Fashionable Hair Coloring 2021: views and techniques

The beauty of every woman begins with amazing hair.

Each new season brings us new trends in clothing, cosmetics, and hair coloring. Every year, colorists invent something new in the world of bright colors. New dyeing techniques appear, and some, on the contrary, become obsolete, but there are error-free options. We have collected the most popular dyeing techniques, which will probably never go out of fashion. In 2020 2021, naturalness and sophisticated hair dyeing techniques are still in fashion, such as:

  • Balayage;
  • AirTouch;
  • Shatouchet technique;
  • Booking and blinding;
  • Coloring;
  • One-tone staining.

It is very difficult to dye your hair at home and get the desired shade. Colouring is not something you can achieve at home as a layperson or with no experience in hair coloring. Hair coloring should be done by a master who you trust 100%. Take a closer look at the colorist’s portfolio and accounts on Instagram and Youtube. First, schedule a consultation, bring your favorite photos. Choosing the right shade depends on your skin tone (warm or cool) and your personal preferences: some prefer warm tones, others try to achieve noble cold shades. If you choose the right shade, it should refresh your face and make it younger.

Light glare is a must-have trend, suitable for all-natural hair. Remember that solid hair color is always lost when compared to modern dimensional color solutions.

Coloring the Balayage: ideas 2020 – 2021 

The Balayage dyeing technique is the top dyeing technique in the world. In some salons, almost 90% of the painting work is different types of Balayage! The beauty of dying is that color fits very smoothly into your natural hair color.

Balayage dyeing is a hair dyeing technique in which the clarifier or color is applied in small triangular areas (letter V) of the hair by hand, traditionally using a brush, i.e. the work completely depends on the skill of the colorist. The result is very beautiful natural highlights, lighter at the ends, and softer to the roots of the hair.

This technique first appeared in Paris and was called “Balayage à Coton” because the colorists used (and some still use) cotton stripes to isolate colored threads from untouched hair.

Balayage is an excellent contour correction technique for the face. Stylists use lighter colors, where greater width is needed, darker – to reduce it:

  • Round and square faces benefit from light tones around the hair growth line.
  • To soften corners, stylists often highlight hair on the jawline and temples.
  • A long face in the form of deeper darker roots, lighter stripes above the ears, and at the ends.
  • Heart faces look more balanced with darker roots, and highlights stand out beneath the jawline.

Balayage is popular not only because it looks mega stylish and delightful, but also because it is easy to maintain. Balayage does not need to be updated every few weeks, to be honest, it looks more beautiful when it grows back a little. Some people wear Balayage from 5 to 10 months.

Balayage 2020 Trends

1. Honey Balayage – suitable for brown and dark hair.
2. Caramel Balayage – suitable for brunettes and black-haired beauties. Caramel glare, in particular, has a natural color.
3. Strawberry blonde Balayage is a trend of 2020, this blend of colors fascinates with its beauty, suitable for brown and brown hair.
4. Balayage Chocolate Ashes – a combination of chocolate and light shades to highlight the texture of curly hair and create the illusion of light reflecting from your curls.

Balayage – it’s not just a trend, it’s a very successful technique. The best stylists predict that it will never go out of fashion.

Trendy сoloring: АirTouch ideas 2020 – 2021 

AirTouch dyeing is an interesting technique of hair lightening, you might even say gently. Coloring is done with a hairdryer, blowing out part of the hair. All hair is divided into zones and from each zone is taken a thin strand and blown with a hairdryer, so that from each of the strands left about 30-50% of the original volume to remove all the short and weak hair. The thinner the separation strands, the better the quality of the lighting. Those hairs that remain in the hands are to be dyed, with the roots 3-5 cm away, because the roots remain dark.

АirTouch adds depth and dimension to the color of your hair, making the beauty of natural color shine through. The АirTouch dyeing technique is suitable for light, brown and dark hair, different lengths and structures, even curly and curly. Such coloring does not require frequent correction.

Hair dyeing with Shatouche technique

If you usually like the color of your hair but want to add depth, dimensionality, and a trendy look to it, you’ll probably choose the coat of arms dyeing technique. Shatush will give your hair a sunny kiss, a natural look, or soft color transitions.

A shade is a smooth transition from darker to lighter shades at the ends, with the roots not affected during coloring and the ends traditionally lightened and tinted to the desired shade if desired. During coloring, the hair is divided into zones, and then a thin strand of hair is taken from each zone and the master starts combing, i.e. all small hair is combed and remains long, and dye is applied to it, somewhere in the middle of the strand and stewed up and down to the tips. In this type of dyeing it is very important to make the right stitching, the smoother the transition, the better the master’s work.

Shatush is the most versatile coloring that fits any hair structure (curly, straight) and can be matched to any skin tone. Curly hair perfectly shows all shades mixed together, while straight hair strands show the subtleties of the shades and provide a beautiful picture.

In coattail technique, individuality is important for each customer – colors are blended individually, the width of the lighter strands, and their arrangement are chosen by the master to give the contour and correct facial frame. With staining shadhoushas it is possible to walk up to 6 months without correction, or even longer.

Hair bronzing and blonding: ideas 2020 – 2021 

Browning and blonding – is the application of special technologies of melting and multicolor coloring of hair with the help of which the most natural effect of a soft shade of colors is achieved.

Browning is another popular colorant for brunettes who want to refresh their natural hair color. The trend towards chestnut blonde hair originated from the current tendency to mix several colors at the same time during coloring. The brown looks great on long and short strands and is equally perfect for women with dark and light brown basic hair colors.

If you have dark hair, consider brown, caramel, chocolate, and brown highlights. For a more daring effect, try the colorful stripes. A lot depends on your skin tone and eye color. A good colorist will take all these factors into account.

If your basic hair color is light, the best option for you is light blond shades. Hair blonding involves a soft combination of brown and white, resulting in very beautiful natural transitions, soft warm shades, and very deep hair colors. For example, a combination of ash and caramel blond or honey and milk.

Hair Coloring: Fashion Trend 2020 2021 

Coloring is the most popular type of coloring among Hollywood celebrities, it is the absolute trend of 2020. It is hair dyeing in several shades close to natural. Coloring gives an unreal glow to the hair, with its help you can visually hide flaws and highlight the advantages of appearance, adjust the oval face. Coloring is one of the most difficult types of coloring and the final result depends on the professionalism of the master. The use of different colors is great for adding layers to the hair color and can help create the illusion of volume for fine hair.

Hair dyeing in SOmbre technique

The Sombre dyeing is a softer version of the ombre, which came to replace it in 2020. The contrast between roots and hair tip color is only a shade or two, so the color looks smoother and more natural. This style is very easy to care for and does not require frequent visits to the master.

The rational choice of hair color depends heavily on the natural color of your hair and partly on, but is not limited to, its length. A sombre is ideal for showing a gentle transition from a darker shade to a lighter one. This technique looks more natural than ombre.

Trendy blond dyeing 2020

Being blonde is hard and it’s a fact that doesn’t even make sense to challenge, but if you have a proven master to whom you can trust your hair, then being blonde is not that difficult. Firstly, during coloring, the master uses special products to protect and reconstruct your hair, and secondly, you should periodically visit the master for restoring salon treatments that he will choose for you based on the condition of your hair. And third, the master will choose you a special home care and give you valuable guidance.

In the wide palette of blonde you can find a shade suitable for almost everyone, in the season 2020 there is a large selection of light shades:

  1. Platinum blond – very blonde hair, almost devoid of color, is an interesting choice of hair color for women with cool skin tones. Platinum blonde hair (vanilla ice cream) has made a real splash this season!
  2.  Honey blonde is a golden hue that looks the most natural in the blonde palette. It is a universal shade that suits absolutely everyone (dark and light skin, blue, green and brown eyes).
  3. Caramel blond is one of the most popular blond shades in 2020, it allows the hair to look natural and attractive.
  4. Golden blonde is one of the most popular shades, which has not lost its relevance for many years, as it looks very stylish and luxurious.
  5. Dairy blonde – suitable for owners of light skin, it is excellent for monochrome dying.
  6. Pink strawberry blond – great for girls with brown eyes and dark skin. Pink blond is well combined with Balayage, sombre or coloring.

You must update your coloring on a regular basis to remain attractive and feminine.

Platinum blond 2021 2020

Fashionable hair dyeing for brunettes: photo 2020 2021

Brunettes are quite bright from nature, so they can enjoy a variety of short, medium, and long hair in their natural color. At the same time, experimenting with the shades of chestnut hair is a great joy. Chocolate brown hair is the absolute hit of recent seasons and the year 2020 is no exception.

Stylish chocolate shades remain a trend from season to season. The palette of chocolate shades ranges from milk chocolate with warm red notes to cool bittersweet. We usually attribute all the sweet and delicious brown colors to chocolate, such as mocha, hot cocoa, brown truffle, chocolate cherry, brown sugar, espresso, sweet cola.

Fashionable Hair Coloring: photo of the novelty 2020

Lighter and darker, cooler, and warmer shades blend so skillfully that we can enjoy a whole range of new hair colors from which you can choose unrealistically beautiful and fashionable shades. The photo gallery below will help you understand in which direction you want to go – darker or lighter, warmer or cooler, softer or brighter. We offer you the best photos of the latest fashionable hair coloring 2020 2021: