Absolute Zero: radical solution for men’s hairstyles 2021

Absolute Zero: Zero as a radical solution for men’s hairstyles. Men hairstyle 2020 2021

“0” haircut is a great way to change your look and forget about your morning styling problems. Are you ready for such a risky undertaking? Will a complete lack of hair suit you?  There are plenty of pros and cons to this solution, as well as a whole list of ‘contraindications’, so before you reach for the hairstyling machine, look at the less radical cutting options below. They may be the right ones for you!

bald-headed man “0” zero: peculiarities of the haircut to zero

It’s not just girls who sometimes want to make a radical image change. Many young people think about finally getting a brutal ultra-short haircut or shave off all their hair. That’s why stylists note the growing popularity of this minimalist image.

men hairstyle 2020 2021

A haircut at zero is called a haircut very conventionally, because, strictly speaking, after the machine work there is nothing left to cut. The goal is to completely bare the scalp, shaving off all the hair.

Cutting the bald head has already formed a very special image: such a hairstyle gives the maximum masculinity, helps to feel more confident, and emphasizes individuality. Stars such as David Beckham, Bruce Willis, and even Brad Pitt regularly use this opportunity at a young age. Would you like to join them?

Is it worth a haircut?

like any haircut, a “zero” hairstyle has its strengths and weaknesses. Let’s deal with them together!men hairstyle 2021 bald headed man

The advantages of cutting to zero can be attributed:

  • ease of care;
  • practicality;
  • special style;
  • emphasis on bright facial features;
  • the ability to solve hair loss problems;
  • brutality.

There are disadvantages to this haircut, too:

  • highlights the imperfect shape of the skull;
  • exposes the problem skin of the scalp;
  • needs regular maintenance;
  • can have the opposite – repulsive – effect.

Who needs a haircut at zero?

The haircut at zero, with its apparent simplicity, is very complicated, because of the accent. It highlights many things that used to mask hair, and it can be both the advantages of appearance and its imperfections.

bald headed man 2020 2021

Decide to cut your hair bald if:

  • you’ve already tried a very short haircut, and it suits you;
  • you’re happy with your face and you don’t want to hide anything;
  • you have expressive eyes that you’d like to emphasize;
  • your wardrobe matches your brutal haircut, or you plan to change it after visiting the stylist.

It’s not worth the risk if:

  • you know that your skull is markedly irregular. It may be invisible under the hair, but it will become apparent after shaving;
  • you have problematic scalp (redness, peeling, bright pigment spots);
  • you’re not ready to refresh your haircut every two weeks;
  • a naked haircut doesn’t fit your wardrobe and lifestyle.

Inspiration: photo with ideas for men’s haircut at zero

There don’t seem to be many cutting options at zero. Honestly, most people think there’s only one option. Not at all! And here you can show your individuality by choosing a haircut that’s right for you.


The geometric ultra-short haircut assumes that most of the head surface will be shaved, but some areas remain covered with several millimeters of hair. Thus the shaved and unshaven areas are combined in various geometrical figures which can not only add an image of style but also solve many problems with proportions of a face or problem zones on a scalp. There are many variants!

trendy mens haircuts 2021 men's hairstyles

Drawings and tattoos

If monotony makes you sad, pay attention to the cool drawings, which can be done with a combination of shaved and unshaven areas, as well as tattoos – the main trend of recent years. This is also a good way to stand out from the crowd, but also to realize your dream of a haircut by hiding the small imperfections of the skin under the intricate pattern. By the way, hair design is popular this year and is not going to give up positions, but the picture has changed: it has moved from trayball to more unique and authorial.

trendy mens haircuts 2021 2020 men's hairstyles baldheading

Absolute Zero

The very “one and only” – and in fact just the basic – version of the cut at zero, which shaves the entire surface of the scalp. Stylish, practical, brutal – what else can you say?

men hairstyle 2021

How to get a haircut to zero: the execution technique

Zero cutting is done with a conventional clipper without a nozzle or with a low nozzle. In addition, you’ll need a handy mirror at the front and back, and at least half an hour to get it done. Many people doubt if they can get their hair cut to zero on their own. In general, there is nothing complicated about it, but if you are quickly losing patience and are not used to hard work, it is better to turn to a professional. In the future, you can maintain your haircut yourself – it will be much less time-consuming and less effort-consuming than the very first shave.

Skincare for bald men

Baldness on the head is about as sensitive as the skin on the face, so it is recommended to take care of it with the same products – moisturizing, nourishing, cleansing – as you use for the face. However, alcoholic cleansers are not suitable for baldness – they have too strong an irritant property. If baldness is too shiny and you feel uncomfortable with it, use a cleanser with a soft hair gel that will remove shine.