How to use foam hair rollers

Many straight hair owners dream of beautiful curls or bouncy curls. One of the ways to make your dream come true is to use foam hair rollers, which are easy to cope with even a beginner.


The history of artificial curling of curls originates in ancient Greece, where fashionistas curled their hair with the help of hot tongs and small sticks – the ancestors of the modern curlers. By the way, the very name “curler” appeared much later – in medieval France.

What only kinds of curlers did not invent masters of the beauty industry during this time: thermo-, electro-, velcro and others. Especially many of their varieties appeared in the XX century. Among the latest inventions were also foam curlers, which have many advantages over their predecessors.

Products made of foam rubber:

Lungs. Their weight is practically not felt on hair and does not create discomfort.
Soft. They can be quietly twisted at night – they will not interfere with a full comfortable sleep.
Safe. They don’t damage your hair during use (they don’t dry, break or encourage hair loss).
Compact. It does not take up much space. It can be stored in a small box or cosmetic bag.

At the same time, they are easy to use – even a layman can easily cope with them.

Curling media made of foam can be used almost without restrictions, although there are a few nuances that are worth knowing about.

So, soft curlers are perfect for curling long and medium hair. It is not possible to create curls on short hair with their help – here it is better to use more resilient options with a bending rod inside.

Curly foam can be different in different ways:

shape (round or oblong);
diameter – from 1 to 25 cm;
material densities;
price and quality.

In this case, the entire variety of products made of foam can be divided into three main groups:

For traditional curls. They are manufactured as small rolls with a diameter of 2-5 cm.
For spiral curls. They are made as an elongated flexible stick with an elastic band. In the process of their use, a strand of hair is clamped by a bent stick in half and twisted on it in a spiral. Fixation is performed with the help of an elastic band.

There is also a variant in the form of spiral covers equipped with a special plastic hook. With this hook, the strand is captured and placed in the case. The lock is secured with an elastic band of fabric.

Fingers also called “boomerangs”. They consist of a thicker foam with a rod made of strong but flexible wire. They do not require any additional fasteners – the strand is simply twisted onto the stud, which bends and locks at the end.

Overnight laying with the first two groups of curlers as comfortable as possible. However, due to the excessive softness of the foam rubber, these products can bend during sleep, which can cause breaks in the curls.

The curlers guarantee beautiful smooth curls, but sleeping on them is not as comfortable as on products without wireframe.

How to use foam hair rollers

how to use foam hair rollers
how to use foam hair rollers

Conjure beautiful curls at home without the help of professional craftsmen under the power of any woman or girl. To properly twist your hair on the foam curlers, just perform a simple algorithm of actions:

1. Wash and dry your hair a little. To do this, you can use a hairdryer. Hair should be sufficiently moist, but not wet.
2. Brush your hair thoroughly. If necessary, you can use a special spray to make it easier to untangle.
3. Apply mousse or foam to fix, spreading evenly over the entire length. Without this, even if the hair is curled quickly and easily, the curls will not hold long. However, you shouldn’t go too far with the latch, either, so that the curls don’t look haughty.
4. Split the hair into upper, side and two occipital sections, securing them with hair clips.
5. After separating one strand and winding its tip on the curler, twist the spiral to the roots. To do this, place the curler under the strand about 5 cm from the tips – this will be enough to wrap once around the product and continue to twist further. Wind it as tightly as possible so that the curls do not fall apart during sleep.
6. Fix the structure firmly. So that the curls do not have any ugly fractures, it is better to move the clasps and clamps to the bottom of the curl.

The easiest way to start the curl is to start with the bangs, then twist the strands from the top section, then the side section and finally at the back of the head. Place the curlers evenly one after the other. After all the strands have been twisted onto the rollers, the hair is allowed to dry.

Usually, it takes several hours for the spirals to dry completely, so they are left until morning.

In the morning, each strand is neatly unwound and straightened. If desired, the curls can be lightly sprayed with varnish.

In addition to the traditional horizontal winding method, the vertical winding method can also be used. This is a relatively new invention of fashionistas and professional stylists. With this variant of curling is not made on the full length, and only on the tips.

For greater originality, it is possible to use different size pillows.

Useful tips

Every fashionista has her preferences: one wants big soft curls, the other wants small romantic curls. In this case, everyone wants the most beautiful and durable effect.

The advice of professional stylists and hairdressers will help you make your dreams come true:

  1. For soft curls, take large curlers and grab a bigger strand (the larger the curls, the softer the curls). For small curls, on the contrary, you will need thin spirals.
  2. If your hair dries quickly, you should wet each section of the strands before curling.
  3. If your hair is curly, first straighten it with an evening serum or tongs.
  4. For tighter curls, the hair can be curled before curling it onto the curlers.
  5. To reduce the risk of unwinding the curler, you can tie your head with a handkerchief or wear a bandana overnight.
  6. When removing the curler with fasteners, act carefully so that the hair does not get caught in the clasp. Do not pull the strands too much so as not to break the curls.
  7. Once the spirals are removed, do not use a comb to avoid getting a “lion’s mane”. It is enough just to distribute the curls with your hands. If necessary, only the tips can be combed.
  8. It is not necessary to use foam products in wet weather. The result may not be the same as expected.

For those who love originality, experts also offer to experiment. For example, to make only one part of a short haircut, and to leave the second part even – simple, easy and unusual! Such a hairstyle is sure to attract the attention of others!

Female wavy hair lovers who have tried the foam curlers leave almost exclusively positive reviews about this invention, often calling them “magic”.

More often than not, women and girls note that using these products is a great opportunity to look beautiful without sacrifice, without causing additional damage to their hair. It is no secret that regular use of flat, chemical and other curling products severely damages the structure of the hair. And if they are already not very healthy, it can lead to a real disaster.

With curlers made of foam, you can forget about such problems, because they do not dry and burn the hair, do not violate their structure.  Those who like to experiment with their curls appreciate the foam curlers because they can create different images each time.

But the most important advantages of soft products are their low cost, wide range and the fact that they can be twisted at night. The latter circumstance is especially appreciated. After all, it means that you will not have to get up in the morning before the usual to do your hair. Thus properties of foam rubber allow practically not to notice “design” on ahead and to sleep with the same comfort, as well as without it.

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