Features of the beard: who would like the option without a mustache?

In recent years, the beard has gained a second breath, now it is a full accessory for a stylish man. We deal with you, what are the fashion options for vegetation without mustaches, how to choose the style of the beard, and easy to grow it.

A beard without a mustache is not a stylish maneuver for everyone.

Vegetation on the beard, which excludes whiskers of any shape, will be suitable for those who want to give the face masculinity and adjust the shape: for example, visually pull out the face.

Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, who wore a smoothly shaved face, used this technique not in vain but put on costly beards for solemn ceremonies. Even the first woman Pharaoh used this technique!

A beard without a mustache requires less effort while shaving, for it is extremely tiring to maintain the perfect shape of hair above the upper lip.

Photo with beautiful variants of a man’s beard without mustaches.

A beard without a mustache is a popular male variant of beard- design, but especially often such beards are grown for religious reasons. The Prophet Mohammed, for example, called for growing vegetation under his lower lip and cutting his mustache so as not to resemble heathens and fire-worshippers. Whatever your motive for growing a beard, we know the most stylish options. Pay attention to the haircuts that match this accessory!

Lincoln BeardLincoln Beard haircut men 2021

This short beard owes its name to the American president. The second name of Abraham Lincoln’s vegetation is the screen. Who knows what such an important person was hiding under it?

Norwegian skipper

The classic sailors’ beard warmed them up in bad weather (perhaps more morally). It is comfortable, cozy, easy to care for. The second name of this practice model is English beard.

Goatee beardGoatee beard 2020 2021

The brutal image with a goatee is very popular among men. The elongated vegetation on the chin pulls out the face well visually and creates a more masculine look.

Island beardIsland beard 2020 2021

It looks more like a “lower mustache” than a full beard. Covered with bristles, a small piece of skin under the lower lip is suitable for those who want to emphasize the lips, make them visually puffy, but at the same time to give the image of tarnish and brutality at the same time!

Long BeardLong Beard 2021

Elongated ducktail or long beard? It’s gonna take a lot of sweat to take care of the other one, but it’s worth it. You can read more about the duck hairstyle here.

How do you choose your own beard style without a mustache?

Before grabbing at the trimmer, we advise you to carefully consider what type of beard without a mustache will suit you. Ideally, it’s best to go with an experienced barber. He’ll choose from the shape of your face and the brightness of your appearance…

A round face is a good addition to the elongated beard with vegetation from the temples. The classic triangle is corrected with a small island or goatee.

The shape of the trapezoid can be beaten with a skipper’s beard.

How easy it is to grow a perfect beard without a mustache: tips for men for perfect results

  • Take your time. For vegetation to appear on your face, you need to make an effort and gain patience.
  • First, the speed of growth and density of hair depends largely on genetics. Secondly, it is important to prepare the ground for growth. Don’t neglect facial scrubs and peelings: they will improve skin quality, allow hair to breakthrough easier, and prevent ingrowth. To remove dead skin cells from the epidermis, use a scrubber once a week.
  • After washing, be sure to apply a moisturizing cream or lotion. It will soften the skin and maintain the necessary moisture level. Light and weightless formula can be found in Redken Brews Aftershave balm. It is designed for sensitive skin and relieves irritation and itching from growing bristles.
  • Include more saturated fats and proteins in your diet. Group B vitamins will also come in handy. Remember to consume enough water and protein.
  • It’s believed that the comfort of your skin as you grow a beard can help restore quality shampoo for dandruff. Our experts warn that the scalp differs from the skin of the face, so you should only decide on such experiments after consulting with a dermatologist, especially if you have allergies.

Care tips

Did you grow a beard? Now you need to take good care of it, because the hairs on your face absorb all the smells, quickly get dirty and lose their shape. Follow our advice to keep the bristles tidy.

  1. It is important to clean the beard regularly, special gel or soap will be suitable for this purpose. Remember to wash your beard thoroughly after a day or, if necessary, every day.
  2. Use a trimmer to keep your beard flat. It is easy to trim your beard with hairdressing scissors. Hairline, mustache area (which will now need to be shaved regularly) and neck can be used with a shaver.
  3. Moisturize and nourish properly. Complete the shaving process with lotion, and a drop of oil is perfect for taking care of your beard area. The oil will give your stubble a more groomed appearance and when applied to your cheeks it will soften not only the stubble but also the skin.

It seems that a beard without a mustache is much easier to care for. If you have such a beard, share your impressions!