10 Popular green Hair Color Ideas Trending Right Now 2020-2021

Whoever says anything, but colored strands, if not the hottest trend, is definitely one of the noticeable trends in dyeing 2020 – 2021. If you’ve always been attracted by nymphs and mermaids, then dare to choose the green color – and amaze others with your bravery and originality. And not just because green is still less popular for coloring than pink, purple or blue. Green has many shades, so every girl can find her own tone – from grassy to tiffany, from emerald to tender salad.

Who wants green hair?

Green – the color is quite universal because it has many nuances. Some of its shades are warmer, others are colder, some are saturated and bright, others are quite dark. So it is not a problem to pick up green for different eyes and skin tone. But what really matters is the absence of redness on your face. After all, all shades of green will make them visually more visible, so to speak, draw imperfections in the foreground.

The color of the eyes when choosing green plays not the last, but not the first role. If your iris is gray or blue, you should prefer cold shades of green: mint, turquoise or pistachio. The bravest can try the neon shades. If your eyes are brown, then give preference to rich coniferous, salad or emerald.

But do not forget that green hair color is not so much about appearance as about the state of mind. Dyeing green is badly combined with a strict office dress code and will definitely require a review of the wardrobe and makeup. With the latter, everything is not so complicated: you can be guided by the rule of “better less, yes better”, because the green everything will say for you. However, you do not need to give up makeup at all: the tone underlined eyebrows and emphasis on the eyes or lips are mandatory. Otherwise (unless, of course, you’re not naturally stinging brunette) you risk just getting lost against the background of their bright hair.

However, if you’re not ready for radical changes, you can limit yourself to dyeing only a few strands or ends of hair in green. If you don’t like it, you can cut it off easily!

The pros and cons of hair dyeing in green

Deciding to paint green can be difficult. But if you really want to, go for it! However, be prepared for some difficulties:

  • If you’re not blonde – dyed or natural – you’ll have to discolor to make the green tint visible in your hair. Of course, you don’t have to lighten to white to make dark shades of green, but you still have to;
  • green is difficult to wash off: even unstable dye may not leave your hair for long;
  • green hair color highlights minor imperfections and redness in the skin;
  • you need to carefully select the cosmetics of red shades – not every lipstick or blush will harmonize with the green.

There are plenty of advantages to green staining, too:

  • you’ll always be in the spotlight;
  • The green color keeps on your hair for a long time, usually just washed away in lighter shades – you can also walk around the visit to the hairdresser without much damage to the image;
  • green hair color is suitable for both rich makeup and the most natural;
  • Green looks beautiful both in mono-coloring and in complex coloration, where several different shades are used;
  • green hair can be combined with eyes of any color, the main thing is to choose the right tone.

Trendy bright and dark green hair shades

As in nature, there are many shades of green in the arsenal of hairdressers. Here are some of the most popular:

Blue-green color. This shade suits girls with cold skin tone and light eyes. It looks very interesting when paired with natural hair color. Green plus blue is a combination associated exclusively with mermaids.

Poisonous neon hair color. Neon green is good on both swarth and Snow White. But still, it blends in better with dark eyes.

Emerald hair color. Emerald – a choice of girls of warm color.

Acid-green hair color. Bright shades of green look good on brown girls with brown or black eyes.

Swampy green hair color. In a company with dark eyes, the swampy green hair color looks organic. And on girls with light eyes, this shade looks mesmerizing and magical.

Gentle salad hair is ideal for owners of light blue 2021

It looks very beautiful coloring in different shades of green.

The trendy coloring of the amber in green also looks good.

The green tips are very good for black hair.

Men should pay attention to green hair dyes too.

How to choose a green hair dye?

To choose a green shade hair dye, it is often enough to look at the package: the boxes of dye from the mass market usually show exactly the shade you will get as a result. Manufacturers of professional paints do not usually do too – in the name of the product will necessarily be if not the word green (green), something green, mint for example.

How to dye your hair green at home?

Don’t do it at home! We advise you to paint in the cabin from an experienced colorist – only he knows the nuances of mixing the paint and will be able to pick the perfect composition for your hair. But if you want to experiment at home, you will need a special paint. It can be either as a cream or as a shade balsam.

You can also use unstable hair sprays – they give a quick and succulent result, which is washed away the first time you wash your hair. They can’t be used all over the hair, but they are ideal for individual strands. And the sprays will be visible even on dark hair. But other types of green dyes – no, so to dye green, you have to first discolor the right curls – or the whole head.

Haircare After dyeing green

Unlike the ash blond, which is quite easy to maintain in pristine condition, using shampoos with a shade of purple pigment, for bright hair such products are not provided. However, shampoo for strands of dyed green, too, should be special – gentle, so that the color is not so quickly washed out of the hair.

It is very important to monitor not only the brightness of color but also the condition of the hair. After clarification (which is a mandatory step before dyeing green), they can benefit from additional care. A hair mask softens the hair thanks to a whole set of healing oils and natural ingredients in the composition. And hair conditioner restores the dryest and toughest hair with aloe vera, cactus extract, and an exclusive protein is the color of your personality