Сhange your hair texture

No people with exactly the same hair. Even relatives from the same family have different hair structures, although most qualities are inherited. Parents with wavy hair are more likely to have a baby with curly hair than those with straight hair.

Hair structure changes depending on external and internal factors.

Children’s curls straighten with age, and changes in residence, diet, and climate also affect the strands. Chronic diseases and infectious diseases, hair care, abuse of chemical dyes and thermal styling products have an impact.

By the concept of hair structure, we mean the following qualities – fatness, waviness, density, growth rate.

Is it possible to change these parameters at home?

How to normalize sebum secretion

Dry hair owners suffer from the inability to do a durable styling – after an hour and a half, the strands are electrified, knocked out of the hairstyle. Such curls often split, split, they are more brittle, they are weaker, fall out and break down.

Excessive fatness is not good either. The head has to be washed often, the hair after the hygienic procedure becomes dull in the evening. The sparrows stick together, the appearance becomes untidy.

Is it possible to change the structure of hair and bring it to normal conditions to make it easier to care for?

Completely qualitative characteristics cannot be changed, but the normalization of sebum at home to make it easier to care for the hair is available to every woman. There are many masks in the arsenal of folk remedies that make the curls well-groomed, available for styling, reducing the section and fallout, moisturizing, reducing grease.


Homemade masks based on vegetable oils are the most effective for fighting against increased dryness.

Vegetable oils – castor, turnip, jojoba, shea, nettle, sea buckthorn – are suitable for making masks if the scalp is prone to irritations or allergic reactions. Blondes should not use very useful sea buckthorn oil – it has additional coloring properties.

The amount of necessary products usually depends on the length of hair, but most often 1 part of additional components are added to 2 tablespoons of base oil. Healthy shine and density increase the honey, softness, and silkiness – egg yolk, a revitalizing effect on the scalp have herbal decoctions – lemon balm, mint, sage. Feed dry strands can be fed with sour-milk masks made of yogurt or sour cream.

If the problem is only in the dry ends, almond oil will help to cope with it – it is applied to the comb and distributed to the curls while combing.


The following masks are used to normalize the production of sebum secrets.

Mustard. A teaspoon of mustard powder is diluted with warm – not hot water, mixed with 2 tablespoons of any base oil of light structure – jojoba, olive, almond;
butter. Base vegetable oil from grape seeds. Add to it 5 drops of essential oils of cypress and sage;
Egg and cognac. Mix 2 tablespoons of cognac – can brandy, white eggs, honey.
Reduce the release of sebum: vinegar, mustard, garlic, lemon and onion juices, low-fat kefir and yogurt, whey, cosmetic clay – white or blue.


Homemade masks will help to stimulate the work of hair follicles so that the hair will become thicker. Accelerate hair growth and stimulate the flow of blood and nutrients to the follicles home remedies that are irritants – garlic and onion juices, mustard powder, pepper infusion, alcoholic compounds.

Masks with these components are not desirable to distribute along the length of the strands – they have the property of drying keratin rods.


Most masks are activated when they are heated.

After applying them, the head must be wrapped with a plastic film and then a terry towel.

Irritating and drying components do not hold longer than 15-30 minutes, nutrients can be left for 2-4 hours. Do not hold them longer – under the polyethylene follicles begin to profuse and this weakens them.

The best way to wash off the masks with acidic water – a tablespoon of apple vinegar for 1 liter – or herbal infusions.

To make infusions for dry hair used lemon balm, mint, sage, fir, to reduce the fat – chamomile, oak bark, calendula.


To change the look, straight hair curls and curly hair straighten. Home treatments don’t last long, but they do less damage than hairstyling.

If you plan to curl your hair with a home curler or a regular curler, you don’t need to dry it completely after washing. Thermal accessories can only be used on clean, dry hair. The curl begins at the top, then moves on to whiskey, and then treats the area above the forehead.

Use special products that allow you to hold curls longer and protect keratin rods from high-temperature influences. These products do not apply to hair roots.

Do not straighten the curls when twisting the curls. This is done later when styling. It is best to fix the hair with a medium fixation gel or varnish. This high-fixation varnish gives the head an unnatural look. High power styling accessories should not be purchased. The temperature at which the structure of keratin rods is maintained is between 100 and 160ºC.

Not only do the thermal accessories curl your hair, but they also help to solve the problem – how to straighten curly hair. Ironing and flattening are also used for this. After straightening, a round brush should be avoided – it can reduce all efforts to zero and use special fixatives, as with curls.

In order not to curl your hair, additionally use shampoos, weight strands – with keratin, proteins, shea butter, extract homeless. To straighten the hair must be weighed strands, then the curls are straightened from their own weight.

To change the structure of your hair is not to ruin it. Complex care will help to quickly restore the hair mop after the aggressive effects of dyes and thermal accessories.

Beautiful hair
Beautiful hair