Hairstyles for women 50+ How to look younger

Whether we like it or not, our faces and hair inevitably change with age. However, we should not be afraid of it. It is just that your style has to change with it because the hairstyles that you were wearing when you were 20 will at least look weird on a 50-year-old woman.

Hairstyles for Women after 50 That Will Make You Look Younger

Do not you know where to start? We recommend trying on “an anti-aging hairdo”! If you do not want to look like an old woman trying to look much too young, choose exquisite, but not old-fashioned hairdos. However, how can one do it?

What is the hair care routine for women after 50?

a woman is beautiful at any age. The main thing is style!
AS the woman is beautiful at any age. The main thing is the style!

Hair color, texture, and density change over time. Of course, grey hair can appear at any age. But, there are a lot more of them after fifty. A great many women are afraid of aging and having grey hair. But we assure you that there is nothing to be afraid of. Like any other dye, the new “color” requires special hair care. Your beauty bag should contain products to give your hair shine and softness, as well as special sera to accelerate hair growth and enhanced nutrition.

How to look younger after 50 years?

Indeed, it is easier than you think. If you want to look younger, beauty specialists recommend the following four simple rules:

  1. Cut your hair every 4-6 weeks to keep it healthy and accelerate its growth. Surely, the haircut itself does not stimulate hair growth but will help you get rid of frayed ends. Besides, if you cut the frayed ends regularly, the hair will not look shredded and damaged.
  2. Include a special conditioner in your hair care routine for deep moisturizing and nourishing hair. These products will help to deal with fragility and dehydration – the main problems of women in their fifties!
  3. Do not neglect professional hair care. Of course, a hair conditioner will help you maintain the health of your hair between visits to beauty salons, but professional care can help solve problems at a deeper level.
  4. If your hair density has become low, which is often the case with women after fifty, use the Minoxidil, which stimulates hair growth, and the concentrate for hair and scalp.

Hairdos for short, medium, and long hair

Whether you’re skinny or chubby, dignified or miniature, blonde or brunette; whether your face shape is round or diamond; whether you have straight or curly hair… you want to look gorgeous at any age! And that’s great, all you have to do is decide on the right haircut.

Long bob

Age is no reason to stop keeping up with fashion. To be in style, choose “the ones with short layers framing the face and the hair above the shoulders and add soft natural curls.”  Do not be confused by the fact that every other 20-year-old girl wears a bob: this haircut will suit absolutely anybody and will make you look younger but in a good way.

Textured bob

If you have already decided on a short haircut, you should start with a textured bob. This classic easy-made haircut will give volume to even the thinnest hair and make it look healthy. This sophisticated haircut just above the shoulders is a real lifesaver: shorter strands around the face make it voluminous and magnificent. This is why choosing a textured bob is the right thing to do, as it will make you look a couple of years younger!

Layered haircut for long hair


They say that it is inappropriate for a woman above 50 to have long hair. But they are very wrong. Women over fifty can do almost anything, but perhaps they should just choose something more sophisticated than just long hair. Specialists advise making soft layers, framing the face with textured strands, and complementing the haircut with bangs.  Combined with strands of different lengths framing the face, bangs will emphasize all your qualities.

Pixie haircut

Are you ready for drastic changes? Then pixie haircut is just for you. This simple short haircut will frame your face, making you look younger than you are now. Ask your stylist to comb up the hair on the temples to highlight the cheekbones.

A total taboo: updos that women over 50 must not wear

When reconsidering your style, avoid haircuts that can make you look older. If you want to look young and not older than you are, experts advise avoiding “unnatural, too voluminous or messy hairstyles (shaggy styles). Such haircuts quickly lose their shape, and the dreary droopy strands only highlight that the hair is no longer as thick as it used to be. Besides, too voluminous hairstyles, in turn, make the face more round and full.

Instead, prefer hairstyles that “look natural and a little loose, with soft volume and straight hair tips”, because the less artificial your image is, the harder it will be for others to believe that you are fifty!

Gray has long since ceased to be an indicator of age and a problem: now it is fashionable. But if you’ve decided that gray hair isn’t for you, in this article you’ll find the answers to all the questions: why hair turns gray, how to disguise gray hair or how to completely dye it. Process biology: what is gray? read in the article: How to dye gray on dark hair