The ideas everyday hairstyles for shorthair 2021

With your own hands: the ideas of everyday hairstyles for short hair 

A short haircut is often chosen to give it minimal attention, time, and money. Hair of this length has many advantages: it is easier to fit into your hair, dries faster, holds the volume longer, and the consumption of bootie products for them is more economical than for long curls. The only thing that can be confusing about short hair is that there is not too much choice of styles available.

If your fantasy runs out in search of an interesting hairstyle, we offer photos of quick, simple but stylish ideas for every day. Any of them can easily be made at home, without the help of a stylist!

Quick hairstyles for short wavy hair

Curly hair has one characteristic feature that often spoils the life of its owners: it is inherently prone to dryness. The lack of moisture on short wavy hair is especially noticeable if you don’t pay at least minimal attention to your hair. We’ve picked out a few dull, casual options to make your hair look groomed every day, not just on holidays.

Beachy waves

Carelessly styled loose hair, as if you were just off the beach, is still one of the most trendy hairstyles. You have to keep in mind that just shredded hair has nothing to do with this fashion effect.
It’s gonna take a little work to create the last one:

  • Wash your head and lightly dry your hair naturally.
  • Apply the full length of the professional sea salt spray.
  • Whisk your hair slightly with your fingers and let it dry.

Hair straightening

If you have wavy hair, perfectly straight hair is an unusual way to style every day. To achieve this result, you will need a straightener for hair, thermal protection, and styling products.

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Heat protect and dry your washed hair.
  2. Brush your hair and secure the top strands of hair to the top of the head.
  3. Start with the lower strands. Grab the hair strand and run a straightener for hair, moving from root to end.
  4. Now do the same with the top “level” of hair.
  5. Secure your hair with nail polish.

Everyday hairstyle for short straight hair

If you are bored with the look of your hair and want to refresh your image, then it is time to expand the arsenal of styling. We offer you a couple of ideas for every day for short straight hair.

Making curls

It often happens that the owners of curly hair dream of perfectly smooth strands, and girls with straight hair, on the contrary, dream of curly hair. Create Hollywood waves on a short length, alas, will not be possible, but to complement the bob or pixie spectacular curls are not only possible but necessary!

Repeat after us:

1. Your hair must be clean and lightly dried.
2 Gently brush your hair thoroughly and apply a styling heat protector to your hair.
3. now you need to decide how you want to curl your hair – you can do this with a Curling Hair or a curler.
4. For quicker results, Curling Hair is the answer: start at the back of the head and twist one strand at a time. For tighter curls, take a Curling Hair diameter of up to 18 mm. Secure the hair with varnish.
5. If you prefer curlers, the order is as follows: Take a medium-thick strand, brush it, and twist it on the curler.
6. Repeat on other hair, then dry the head with a hairdryer or naturally.
7. When the hair is completely dry, remove the curlers and fix the result with a varnish.

In grunge style

It’s easy to create thoughtless negligence on short straight hair. How to do it in just five minutes is in our step-by-step instructions:

1. A prerequisite for the artistic mess on your head is the volume at the roots – without it, your hair will look too sleek.
2. Apply a detergent styling agent and dry the hair with a hairdryer by tilting the head down.
3. Now use your imagination boldly! Preheat a little palm wax in your palms, highlight the individual strands and styling them chaotically for a ruffled effect

Casual hairstyles for curly short hair

Arranging and controlling curly short hair is not easy. We’ve chosen two quick hairstyles to help discipline the naughty curls.

With a neck scarf on his head

For creative nature will fit a beautiful hairstyle in a bohemian style – the shawl on his head will create a very light and relaxed image. We create the hairstyle ourselves:

  1. Arrange the curly hair as you like, with an emphasis on the volume at the roots and the texture of the curls.
  2. Take a light handkerchief, wrap it around your head, tying the ends on the top – where the bezel is usually worn. Make a pair of these knots for reliability.
  3. Hide its protruding ends under the headscarf. If necessary, correct the creases of the handkerchief.
    You’ll find more ideas here.

The bundle for work and office

It’s a matter of a few minutes to make a bundle on long and medium hair. What if it’s shoulder-length hair? Let’s talk about it!

1. For a stylish and a little careless bundle you will need hairpins, hair elastic bands, styling products. And no hot styling!
2. Thoroughly brush wet hair.
3. For better results and volume, apply hair mousse to the root zone, dry naturally.
4. Remember: to prevent the strands from breaking out, a bundle of short hair is collected at the back of the head.
5. Collect the hair into a low ponytail, fix it with an elastic band.
6. Split the ponytail into several parts. Now each part should be wrapped in a loose tourniquet and fastened with studs at the base of the tail in random order.

Evening hairstyles for curly short hair

A romantic date or a noisy celebration is a great opportunity to change your hair and try to do something new on your head!

We use hairpins

Hairpins with bright stones, studs with flowers and other hair ornaments – a real must-have for short hair. It’s a win-win option when you need to add a touch of zest and do it in just a minute. For evening hairstyles do not hesitate to use the most unusual and most spectacular hairpins!

  • Create a root volume on your hair. To do this, spray a suitable thickening spray on the wet roots. For example, a thermal protection lotion.
  • Hairstyling with a hairdryer and brushing.
  • Pick up the hair strand and lock it with a hairpin.
  • Spray a strong nail polish on your hair to last it through the evening.
  • It’s done!

Greek hairstyle

Very feminine and graceful hairstyle in the Greek style. Many, however, believe that it can only be done on long hair. Hurry up to debunk this common myth – just follow our instructions, and everything will work out!

  • Apply mousse to hair for curly hair.
  • First of all, you need to wrap short wavy hair with tweezers at the ends upwards.
  • Now use a special elastic band for Greek hairstyle or a rim – wrap a few strands around the accessory, and the rest of the mass of hair a la creative mess.

Secure the result with hairspray!

A styling of men’s curly hair

To make a man’s haircut on curly hair look well-groomed, it is worth at least a couple of minutes a day to give hair styling.

  • Styling is better to apply to the slightly damp hair immediately after washing the hair – so the curls will be more accurate and textured.
  • Redken Brews Airstyling Gel is a great choice for a stronghold and healthy shine.
  • For a matte effect, it is better to use a clay styling agent such as Redken Brew’s lipstick clay.
  • For a surfer’s look, choose a styling style with mineral salts in it.
A styling of men's curly hair
A styling of men’s curly hair 2021