The Moon Haircut Calendar for June-2020

Almost every girl knows that a haircut on the waxing moon speeds up hair growth and prevents cross-tips. And the new moon and full moon can be both the start of beauty-experiments and not the most auspicious days for any aesthetic procedure, depending on the constellation in which the Earth’s satellite will be located. Let’s take a closer look at this: see how the Moon behaves in June 2020 and what it will bring us.

Favorable and unfavorable days for haircutting and coloring in June 2020

haircut moon calendar 2020

Even in the tightest schedule for June, there is time for pleasure and beauty. When planning a meeting with your hairdresser, do not forget to specify the beginning and end of the lunar day, and the rest you will find here.

The Moon in Libra (June 1, 2) haircut moon calendar 2020

Now the moon is growing, which means it’s time for a haircut. Let it be something trendy, deceptively simple, uplifting and self-esteem to incredible heights: a torn bangs to the middle of the neck or a light cascade with elegant arched bangs.

The process of hair dyeing will not hurt the hair, especially if you and the colorist stop at ecological dyes. But a more active chemical action is better to postpone. Any procedures aimed at restoring hair structure will be very useful.

The Moon in Scorpio (June 3, 4) haircut moon calendar 2020

If you don’t want to devote an entire summer to restoring damaged curls, keratin straightening or a chemical curl influenced by Scorpio is not a good idea. For the same reason, it is advisable to prefer tinting with discoloration. These days are ideal for monochromatic transitions to a darker shade, as well as for tinting previously made balayage, shatush, strobing with high lightweights, or other sophisticated techniques. Nourishing care will give the strands back their shine and strength. Don’t be discouraged if there are no oil masks in your bathroom. The nearest salon will surely have comprehensive treatment for your hair type.

The moon in Sagittarius (June 5, 6) haircut moon calendar 2020

In early summer, Sagittarius stands up for naturalness and against any active action. Keratin hair straightening, perm, and dyeing are now highly undesirable. Wheat tone, coffee with milk, delicious chocolate, reddish cinnamon, or cold wood color will harmoniously blend into the image and promise good luck in business.

The moon in Capricorn (June 7, 8) haircut moon calendar 2020

It is time for short haircuts. The curls will perfectly accentuate the round cascade, and the coveted volume of thin hair will give any variation of a pixie. Successful chemical curls, keratinous straightening, and dyeing correction with pigments of direct action. How long have you thought about going blond? Catch the moment! Clarification even by a couple of tones can make summer unforgettable and full of pleasant events.

The Moon in Aquarius (June 9-11) haircut moon calendar 2020

The only days in June when you can cut your hair are not only possible but necessary! Stylists recommend shortening to the max this season, so get inspired by our selection of medium length haircuts before meeting with your hairstylist. It’s a good time for dyeing but on June 11th limit yourself to tinting on ammonia-free dyes.

The Moon in Pisces (June 12, 13) haircut moon calendar 2020

Unfavorable days for haircutting and serious chemical procedures. The stars require you to remain you. However, this does not prevent you from becoming an improved version of yourself. Broken, dry, and thin strands during this period will require special attention. A trip to the salon can magically transform the hair: intensive revitalizing treatments will be more effective than you expected.

The Moon in Aries (June 14-16) haircut moon calendar 2020

Good days for coloring and care, but not for haircutting. Be careful: When you choose a new hair color, you program your future. As you search for the perfect shade, take a look at the lightest summer tones of pink.

The moon in Taurus (June 17, 18) haircut moon calendar 2020

The best time to color the growing roots and hide the gray. Or to refresh the shape of your hair – now it will lead to increased hair growth, as in Taurus the loss of the moon plays no role. For blondes, these are some of the best days of the month for partial, bright coloring that doesn’t require discoloring. Choose natural but atypical shades for your hair: emerald, sea blue, dandelion yellow, coral.

The Moon in Gemini (June 19, 20) haircut moon calendar 2020

Very lucky days for any hair manipulation. Now you can take a chance and the willful decision to get rid of most of the length. Please note: if your hair is noticeably thinning to the tips and, despite the daily indelible oil treatment, seems dry, you can cut 20 cm or even more safely.  Chemical treatments will also be good and easy to do. Try lamination, if your hair is not tampering, dare to discolor it with tinting in deeply saturated shades, and if you wish, you can test unusual techniques: dim out or coloring.

The moon in Cancer (June 21-23) haircut moon calendar 2020

The lunar calendar for this period, as well as the position of Earth’s satellite in Cancer, will bring some instability. In particular, it is possible to get a haircut only on June 23, and it will be one of the money haircuts that promises material prosperity, and on June 21 and 22 even the alignment of the tips can cause strong electrification and make hair confused, which will make combing difficult.

The Moon in Leo (June 24, 25) haircut moon calendar 2020

Wonderful days for everything in general: a haircut will turn out great, complex coloring will ennoble your image, and care will be extremely effective. During this time, you will lay the foundation for improved hair growth in the future. Ask your master for a scalp exfoliation or a gentle massage while you’re washing. Comb more often and try not to apply oils to the scalp.

haircut moon calendar 2020

The Moon in Virgo (June 26, 27) haircut moon calendar 2020

Cutting now in principle will bring a lot of positive emotions, but it is June 26 hair must be cut, if for complete happiness you do not have enough financial injections into your business or that branded bag over there. It is enough to remove the length a little, and if you want something unusual, pay attention to the graded cuts in the French style. During these two days, the discoloring and dyeing, carving, and laminating will go well. The result will be long-lasting and just the way you dreamed it would be. Dreams need to be realized, and now is the best time for that.

The Moon in Libra (June 28, 29) haircut moon calendar 2020

Be sure to include a meeting with the colorist in your schedule, together you will create a real work of art. And it is better to make tinting on balsamic dyes and nourishing procedures, thanks to which the strands will return shine and elasticity. The position of the moon in Libra is fraught with the indiscipline of the hair, so the smoothing care will benefit.

The moon in Scorpio (June 30) haircut moon calendar 2020

Not a simple lunar day, and yet they can help you work on the image – provided you are careful. Bleaching is contraindicated, as is bleaching by more than five tones. Your stylist will surely have brightening colors, and even better if they contain softening ingredients such as oils, proteins, or polymers. Cutting your hair now that the moon is growing is only worthwhile if you have long strands that require minimal intervention. I mean, it wouldn’t hurt to remove a few centimeters.haircut moon calendar 2020