Вucktail hairstyle – ducks arse haircut

Ducktail Haircut For Males  –  Ducks Arse Hairstyles

Ducks Arse Hairstyles
Ducks Arse Hairstyles

Allow’s speak about a cool throwback. The ducktail hairdo absolutely made a lot of noise back in the 1950s, nonetheless, ever since it has sort of quieted down in today’s times.

While it holds true the style is fabulous, you just do not see a whole lot of males asking for it at the barbershop, despite having preferred connected cuts like the pompadour.

It’s becoming more a rarity and also treasures to spot a ducktail amongst gents. Though, that doesn’t specifically mean the appearance is dated or out of fashion if anything it’s simply expensive maintenance for the hectic male way of living today.

If you’re thinking of getting one, just know the names it passes first. Considering it’s a variation of the timeless slicked-back hair, it’s rather suitable there’s a couple of terms gentlemen call it. Though, all imply the same thing of course. Most commonly the ducktail rules king or D.A. for a brief which represents duck’s arse and also duck’s butt, though some will certainly call it the duck’s tail too.

The original look:

A high maintenance cut with a v-shape in the rear of the head. Hair is combed from the sides to develop parallel sections in the rear. When looking at the back of the head from the crown to the nape it appears like the backside of a duck.

For the front, an Elephants’ trunk could be created which left more of an unpleasant, much longer look with bangs hanging over the forehead. Obviously, the ducktail could be paired with a variant like a flattop also. Some gents likewise elected to form the front right into a pompadour form by growing out lengthier hair.

ducks arse haircut 2020
ducks arse haircut

The history

There’s no question around, the 1950s sparked the ducktail hairdo fad transformation. Even the 1956 rockabilly song titled “Ducktail” by Joe Clay confirmed so touting lyrics like “Do not mess with my ducktails”.

Though there are 2 essential things to note: The initial, it has been stated that the look dates back to the 1940s and was first spent by Joe Cirello, a Philadelphia barber.

The second is that not every man in the 50s sported the look. In truth, the ducktail was preferred, however not that preferred; it was in the minority of hairdos while period. However, it still held serious significance throughout the duration and also could be discovered being put on proudly by the wonderful Elvis Presley.

Within time, it was put on by subcultures like the Greasers to Teddy Boys and Rockers. Yet, while the hairstyle was fashionable it had not been always a part of the preferred quiff, slicked-back hair, or pompadour. In truth, you can think about it as a contemporary discolors in today’s times, it’s optional and also an excellent factor. The fact is, the ducktail is a really high maintenance hairstyle, which a lot of males didn’t wish to take care of in the morning.

How to design a ducktail

It looks difficult and well, it is, however, that does not suggest you can not style it on your own in the house. Just know this is a high maintenance appearance that requires a great deal of brushing to maintain it looking sharp. Both in the morning as well as through the day; it’s a good reason why greasers maintained combs in their jean pockets.

For the very best outcomes, a thick complete head of hair with a medium-long length side is perfect. Bear in mind, your sides so go beyond your ears when brushed back. If you try to reproduce the appearance with short hair it just isn’t mosting likely to happen.

Let’s start

To start, you’re mosting likely to require some pomade to help achieve a hold while combing and also shaping points up. Go ahead as well as use that, after that brush, the sides backward till they fulfill together in the facility of your neck. When you look in the mirror you should see a part that begins on top of your head all the way down to the neck, also known as your neckline. Now, here’s where you’ll wish to produce a straight line down the center. Do so by finding the facility after that slicking down the top of your head down towards the nape of your neck.

Keep in mind, if you need a lot more hair simply proceed and pull it in from the sides. If you’re doing an elephant trunk, that suggests you’re mosting likely to need to go back as well as blend whatever in once again.

For the extremely lower by the neckline don’t fret if it huddles a bit, truthfully it includes a good awesome touch to the style.

ducks arse haircut 2020 2021

ducks arse haircut 2020 2021

ducks arse haircut

ducks arse haircut 2020 2021

ducks arse haircut 2020 2021

ducks arse haircut 2020 mens haircut

ducks arse haircut mens haircut 2021

ducks arse haircut 2020 mens haircut


Ducktail – a great solution for those who want to wear beards and look as presentable as possible! Who is suitable for this style, how to grow such a beard, and also – how to take care of it?

Today there is nowhere without a beard – not only tough bikers but also office clerks and people of art want to grow it. The beard “ducktail” became fashionable not so long ago and instantly won first places in all “hit parades”. What is the secret of its popularity, who of the stars chose this image, and whether this form will suit your face? Let’s start with the basics.

duck tail 2020

This beard is easy to recognize by its very clear outlines, really resembling the tail of a duck: the hair on the cheeks and sideburns is quite short, and under the chin and around it – elongated, and the bristles begin immediately under the lower lip. The ducktail has precise contours and requires maximum symmetry. This accessory makes its owner more courageous and representative.

duck tail 2020 2021
ducktail 2020 2021

The beard “duck’s tail” fits perfectly with almost any type of mustache, but an extravagant man can afford to wear it even without it. It is a great rarity, often finding its niche among rock musicians and in a religious environment.

In the classic version, the ducktail requires thick vegetation on the upper lip, flowing smoothly into the beard. We have selected some photos for you to see how the ducktail looks with different shapes of mustache and on men of different types.

Thanks to its clear contours and undisputed elegance, the “ducktail” beard fits almost everyone – regardless of the type of face or closet style. Let’s try to try on the ducktail for faces with different features:

  • oval face: the correct shape of the face allows wearing almost any beard, including a ducktail;
  • round face: the ducktail helps to visually stretch out the proportions of the face and remove accents from the cheeks and chin;
  • square face: the ducktail softens the sharp lines and gives the face intelligence;
  • triangular face: the ducktail beard balances out the proportions of the face and makes it more masculine.

For a classic ducktail, you don’t need too long – 5-10 centimeters is enough. Here are some recommendations for those who plan to grow a beard.

ducktail beard
  1. Storage your patience in the initial stages. If you’ve never grown a beard before, it won’t be easy for you, because for the first few weeks the stubble will get in the way, and the skin, not used to such irritation, will get inflamed and itchy. You just have to endure this stage, knowing that soon the unpleasant feelings will pass, and the hairs, growing further, will become softer and will not cause so much discomfort.
  2. Cleans your skin. In order not to reduce the activity of hair follicles, pay attention to a daily thorough cleansing of the skin. This is very important because the use of cleansing agents and gentle scrubs helps to remove impurities and dead cells, which gives the skin the opportunity to breathe and be saturated with useful elements from caring creams and oils.
  3. Don’t forget about moisturizing your skin. Moisturizing agents help to soften skin and stubble, relieve unpleasant symptoms in the first stages of growing, deliver useful ingredients to the hair follicles and just have a beautiful well-groomed look with a bristle of any length.

This type of beard is characterized by the most precise contours and absolute symmetry – only if these parameters are met will the ducktail look neat and elegant. We recommend going to a professional and entrusting him/her with the creation of your new image.

However, if you are confident and willing to take a risk, we have prepared for you a detailed step-by-step instruction on how to make a classic ducktail. After all, now an experienced barber should not create a beard of any shape, but once he was just an amateur!

barber tools

You will need it:

  • sharp hairdressing scissors;
  • a comb with thin teeth;
  • trimmer for cutting your beard.
  1. Thoroughly brush your beard.
  2. Start cutting with scissors on one of the sides, moving towards the chin.
  3. Make sure that the length of the beard increases smoothly, from the side zone to the chin, gradually dropping below the line of the jaw.
  4. Repeat all actions from the other side
  5. Once again, brush the beard to remove the hairs already cut.
  6. Check the beard trim again if necessary, correct the contours with scissors.
  7. Arm yourself with a trimmer and treat your mustache, if any, and sideburns. Walk around the edging of the beard from all sides, making the outlines of the ducktail clearer.
  8. Apply a little caring oil to your beard and face, it will not only soothe the skin after cutting but also help to smooth the beard.

So, you became the owner of one of the most stylish beards in the world! If you are satisfied with the result, it remains to find out how to properly care for the beard, so that it pleases you as long as possible.

  • Regularly adjust the shape of your beard. As soon as the clear contours of the ducktail start to blur, the beard will instantly lose its presentable appearance. To prevent this from happening, cut your beard regularly, and shave the skin areas that should remain smooth.
  • Use a good shaving product. Even a stylish beard will not save the situation if the skin on your face is inflamed and irritated. To prevent this from happening, choose the right shaving products, especially if you have sensitive skin. 
  • Remember to apply the aftershave balm. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we can forget about a lot, but the after-shave balm is definitely not worth forgetting! Especially since it is a couple of minutes to apply it. Why is it so important? Because even the most delicate shave can irritate the skin, and it is very important to soften and soothe it after this procedure.
  • Place your beard. Duck Tail requires clarity, so in the morning you will have to spend some time and lay the beard as it should be, that is, without the bundles sticking out in different directions. This will be helped by special oil for the beard, which will discipline the bristles and will lay them in perfect order, and at the same time will take care of your skin. All this with comfort and without any hint of oiliness.

Duck Tail is the most fashionable solution for those who want to stay in trend and look perfect for men! Are you ready for such a beard?

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