haircut 2021

The trend in 2020-2021: what kind of women’s haircut will we wear this year?

Are you afraid that the new year will bring something that doesn’t suit you? Stop panicking! stylists have broken down the fashion trends for 2020 by shelves so that each of us can find something that suits her and stay in the trend!

What do we expect from 2020-2021?

Many are anxiously waiting for the first reviews of the trendy novelties of the coming year. And all because fashion sometimes changes for the worst from season to season (good thing it’s always for a while!)

In addition, fashion trends often dictate some wild requirements for the laying of curls. For example, in order to maintain a particular haircut, we are offered to spend an hour per day with a hairdryer and use liters of styling to record the result of our own work.

Nothing like this is expected in 2020-2021: you can exhale and gladly study the list of proposed solutions. There are definitely a few very successful hairstyles that look great but also help to save laying time. We know that many of you will enjoy the same passion for simplicity and naturalness – you won’t have to give it up yet. However, there are a few surprises for fans of both short and long hairstyles.haircut 2020 2021

Innovations and trends for 2020-2021 in women’s hairstyles

Before talking about different hair lengths, let’s look at the list of general requirements for all haircuts in 2020-2021.

So, we have to strive for:

naturalness: natural volume, light curls, beautiful and clear cut lines;
conciseness: less detail, more freedom;
irregularities: filleting, torn edges, staggered, multilayer, cascade;
curls: go from perfectly smooth hair to light “beach” carelessness;
Airiness: abandon a lot of styling products, strive for well-groomed hair without unnecessary “cosmetics”.

We have to avoid:

strict contours, geometricity;
“hard” styling with plenty of styling;
ultra-short bangs;
“screaming”, kitschy haircut and coloring motifs;
unnaturally smooth styling.

Sounds good so far, doesn’t it? As part of the stated requirements for fashion cuts, almost everyone will be able to find something that suits their taste and state of mind. And to make it easier to navigate, we have picked up a few haircuts, which will be in trend in 2020-2021, for different lengths of hair!

The most stylish cuts for women – 2020-2021 for short hair

If you are also a fan of short hairstyles, welcome to our selection of ultra-modern hairstyles!

Jagged-stranded Bob

2020 makes a familiar bob even less conservative! This haircut did not have any classic features, and now it can claim to be the most defiant hairstyle. Why? All because of the uneven edges, which are getting bigger and bigger.

Asymmetric pixie version

The Pixie doesn’t lose any of its previous positions: the haircut, already not too symmetrical and correct, tends even more to well-organized chaos – including bangs!


Very, very minimalist garçon

Do you want to look ultra-fashionable? Choose an ultra-short garçon! In 2020, the trend will be a version of a haircut without bangs that covers the forehead. By the way, an incredibly fashionable version of dyeing an ultra-short garçon in 2020 will be a silver-gray palette.

Haircut of the graduated bob with a bright accent

If you don’t have to wear stiff suits, decide on this eclecticism: a traditional carpet with a figure-shaved area above the ear. You will instantly feel on the crest of a fashion wave!

4 ideas for women’s medium-length haircuts

The average length is perfect! The curls can be worn loose (and it will be convenient) or can be assembled into a discreet or romantic hairstyle. What will stylists offer next year?

Bob with choppy bangs

The classic comes back to us updated: a standard bob gets uneven outlines, and the bangs are only made thick and only torn. Strange as it may seem, this variation of a bob goes for almost everyone, regardless of age and style of clothing.

Layers haircut

Layers haircut is a good solution for owners of thin hair, which can hardly hold the volume. Thanks to a special cutting technique, the cascade helps to lift the curls at the roots and make your hair lusher. In 2020, additional feather strands have been added to the classic contours of the hairstyle, making it even easier to cut visually.

Avrora haircut

The amazing haircut that’s back in fashion. When you look at it, it doesn’t seem like it’s trying at all: it feels like all the strands are growing from a single point on top. Of course, it’s not – it’s all about cutting and styling techniques. But haircut helps to disguise too rare hair and make it visually more voluminous. And to match the trends of 2020, ask the master to make you an elongated ripped bangs.

Italian haircut with light filings

Elegant three-dimensional cap on top and a light ladder at the bottom – the haircut looks very feminine! To add a flier to this hairstyle, just ask the craftsman to walk the strands with the filleting scissors.

Current options for long hairstyles

Long curls are a real treasure! What do stylists offer in 2020 to further highlight this jewel?

Jagged strands

Perfectly flat tips are still out of fashion. The torn strands give the hairstyle a natural look and look very stylish. Of course, if your hair is healthy and not overdried with a hairdryer.

Layers haircut

Don’t go for the same length of all strands – it steals the volume from your hair and makes it old-fashioned. Ask the master to cut your hair with a ladder, and he will suggest the optimal length of “steps”, based on your type of face and figure.


Let yourself be asymmetrical – it’s fashionable! The left side of the hairstyle may be shorter than the right, the curls on the front are shorter than the curls on the back. It creates dynamics, and dynamics are always good.

Shaved back of the head

Yeah, yeah, you didn’t mishear! This option for long hair is gaining popularity. We like it too: a tiny surprise only becomes visible if you do a high hairdo. And if you let your hair down, it will remain your haircut ideas women over 2020 2021

As the course on naturalness 2020 – 2021 remains relevant in the next year, the styling should be as light and discreet as possible on the curls.