances of it happening, especially if you are prone to matting
  • Do not put off detangling, as it may become a much more laborious and harmful detangling session or matting
  • Do regular protein therapies to load the spaces in harmed cuticles, as this will lower rubbing, tangles, as well as matting
  • Do not keep procedures for any type longer than it is recommended.

Seven of secrets from the stylists they use to untangle the hair of their clients

Extension hair should only be untangled by hand so that the capsules are not damaged by a comb. If you can’t untangle your hair on your own, you’ll need to contact a hair care professional at a beauty salon.
To reduce the pain associated with untangling hair, hold the strand you are currently working with by hand. This will reduce the tension of the skin.
If your hair is very long, braid it in a braid before going to bed to avoid confusion.
When untangling your hair, you’ll need a few combs: a comb with the rarest teeth, a comb with more frequent teeth, and a scallop with smaller teeth. This way, you’ll gradually work through the weight of your hair and won’t miss a single knot!
If you need to untangle hair that’s tangled up in a round comb, do so by letting a small strand out of the edges of the comb. A spare method is to pull the teeth out of the comb with pliers.
Some forums on the internet suggest using mayonnaise to untangle your hair. We do not recommend this method: firstly, it is ineffective, and secondly, it is fraught with an unpleasant odor.
Instead of balm when untangling hair can be used folk remedies: coconut, olive or argan oil (the latter is especially effective on curly hair). But even here we do not advise you to try your luck – tangled hair should still be entrusted to professional formulas.

More useful tips to make brushing your hair easier, see the video


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