How long does it take for hair to grow back

Healthy long hair remains an unfulfilled dream for many. Problems of dryness, fragility, loss of hair – all this prevents you from growing hair. Knowing your hair’s basic needs and taking your hair into account will help you achieve shiny and healthy strands. The worst thing that affects hair is stress and poor nutrition. The strangest thing is that the fewer different hair manipulations (except for cutting), the healthier your hair is. Stress, coloring, hairdryer, ironing and bad nutrition are the things that kill the hair.

Hair outgrows little pockets in your skin called hair follicles. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, there have to do with 5 million hair follicles on the body, consisting of roughly 100,000 on the scalp. Each strand of hair grows in three stages:

  • Anagen. This active growth phase of hair lasts between two and eight years.
  • Catagen. This transition phase takes place when the hair stops growing, which lasts about four to six weeks
  • Telogen. The resting phase occurs when the hair falls out, which lasts two to three months

The vast majority of hair follicles on the scalp are in the anagen phase, while only 5 to 10 percent of trusted sources are in the telogen phase.

On other parts of the body, the process is the same, except the cycle only lasts for about a month. This is why the hair on the body is shorter than the hair on the scalp.

Age, genes, hormonal agents, thyroid problems, drugs, and also autoimmune conditions can all trigger hair loss. If, and exactly how quickly, your hair grows back after hair loss will depend upon the underlying root cause of your hair loss.

The hair on your head grows about a half-inch per month or 6 inches per year. In this article, I will tell my story about hair restoration after a short haircut for 2 years.

Three years ago, I had a bad haircut. My hair was ruined by hair ironing, dyeing and drying the hairdryer. My long curls left three hairs… And that’s what I’ve been doing for two years to fix it.

  • I started getting regular haircuts. At first once a month. It took longer than that, the tips couldn’t stand, they split at once. I cut with regular scissors and a year later switched to cutting with harnesses. In contrast to the usual, it removes the cross-section along the entire length and the hair looks flat, very healthy cloth, which is almost unattainable by masks if there is already such a problem. 2-3 hours of cutting with harnesses make your hair look as if you had been masked for 2-3 years. The main and most difficult thing is to find a master who will not regret his time and will really spend these 2-3 hours on you.
  •  I’ve done a lot of work for hair growth. One of the most effective means for me was nicotinic acid. I did a few courses and used it for 1 year. During this time I grew my hair very well. But the care I selected at that time was not good at maintaining the quality of my hair. I did not have my favorite brands yet, the care was fragmented. I experimented a lot and looked for “my” products.
    Very often, I combined growth masks and tonic products with vitamins and tried to combine these courses. I really liked the vitamins, their composition: beer yeast, Echinacea extract, green tea extract, taurine, methionine, grape seed extract, quercetin, zinc asparagine, biotin, lactose or glucose or starch, MCC, magnesium stearate. These are vitamins that I liked very much and very much the composition, and my hair grew well, and the reaction of the body – there was no nausea, no pain in the stomach. If you find something similar in composition, try it)).
    I also drank one month’s worth of perfection. I was very satisfied with it too, but it is difficult to take it – you must eat very tightly. That is, with some eggs and juice, + a sandwich with oil and tea – he did not roll me, my stomach after 30 minutes grabbed strongly. It helps me drink it with milk. Vitamins should only be drunk with water, because other liquids may contain something that will destroy some vitamins or minerals from the capsule. Milk is the same story, it is possible that it prevents something from being absorbed, but the result is still there and no pain.
    beer yeastI’m very fond of tonic vitamins. They give me mad growth, but on the whole, I feel better from them and that’s why I distinguish them from the multitude.
    And the Bud that I’ve had in 3.4-5 years is beer yeast. I drink them very often and I love them very much. You have to drink 1-2 liters of water if you drink beer yeast and especially if you drink it as often as I do – otherwise, there will be deposits of salts in your kidneys.
  • As time went by, I began to attach great importance to nutrition. I tried to calculate how many calories I eat per day… and it turned out that I could be propaganda for anorexics. I eat very often, but I eat small portions and in general…
    Approximate diet:
    Usually in the morning after cereal, if I’m still at home after 1-2 hours, I have breakfast eggs. For lunch, I can eat soup, meat or fish with side dishes. For dinner: meat, side dishes and vegetable salad or seafood with rice. During the day I eat: nuts, dried fruits, drink water. And that’s all I’ve always got at 800-1000 calories. But I make sure that I have enough proteins in my diet. Proteins are building material for hair, and if they’re not enough, your hair won’t grow fast no matter what you smear it with.

BreakfastBreakfast is very important to me. In the morning the body spends a lot of energy and if it’s not in the food, it spends it from its own resources. And the fact that you eat tight in the evening, he doesn’t really need it anymore. The processes stop, and the food gets worse digested. It’s just the fat that’s put off.

In the process of growing my hair, I managed to grow my hair color and get my hair color back on.
Without ammonium dye, it’s like not spinning – it washes away faster than ammonium dye, ammonium dries.
For me, care and growth products are very closely linked. Hair can grow very quickly, but if it does and spoils quickly, there is no result. With good care, you don’t even have to worry about growth, as it’s still going to be anyway, and everything that grows will remain at its best.
That’s why in this post where you can seem to just list everything for growth – I make such deviations as nutrition and care.
Even when buying a new product, I’ve learned to look at the formulations and understand them – and I clearly understand what I’m taking and what roughly the effect will be.


Pay attention to the composition of your hair products.

There are certain ingredients that guarantee healthy skin and hair growth.

  • Peppermint is a growth stimulant. Research has shown that peppermint oil increases follicle count, follicle depth and overall hair growth.
  • sesame oil accelerates hair growth. It also improves blood circulation in the scalp, provides nourishment of hair rods and follicles.
  • Coconut oil helps your hair grow healthier, thicker and longer.Oil-Natural
  • Vitamins and fatty acids help nourish the scalp and penetrate the hair cuticle
  • Wheat germ oil contains fatty acids, it restores damaged hair and prevents hair loss.
  • Amla contains vitamin C, vitamin A, polyphenols, amino acids, proteins, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron. Amla is well known in ancient Oriental medicine and is widely used in many countries to improve the health of hair and scalp. One study showed that Amla oil was a powerful inhibitor of 5-alpha-reductase (as well as anti-freeze drugs).
  • rosemary is on the list because of its ability to improve cell formation. It enhances hair growth and improves blood circulation in the scalp.