Hair Gel

Hair Gel for perfect styling

The gel is one of the most popular styling products among both men and women. With its help, you can create any image, from Hollywood waves on long hair to “hedgehog” on a short haircut. Who needs such a styling, which is better to choose, how to use it properly and make hairstyles in just five minutes, tell in our material.

Curling hair with gel
Curling hair with gel

What is hair styling gel and how does it work?

hair with gel
hair with gel

Hairstyling gel is a modeling beauty product medium that has certain features.

Tell us what you need to know about it before buying and using it.

What’s inside: we take apart the composition

At the heart of styling gels:

  1.  water is the basis for all active substances;
  2. cationic polymers work on the surface of the hair, creating a water-repellent film, which provides good resistance to hairstyles;
  3. carbomer gives the gel the necessary thickness and viscosity;
  4. glycerin – a moisturizing component that maintains the water balance in the hair structure;
  5. oils, proteins, vitamins, and trace elements – useful additives for additional care of curls and scalp.


A few years ago it was possible to find on sale gel for laying of one, quite expected, gel-like consistency. The modern beauty market has replenished with gels in the form of hard jellies, gel creams, gel mousse, gel waxes, and even gels in spray format!

gel hair

Choose the degree of fixation

Like any styling products, gels differ in the degree of fixation:

  1. ultra-strong and strong for complex hairstyles and wet hair effects
  2. medium for increasing the volume or accentuation of the strands;
  3. easy for everyday styling.

What problems does the laying gel solve?

Who can use a styling gel, and in what cases can’t do without it?  The most important thing when using the gel is to know its exact purpose. For thin hair and medium hair care products it is suitable to apply it to wet hair, and then blow-dry hair – this way the hair will become denser and better hold the shape. To tame the naughty curls, curly hair gels will be suitable. The gel can also act as a finishing product to remove the “fluff” and statics of frizzy hair.

Types of styling gels

So, we came to another important question: what are hair gels?

Modeling Hair Gel

Recommended tools

Super Fixer Cream Gel
      Super Fixer Cream Gel Matrix

This gel model and preserves all day long styling without a feeling of stickiness or fatness.

Strong Gel L'Oréal Professionnel
                             Strong Gel L’Oréal Professionnel

Modeling gel for men’s styling. In addition to a very strong fixation gives the hair a matte effect.

Wet Hair Effect Gel

Recommended tools

Fix Move styling jelly L'Oréal Professionnel
                    Fix Move styling jelly L’Oréal Professionnel

The advantages of this fixation gel are light texture, glossy smooth hair effect, unobtrusive aroma, and UV filters. At fashion shows, we can often see styling with a wet effect. Naturally, this inspires our fashionistas who want to emphasize their individual look with glossy hair styling. But how do we do it? It’s easy to do with Fix Move. It is plastic, with shimmering particles, perfectly smoothes the surface of the hair and gives a glossy effect. BREWS REDKEN Clay pomade

                           BREWS REDKEN Clay pomadeGel from the men’s line Redken – for clear forms and perfectly smooth styling “hair to hair”.

Curly hair styling gel

Recommended tools

Curl Fever Jelly Kérastase
                                 Curl Fever Jelly Kérastase

Users share a positive impression: “The stylist recommended, I am satisfied with this tool. It forms beautiful curls, looks natural, gives shine to hair, nothing disgustingly sticky is not felt”.

Dual Stylers Bouncy and Tender Cream Gel L'Oréal Professionnel
Dual Stylers Bouncy and Tender Cream Gel L’Oréal Professionnel

This cream-gel tame curly hair, turning it into chic Hollywood curls.

Fine Hair Volume Gel

Recommended tools

Styling jelly R.A.W. Biolage
                      Styling jelly R.A.W. Biolage

Jelly with a pleasant non-sticky gel texture and a strengthening lemon extract in the composition. It does not contain artificial dyes, silicones, and parabens.

Styling jelly Scruff Me L'Oréal Professionnel
           Styling jelly Scruff Me L’Oréal                                   Professionnel

Styling jelly flexible fixation, with which it is easy to create a root volume and a light effect of a natural ruffle.

Step-by-step instruction: how to use the gel correctly

For optimal results, any beauty product must be applied correctly. Many people are afraid of gel textures because of the possible effect of oily, greasy hair. However, the styling gel is extremely easy to use, it can be used without any harm every day, and if you follow the simple rules, the result will certainly make you happy.

So, how to style your hair with hair gel at home:

Step 1: Apply gel

  • on wet hair – to thicken the hair surface or create a wet hair effect;
  •  on dry hair – for maximum fixation;
  • Full length or focusing on individual strands – depending on the desired result.

    Step 1 Apply gel
    Step 1 Apply gel

Step 2: Give your hair a shape

  • Rinse the gel residue off your hands and start shaping your hair.
  • Arrange your hair with your hands or with a hairdryer with a hub nozzle that directs hot air to a specific area.
  • For maximum smoothness, you can iron your hair.
Step 2 Give your hair a shape
Step 2 Give your hair a shape

Step 3: Fixing

  • Fix your hair with a small amount of hairspray or varnish.
Step 3 Fixing
Step 3 Fixing

Express hairstyle with gel for women and men

1. ” Beach ” waves. Curling hair with gel

To make a sloppy hairstyle, like a surfer girlfriend, apply the gel on slightly damp curls. Distribute the whole length from the roots to the tips, without combing the hair with a comb. Create the desired volume and shape of the “beach” waves by hand whipping the hair, dry without using a hairdryer.

Beach Hair
Beach Hair

2. Slicked Back

Slicked Back styling, i.e. with straight back hair, looks especially good on long and medium-length hair.

This hairstyle can be done in just five minutes: apply the gel, brush the hair at the top with a comb with frequent teeth, and the side strands – back and behind the ears.

Important: for very long hair, additional varnish fixation may be necessary.

Slicked Back
Slicked Back

3. Perfectly smooth ponytail

Simple and stylish casual hairstyle. Distribute the hair styling gel, use a comb to collect the tail – high on the top or very low at the base of the neck. Fix the hair with an elastic band and then spray the hair with varnish.

Simple and stylish casual hairstyle
Simple and stylish casual hairstyle

4. Styling with short hair gel

Hair owners of a pixie or other short asymmetrical hairstyles should try styling with their favorite professional stylist’s effect of slight negligence. To do this, apply a little styling gel in the palm of your hand, spread it on your hair, and arrange the strands in different directions and in a chaotic order.

Styling with short hair gel
Styling with short hair gel

5. Glitter Hair

An excellent option for a party hairstyle using hair gel and sequins. You can add sequins to any styling, decorate with them the whole length or individual strands. But the most trendy is the variation of Glitter Roots (shiny roots) when the shining coating is applied to the parting or whisky.  Mix a little gel with loose sequins, mix well, and apply with a brush to the hair. And the shimmer party awaits you!

Glitter Hair
Glitter Hair

Men’s styling with hair gel

  1. Glossy effect

This hairstyle is a great option for slightly elongated hair. Brush the bulk of the hair to the right or left to get an asymmetrical parting. Distribute the product and dry it with a hairdryer, keeping the hair in the right direction.

Glossy effect
Glossy effect

2. Undercut Hairstyles For Men

It is not difficult to put this sports haircut! Take a small amount of gel. With two palms, grab the hair on the top of your head and guide it upwards, modeling your hair. The undercut is a type of short sides, a long top haircut where the sides are buzzed short and all one length. Unlike the fade, the undercut hairstyle creates sharp contrast by leaving the sides and back disconnected from the hair on top.

hairstyle undercut for men
hairstyle undercut for men

3. Iroquois

The styling with rebellious spirit is done in just five minutes: rub a little gel between the palms and put the hair comb in the center ready. Dry it with a hairdryer and fix it with a varnish.


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