how to cut baby boy hair

How to make baby hair grow faster

Do you think it might be easier to take care of a child’s hair?
His hair is soft, lively, loose, and thin. It has no clear prints, has colored, structural, stylish, and other fashion trends. Children’s hairstyle is a pure white canvas, the beginning of the little lady’s story!

The speed of hair growth in children’s hair is individual and determined by the following factors

You don’t have to worry about your children growing slower than their peers! These are the main hormones that affect their growth. Their hormone cycle changes and their hair starts to grow faster or slower.

One child was born completely bald. How the hair will grow when the baby grows up.

Change at the beginning of the month. The cannon that covers the head from birth, convex, and in its place appears new hair, harder and sometimes a different color.

The impossible is possible?

Hair is most often worried about girls’ moms. I want to show you as early as possible to color the head with little beauty bright bows, hairpins, and rubber bands.

This is where you want to cool your mommy’s fervor right away. Use the whole arsenal of therapeutic and cosmetic products, massages, and recipes of Grandma.

Hair is mainly caused by heredity, and it is difficult to fight it.

But nothing is impossible. Let’s work out together how to help Mother Nature.

Balanced nutrition

Hair is a mirror image of the general state of the body. For good hair growth baby important vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and calcium. Hair consists of 70% protein, so it is necessary to increase the intake of protein products for breastfeeding mothers.

Beta-carotene is also needed to improve hair quality. It is rich in pumpkins, carrots, fruits, and vegetables in oranges. Products with folic acid are very useful: spinach, cabbage, sorrel, types of salads.

An important role is played by omega-3 fatty acids, which are a lot in fish oil, walnuts, salmon. 4-6 months should be as balanced as possible. And in the winter-spring period, it is good to take vitamin complex as a supplement to a healthy diet.

Proper care of children’s hairhow to cut baby boy hair

  • One of the most important aspects of hair care is washing your hair. Pay special attention to the composition of children’s shampoos. Give preference to well-known, proven brands rather than unknown manufacturers, and even better, don’t be lazy to study the formulation every time. Children’s shampoos should not contain strong perfumes, synthetics, dyes, and preservatives. Choose shampoos without tears;
  • Gentle massage of a child’s head is good for hair growth. The flow of blood to the head that occurs during the massage strengthens the hair follicles and thus stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss. In addition, a gentle scalp massage will help your baby relieve tension, relax and make him sleep easier;
  • If your girl’s hair is growing fast enough, remember to cut her tips every 6-8 weeks. Healthy hair grows much faster than cut ends;

Proper care of children’s hair

  • At this tender age, do not dry your child’s hair. They don’t need this stress at all. Also, minimize the use of hairpins, hairpins, especially with sharp edges. No hard rubber bands, flat stripes, hairspray, or ironing! Take your time, moms, all in good time!
  • When choosing a hairbrush, choose your child’s hair type. If your child’s hair is curly, it is better not to use a massage brush – buy a seamless comb with wide teeth. Metal brushes are also unacceptable and can damage the scaly layer of hair, which can lead to brittleness, fragility, and slow growth;
  • Use natural herbs and oils to care for children’s hair. Excellent results can be achieved by rinsing your child’s head with decoctions of air root, burdock, nettle, chamomile. In addition, there is such a wonderful hair care product as turnip oil. It enriches the skin with beneficial natural substances, helps strengthen and grow hair. Such an effect you will not achieve with the most expensive chemical compositions. Simply rub a small amount of stubble oil into the roots of your hair, wrap your child’s head in a diaper or towel and leave it for a while. After that, wash your child’s head the usual way.

Some physiological features

What if you noticed that the baby’s hair started to fall out a lot?

This condition is not natural for the child and maybe a sign of diseases such as various viral infections and signs of hormonal disorders.

Sometimes the hairs on the back of the baby’s head are wiped. If you find that your child is very shaken up, you should consult a pediatrician as these symptoms may indicate a vitamin D deficiency in the body.

Also, the air will become too dry or new hair care products will be used.

Note that if you have any doubts, you should see a doctor.

The development of children is different at different times, and the same applies to hair. If you have a problem with your child’s growth, your doctor will look at your family’s history and definitely the reason.