Man Bun

Man Bun hairstyle: what is a man’s bundle?

It turns out that the bundle is worn not only by women but also by the strong half of humanity! Talk about the hairstyle of Man Bun, its varieties, styling methods, and everything that needs to be known to those who have decided on it.

Man Bun Hair Features

Man Bun Hairstyle
Man Bun Hairstyle 2021

Long hair isn’t manly? No, it’s not! At least girls don’t think so, and it’s men who try to look flawless for them. Otherwise, how do you explain the rabid popularity of Brad Pitt, Jared Leto, and Hugh Jackman?

If you translate the name of the hairstyle literally, it’s just a man’s bundle. The name perfectly characterizes the hairstyle that’s built on it. But the location of the beam, its volume, and everything around it can be different, depending on the variation of the hairstyle and styling. But the main thing is that the bundle must be!

Historians of hairdresser’s fashion offer different versions of the origin of this styling. However, the most plausible seems the idea that men at some point had to remove hair from the face, so that they do not interfere, and it turned out this is a simple knot. And the framing of this element then came up with stylists – what good to lose, right?

trendy mens haircuts 2021
trendy men’s haircuts 2021

Pluses Man Bun

Style: unlike the traditional short haircut, the bundle will help to express its individuality and add an image of uniqueness.
Practical: If you want to grow your hair more genuinely, but don’t blow it out of your face every three minutes, the male bundle is yours.
The simplicity of styling: a bit of skill, and you will learn to build a bundle with one hand, the second starting the coffee machine immediately after waking up. No, really, it’s incredibly easy.
The ability to disguise imperfections: you can grow hair on the top and back of the head if it starts to cut. Man Bun will gorgeously drape anything that people shouldn’t notice.

Minuses of Man Bun

Perhaps the drawback of this hairstyle is only one: the male bundle is difficult to combine with a business suit and is unlikely to fit the strict requirements of the dress code at work. Although…

Trends for this hairstyle 2020-2021

Full Man Bun

man bun 2021
man bun 2021

A spectacular classic that doesn’t tolerate halftones. The length of the hair should be the same across the whole surface of the head and enough to make a good bundle just above the back of the head. Many stylists recommend wearing this hairstyle with a thick beard to balance out the proportions. However, if you have a pronounced lower jaw, a beard is not necessary.

Low Man Bun

low man bun 2021
low man bun 2021

A slightly more restrained version of the beam compared to the classical one. Such a bundle is made on the back of the head from below, tightens not tight. It is a good idea for those who do not want to attract attention to themselves, and also for owners of curly hair, on which the low beam looks the most natural and organic.

Top Knot

topknot trendy mens haircuts 2021
topknot trendy men’s haircuts 2021

Another type of Man Bun is a Top Knot. The variant is very bright and expressive, a choice for the daring spirit. The top strands are elongated, combed back, and gathered in a small tail above the back of the head. The bottom and side strands are cut ultra short. The quintessence of style!

Man Bun “pineapple”

Man Bun "pineapple"
Man Bun “pineapple” 2021

The funniest variation for those who like to mix reality and laugh with it. In this version, hair is collected into a short ponytail on top.

Who’s Man Bun for?

Man Bun
Man Bun

With a variety of hairstyles, Man Bun suits almost everyone! We asked SalonSecret’s stylists for recommendations on this style based on the type of face and style of the garment.

By the type of face

Oval face: Any styling will look good here. Man Bun is no exception: this hairstyle will only accentuate the right proportions and add a stylish twist to the image.
Round face: the classic Man Bun or its variation with the shaved temple is a good choice for round faces. This hairstyle will visually stretch out the proportions.
Square or rectangular face: the best choice is classic or low Man Bun, as the main task here is to soften sharp features.
Triangular face: it is recommended to give preference to a low Man Bun, which will shift the emphasis on the lower face and add volume to it.

In wardrobe style

Man Bun 2021 2022
Man Bun 2021

Cajual: Don’t say no to yourself! Any variation of Man Bun will look organic.
Classic Style: As we mentioned above, the male bundle does not fit well with a business suit. It’s better not to take any chances.
Sport Style: shaved temple and a neat tail on the back of the head – why not?

How to Get a Man Bun haircut with the shaved temple?

In this section, we will discuss in more detail the technique of creating the Top Knot variation. Let’s mention at once: the performance of this haircut can be attributed to the category of medium complexity, so it is better to go to the salon and trust a professional. But if you are determined to make Top Knot yourself, use the recommendations of our stylists.

How long does it take to grow hair?

Top Knot variation trendy mens haircuts 2021
Top Knot variation trendy men’s haircuts 2021

The main feature of this variation of the Man Bun hairstyle is the elongated strands at the front and top. It takes two to five months to grow the necessary length, depending on the original.

How do you shave temple the back of your head?

Arm yourself with scissors and a clipper before you start working.

Separate the area where your hair will remain long and bundle it up.
Cut the extra length on the back of the head and the temples with scissors.
Use the machine to select the temple and the back of the head, moving upwards against the hair growth.
Make sure that the lines between the zones are even while shaving.

Top Knot variation trendy mens haircuts
Top Knot variation trendy men’s haircuts

How do I tie a bundle (tail)?

Apply a little mousse or laying gel to the long strands before drying.
Dry your hair with a hairdryer or let it dry on its own by periodically combing it backward.
Take a small, sturdy elastic band and make a small ponytail or bundle at the border of the top and back of the head.

How do you take care of Man Bun?

To ensure that your hair looks flawless, it is important to visit the salon at least every three to four weeks to refresh your hair and also to ensure that your hair is cared for properly.

Remember to use conditioner regularly to keep your hair soft and easy to style.
At night, open a ponytail or bundle so that your hair doesn’t get caught where the elastic band intercepts it.
Give up the habit of walking through your hair with your hand every now and then so that it gets dirty faster.
Choose quality hair gums-those ones that don’t tear the hair from its root when you remove it.

Hairstyling Man Bun

Each type of Man Bun hairstyle requires a different approach to styling. We’ll look at the most popular styles and tell you what you can do with a five-point styling experience.


Dry the hair and form a bundle at the back of the head
Dry the hair and form a bundle at the back of the head

To make a classic Man Bun look flawless, apply a little mousse or volume gel to the hair roots before drying with a hairdryer. Dry the hair and form a bundle at the back of the head.

Low Man Bun

man bun
man bun

This variation requires even more pronounced volume and yet naturalness. Apply mousse or styling gel to the roots of your hair and then dry the hair by tilting your head down. Then form a loose low bundle with a few strands loose, making it look like it was an accident.

Top Knot

Top-knot-man-bun 2021
Top-knot-man-bun 2021

The styling gel will help to discipline the top long strands, and a little wax applied to the tips of your fingers – make the tail not to stick out, neater. The good news is that you won’t need a special volume here, so you don’t need to dry your hair head down.

Consider some more hairstyle ideas Top Knot

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