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If parents notice that children’s hair is brittle, dry, and grows slowly, it is worth reconsidering the diet. As a rule, this indicates a lack of products containing a group of vitamins B, C, A, E. Child nutrition should be varied, so the body can extract from the products the number of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins it needs. So how to choose the right foods with healthy vitamins?happy children

What products do you need?

Vitamins for children’s hair are very important, so it is very important that the child’s daily diet is complete and varied. Dairy products, liver, green salads, eggs, broccoli, black currants contain vitamin B2 – riboflavin. Nuts, beef liver, potatoes, peas, egg yolks, whole grain bread contain B3, B8, B10. In hard cheese, cottage cheese, yeast – B9. In chicken meat, egg yolk, cauliflower, green vegetables – B5, pantheon. In buckwheat, oatmeal, milk, bananas, potatoes, walnuts, soybeans, unpolished rice, beef liver, grapefruit, raisins, melon – B6.

Vitamins for children's hair
Vitamins for children’s hair

Vitamin C contains all citrus fruits, blackcurrants, rose hips, white cabbage, cauliflower, red cabbage, kiwi, bell peppers, and sea buckthorn. In fish, chicken and beef liver, butter, cheese, dairy products, cottage cheese, carrots, sea buckthorn – vitamin A, retinol. Seeds, paprika, almonds, pine nuts, apricots, spinach are high in E-vitamin.

A child who has not yet turned 1 year can be gradually introduced into the diet of fish dishes. Fish is rich in phosphorus, which promotes the absorption of calcium in children. And the calcium in turn is directly involved in the formation of hair. By the way, hair can also grow badly because of insufficient amounts of vitamin D. Lack of this vitamin in the body of the baby is very easy to make up for, just walk more often on sunny days in the fresh air.

Alternative to natural products

There is an alternative to natural vitamins – vitamins of synthetic origin. After all, not always a balanced diet can provide children with the most essential vitamins and minerals. In this situation, a specially formulated complex of vitamins A, B, C, E will come to the rescue, thanks to which the hair will grow and regenerate better.

Vitamins for hair for children can be started only after consulting a doctor. It is worth noting that taking most of these vitamin complexes is allowed for children from the age of 12 years and adults. But there are a number of vitamins that are designed for younger children.

The vitamins for kids from

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The best multivitamins for kids from

  1. GummiKing, Multi-Vitamin & Mineral – Balanced composition and low price
  2. Nature’s Way, Alive – Best lineup
  3. Solgar, U-Cubes – The most natural composition

The best vitamin D3 supplements for kids from

  1. California Gold Nutrition – The most popular vitamin D3 preparation from IHERB
  2. ChildLife – Economical consumption and neutral taste
  3. Ddrops, Booster – One drug for children and adults

The best vitamin C supplements for kids from

  1. ChildLife, Essentials – The best vitamin C according to buyers from
  2. Nature’S Plus, Source of Life  – The best dosage
  3. Zarbee’s, Baby – Balanced composition
  4. Hyland’s, Baby – The best option
  5. Hero Nutritional Products – Successful combination of vitamin C, echinacea, and zinc

Parents take note!

In any case, before you start taking vitamin complexes of synthetic origin to your child, you should consult a pediatrician. After all, we all know that at first glance innocuous pharmacy drugs have contraindications, synthetic vitamins for children are no exception. It is very important to consider the age category of the child when choosing a drug. If the child is allergic, you need to choose vitamins only after consulting with your doctor.

And remember that a direct indication for receiving synthetic vitamin complexes is an insufficient amount of certain substances in children’s bodies. And this is determined by the doctor, not the child’s mother. By the way, it is possible that a child is not tolerant of any of the individual components of the drug. On this basis, carefully read the instructions and the vitamin composition, before giving it to your baby.

And one more thing, dear parents, do not get upset that your child did not become the owner of luxurious hair! You can not cheat nature. Just love your baby no matter what. The main thing is that children grow up healthy and in love.

top vitamins for children 2021
top vitamins for children 2021